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    posted a message on Been working on this for 3 days now.

    Use the Event Unit Loads/Unloads Cargo. Put some conditions if you want, and in Actions put a Make Triggering Unit Uncommandable.

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    posted a message on Increasing ability duration with levels

    Yeah, you need to create multiple behaviors.

    Another options is a workaround with triggers.

    For example if you wanna make it last longer at level 2, you do:

    -Any Unit Uses Stim Pack
    -If (Current Level of Ability Stim Pack on Triggering Unit) == 1 {i think is always one less}
    --Wait 5 seconds game time
    --Add Behavior Stim Pack to Triggering Unit

    That will readd the behavior 5 seconds later, so It will last 5 seconds longer. This doesn't really work if you have a visible bar for the buff duration tought. Probably there is another workaround if you don't wanna multiple behaviors, but I don't have the editor here.

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    posted a message on FootmenFrenzy looking for Hero/Ability/Data Editors

    Well I have experience doing skills for heroes thanks to Xel'naga Relics. I'm not good at the visual aspect of them tought. But I can do almost any skill work with a trigger/data combo.

    I never used items also, but I don't think is that different from skills anyway.

    I offered to help with Falrinth's The Thing too, so if he answers I'll help him first. But I could give your project a try if you want. I could do all the skills functional, and then you can find a better data guy for the visual aspect of the skills.

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    posted a message on What is the easiest way to do this?

    @DivinoZarathos: Go

    - Behaviors and upgrades can be set through triggers, but can't be checked...

    Yes, you can check behaviors and upgrades with triggers. Unit Has Behavior, and I don't remember the name of the other, but exists. I'll probably use behavior for this.

    Problem I see, is how do you'll load your hero on a unit isn't yours? You can't do that. Probably will be easier to make the cargo unit unable to move, or unable to command, and remove that propierties when you want (but is always property of the player).

    The Dialog changing tooltip can be tricky too. If is a multiplayer game you'll need to create multiple dialogs and show the correct one to each player. Probably is the best way for single player too, but you can actually change the dialog in single player.

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    posted a message on [EU] Looking for programmer to "Falrinth's The Thing" dev. team.

    If you still haven't found anyone I could try to help.

    Problem is I'm not that good with the data part of the editor (visual effects are my weak point), but I do well with triggers. Also I can't commit much time, as I have my personal project and RL stuff. Depends on what you need to add, and how many hours it takes.

    If you want, PM me what you need to add to the project and I'll answer if I can help you without taking weeks to do it.

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    posted a message on [Feedback] Xel'naga Relics

    Next build published. Mainly a balance build, but much work to do when I can get some testing done. I added one of the original ideas, the Artifact is now protected by a miniboss, and the Artifact reclaiming is now activated when this miniboss is killed.

    XNR Build 0.41

    -The Artifact now is reclaimed by killing a miniboss that protects it (Guardian of the Artifact)
    -Expose Armor now doesn't affect buildings.
    -Now Nova's Cloak will break with damage taken, like area effects (Grenade, Penetrating Shot...). Also she can be affected by other area of effect spells like Fear, Expose Armor or Blinding Grenade.
    -Raynor's DPS increased slighty (damage and attack speed) and only has 2 armor at maximum level.
    -Tosh now attacks a bit faster.
    -Tychus now attacks a bit slower.
    -Maroon now does 4 extra damage at maximum level.
    -Expose Armor cooldown doubled.
    -Cloak now reduces movement speed by 10% while active.
    -Nova maximum energy reduced by 20. She start with 10 more energy.
    -All Nova skills now cost more energy (around 10% extra), but she regenerates 15% more energy when hitted.
    -Zeratul's Mind Over Matter cooldown increased to 20/15 from 15/10. Now you can't use it two times in the same PvP battle most of the time.
    -Tosh's Brain Wash now have a tooltip, and now can't target Larvae or Dark Templars.
    -Tosh's Voodoo Senses now has a hotkey, instead of Train Voodoo Senses.

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    posted a message on What Music do you guys all like =P

    I like many music genres, I could say that all of them except hip hop, rap, reggaeton, jazz and screaming kind of heavy/metal :P

    Lately in mainly into Jpop/Jrock:

    -Morning Musume (half for the music, half for the entertainment, I love optimistic music as I'm a pesimist myself :P)
    -Garnet Crow

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    posted a message on Moving region, creating units

    Maybe moving units is less consuming that creating and destroying them. Without regions, if you can spam units in the hero position and they recolocate around him, you could move them to the hero position again each second or couple of seconds. Easier to code, and probably will generate less lag.

    When I have free time, I'll try to do a test with this. One of my future possible project is a Diablo clone, so is well worth my time.

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    posted a message on Moving region, creating units

    Doesn't matter davidg121, that code will keep doing that check every second or whatever. If at the start there is no units, will do nothing.

    That code "must" work. I'll take a look at the OneTwo tutorial for a better understanding.

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    posted a message on Small animations for showing over the head of units (Fear, others)

    Are you sure? Many stuff like this from WoW, specially old ones, are more like 2d images, like the priest shield, if you looked from above, you'll see a line, because has no Y dimension.

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    posted a message on Small animations for showing over the head of units (Fear, others)

    I don't know if they can be imported from WoW. But I'll love to have a small m3 with the animation overhead of the spell Fear or something similar.

    I also need a few others, if is easy to do a pack form WoW effects would be great. I remember a skull dripping poison I'll love to have, but I don't remember the skill.

    If not from WoW, custom made will work too. I tryed to use static icons but feels cheap, as you can see in this video:

    For Reference, the Fear animation from WoW: http://a.imageshack.us/img34/2449/fearp.png

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    posted a message on Moving region, creating units

    The action Attach Region to Unit will make a region follow an unit. That's easy.

    I don't think you can "fill" a region with units. You can try using Create Unit in Random Point in Region multiple times. I don't know if it will show an error or something is the point is already occupied (there are workarounds for this anyway).

    Is hard to understand what you wanna do, if the unit that spawns the other units is not flying he could never move as the units will keep spawning around him, blocking the way.

    For example what you wanna do, rough code:

    --{Some end game condition or when you wanna to stop doing the region stuff}
    --Wait 1 game time second {put the time you wanna wait for checking the region}
    ----(Number of live units in (Units in Region "Type of Unit You'll Spawn")) <= X {put a number you think will fill the region completely
    ----Create 1 "Type of Unit You'll Spawn" for player X in Random Point in Region.
    --{End of Create Units While}
    --Select Each Unit in All Map "Type of Unit You'll Spawn" And Do Actions
    ---If (Selected Unit in Region) == false)
    ----Delete Selected Unit
    {End of Repeating While}

    Each second the first while will repeat, doing two things: 1) Create units in random position on the region until there are X units there. 2) Select each unit in the map and delete them if they are not in the region.

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    posted a message on How to make a behavior that damage Attacker(s)

    Probably you could use the Damage Response option on the Behavior, but I didn't used it yet.

    You can use a simple trigger to get that effect.

    -Any unit takes damage
    -Triggering Unit has behavior "Thorns Like Behavior"
    -Set Damaging Unit (Life) to Damaging Unit (Life) (Current) - X
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    posted a message on Help with force effects/persistent knockback

    You'll need to apply a behavior to the unit, put a period on it (1 second for example) that calls an effect periodically. That effect is the search that applies the force/behaviors or whatever you use for the force.


    Skill > Apply Behavior "Force Buff" to Unit.

    "Force Buff" has Effect Periodic "Force Search" each 1 second (or whatever).

    Force Search, search an area and calls the "Force Effect".

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    posted a message on Making the Ghost's Cloaking duration time dependent instead of energy (Solved)

    That's not really hard. Put a 15 seconds duration on the behavior, and remove the energy cost and dependency (i don't remember exactly where it was).

    But probably is easier to create a new behavior with 15 seconds duration and Invisible checked.

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