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    @Zolstice: Go


    That's a lot of dialogs though :/

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    I am experiencing a bug where the maximum detected value for mouse X in the UI is 1599.

    To reproduce this bug, create the following trigger in any map and set your resolution above 1600xSomething. Move the mouse to the right edge and it should never go above 1599.

            UI - Player Any Player moves mouse.
        Local Variables
            Debug - Display (Text((Mouse X position in the UI))) as debug output using Type 1, and Do display it in the game window
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    Quote from Forge_User_20974461: Go

    In WC3 I would have payed for TheZizz's maps, they were awesome.

    His SC2 maps are pretty fun too.

    I really enjoyed playing Battleships on WC3. It was a fresh concept for its time.

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    posted a message on Erotic Zombie Survival - LF Designer and Voice Actors

    I'm rebooting this pet project of mine. Essentially, it is a top-down co-op (up to 4 players) zombie survival map. The story is a linear progression; your characters move across the map to different objectives, uncovering the background story and battling zombies along the way. It is meant to last 20-30 minutes and provides re-playability through several difficulty modes.

    The fun of the map comes from its suggestive and humorous themes. It is hard to explain...here is a demo map to give a taste of what you'll be getting into (P to spawn enemies, T to toggle lights, 1,2,3 for weapons).

    I have a general layout, story and the basic mechanics of the final map laid out. I require help with two things to finish it faster.


    I am looking for someone with an eye for detail to populate the map with various doodads, refine the terrain and produce a polished and immersive world that complements the background story. This person should be someone that likes to play or develop RPGs and survival maps and has a good feel for where to place scenery, powerups, and create interesting areas to defend or act as sites for ambushes. No experience with the trigger or data editor is required. If you are someone that likes to design levels, this role is for you.

    -Voice Actor

    Looking for both male and female voice actors to create appropriate sounds/dialogue for this map. The demo should give a strong sense of what is required.

    If you would like to contribute to this project, please send a PM or reply below.

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    I'm moving on from SC2 and I would like to share some of my work that I've developed over the months. Feel free to do anything you want with it.

    Erotic Zombie Survival

    A mostly functional multiplayer demo of a WASD/mouselook shooter.

    Controls are: movement WASD, hold right mouse to turn, left mouse to fire, shift to sprint, side buttons or 1,2,3 to change weapons.

    This map might be of use to anyone developing a top down shooter. Of note is the radar and projectile system.

    To play, press P to spawn waves and T to toggle lights.

    Capture the Flag Sniper

    Based on the system of the erotic zombie survival demo I made a small snipers style map. Unlike the previous game, this one is fully functional.

    Sexy Cameras

    My attempt at a custom camera system. Camera objects are placed as key points on the map. The API version of the map is then run, which creates two separate paths joining each camera, one for the camera eye and the other for the target. The map also allows you edit a distance/time curve to precisely control the motion. Once finished, pressing F5 saves the settings to a bank. The bank file is run with a program that renders expensive calculations and saves this to a new bank. The published version of the map is then run which reads the published bank file to render your cinematic ingame.

    It is pretty old, buggy and has bare minimum functionality, but is working.

    To see the demo place the 'dasCameraPub' bank file in your Documents/StarCraft II/Banks folder and run the 'camera' map. To see the API map, place the 'dasCamera' bank in your banks, run the 'cameraAPI' map and press F8 to load the settings in 'dasCamera' and F5 to overwrite them. To see the final render, run the publisher .exe and choose 'dasCamera' bank file and save it to the default 'dasCameraPub' and run the 'camera' map.

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    Quote from xhatix: Go

    @EternalWraith: Go

    i think that's for ppl moving from Europe to NA / Korea or smth like that;

    If you tell Blizzard you are moving to Korea, they will switch your account to the Korean ladder? Interesting...

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    This might be what you wanted (PMs don't allow attachments). It is not perfect, but I think the results are close enough most of the time.

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    @KratsAU: Go

    Battle.net has an inherent lag to it, you can't do anything about it. When you move the mouse or camera, there is going to be a delay before the values in the triggers update.

    What optimizing the library does is allow you run many more projections before a noticeable slow down (that's not due to battle.net lag) is apparent.

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    Updated Library, should run much faster now.

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    I took a regular unit and changed its actor to use a doodad model. Now the shadow is not moving when using Unit - Move Instantly and the solutions in this thread do not resolve it.

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    @Mephs: Go

    What is this casual vs competitive dichotomy you speak of?

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    I have thrown together a very simple map (playable in a day or two). I would like to stress test it before continuing (how can I get up to 14 testers?).

    @GizmoPT: Go

    You fire bullets in a direction, which hit whatever they encounter.

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    Quote from KratsAU: Go

    Out of interest, if you already have the Mouse World Coordinate (from mouse tracking), what is the minimum code required to project this world coordinate to the UI?

    I have a dummy unit moving with the mouse, but can't think of a simple way to translate that to the UI.

    The mouse already does this; you can get both it's world and UI coordinates. I only use the baneling example to show how accurate the functions are. This library is useful if you don't/can't use the mouse for that purpose.

    For instance, in the example map I have an arrow that points at the siege tank no matter where it is. Since I'm not following the siege tank with the mouse, there is no easy way to know it's position on the screen and that's where the library comes in.

    Additionally you can know where the mouse is pointing on the world even if you don't move it, such as if the camera moves but the mouse doesn't.

    You'd want to use this library any time you want UI elements that interact with elements in the world, such as by having custom unit bars or have a command card appear on top of a unit.

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    I'm making changes to models and actors in the data editor and many times it's not showing up on the terrain editor until I restart the editor.

    Every time I edit a splat or fog I have to restart to see the change.

    Sometimes when I edit a pathing footprint or actor the same thing happens, the changes stop appearing until the editor is restarted.

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    Quote from Eiviyn: Go

    @zenx1: Go

    The data editor is a work of art. Sure, the learning curve is mean, but at the apex is a shining pot of limitless delight.

    The data editor is what some people like to call a big ball of mud. True It has many features that we like, but at the cost of poor organization. It is similar to the trigger editor in that it is event based but the implementation is aweful.

    When you start coding in the trigger editor you have a fair sence of what is possible and how to go about implementing it. With the data editor it is a mystery every step of the way.

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