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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    Here is the second weapon. I'm not gonna make a vid.

    The overseer shoots out a missile (Spore Crawler - Acid Spew), strikes a target, then split into 2 (Roach - Acid Saliva). Each of them, after hitting the target, will disappear, strike another target, or split into 2 again. This will be a chain reaction which, if you are not unlucky, will kill all visible enemies. EPIC EPIC (again, =OVERPOWERD) weapon.

    Type "sawnoutofmemory" into dialog to enable full sight to test the map

    If your computer doesn't have a high performance, change as follows:

    Effect - Spore Crawler - Spore Crawler (Missile) Copy
    Ammo Unit: Weapon - ATA Laser Battery

    Effect - Spore Crawler - Spore Crawler (Damage)
    Death: Burn (realistic) / Normal (low performance) / Remove (even lower performance)

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    posted a message on Fluid Simulation (So Many Banelings)

    Just reminds me of a game called Creeper World. The enemies, "creepers", spawn "creep" (somewhat like SC) and the creep stacks. The objective of the game is to push back the creep and eventually destroy the creepers , and there are weapons for quickly destroying 1 layer of creep and weapons with long cooldowns which can destroy layers of creep in an area. Google it if you like to see the game. If someone can recreate that, I will definitely play it.

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    Done some tests today. My 2nd weapon is quite nice now. Maybe I'll make and post it if I have some more spare time before WDE #3.

    BTW, I should learn SOps after I make the map

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    I am planning to do another weapon if I have spare time. My ranking is dropping.......

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    The EPIC EPIC (= OVERPOWERED) Overseer is finally here.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/GpLbzElfKkI?fs=1

    Assuming you know how to arm the weapons once they are done.


    TypeDuplicate...And rename to...
    WeaponSpore Crawler - Acid SpewOverseer - Acid
    EffectSpore Crawler - Spore Crawler (Damage)Overseer - Acid (Damage)
    EffectSpore Crawler - Spore Crawler (Missile)Overseer - Acid (Missile)
    ActorSpore Crawler AttackOverseer Attack
    ActorSpore Crawler Attack MissileOverseer Attack Missile
    ModelSpore Crawler Attack ImpactOverseer Attack Impact
    ModelSpore Crawler WeaponOverseer Weapon

    Of course you have to edit some fields to point to the right object.

    • Effect - Overseer - Acid (Search) (Search Area)
      • Areas+:
        • Area: 0
        • Arc: 360
        • Effect: Overseer - Acid (Missile)
        • Radius: 7
      • Search Filters:
        • Excluded: Player, Ally, Neutral, Dead, Invulnerable, Missile, Statsis
      • Impact Location: Source Unit
    • Weapon - Overseer - Acid
      • Effect: Overseer - Acid (Search)
      • Arc: 360
      • Period: 0.2
      • Damage Display Effect: Overseer - Acid (Damage)
      • Icon: Assets\Textures\btn-upgrade-zerg-airattack-level0.dds
      • Allowed Movement: Moving
      • Options: Can Initiate Attack
      • Target Filters:
        • Air: Allowed

    Psi Bombard

    • Effect - Overseer - Psi Bombard (Damage)
      • Amount: 16
      • Flags: Kill
      • Kind: Ranged
    • Effect - Overseer - Psi Bombard (Display) (Duplicate Overseer - Psi Bombard)
      • Damage: 0
    • Model - Psi Bombard Impact (ImpactFX)
      • Model: Assets\Effects\Protoss\FeedbackImpact\FeedbackImpact.m3
    • Actor - Psi Bombard (Duplicate Siege Tank Attack)
      • Attack Effect: Overseer - Psi Bombard
      • Launch Assets+:
        • Art - Model: (None)
        • Sound - Sound: (None)
      • Impact Map+:
        • Index: None
          • Art - Model: Psi Bombard Impact
          • Sound - Sound: (None)
    • Weapon - Overseer - Psi Bombard
      • Effect: Overseer - Psi Bombard
      • Arc: 360
      • Period: 1
      • Range: 7
      • Icon: Assets\Textures\btn-tips-terran-energynova.dds
      • Damage Display Effect: Overseer - Psi Bombard (Display)
      • Allowed Movement: Moving
      • Options: Can Initiate Attack, Display Cooldown
      • Scan Filters:
        • Required: Structure, Visible
        • Excluded: Dead, Invulnerable, Missile, Statsis
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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    @nevjmac: Go

    I'll delete the edits on the old post and fix the formatting a couple of hours later and make a new one. Just check the Kill flag in the damage effect and you can kill anyting in 1 shot. And the missile weapon not only shoot 2. It shoots anything within 7 range.

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    posted a message on Playing an animation backwards

    Below that time variant field, there is another field (don't remember the name) which is set to "Automatic" be default. "Automatic" means to ignore the time variant field completely. Change it. Tell me the results also 'cuz I'll do the same

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    posted a message on Impact animation playing at launch

    Did you duplicate the actor? I encountered this problem a few times and I remember it is to do with the actor. Either you didn't duplicate the actor, or you have to set the Missile field of the actor to point to another actor. If it's the latter, Look at the original actor from which you duplicated.

    Will check back home.

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    posted a message on [Ability/Effect/Behavior] Weapon with charges

    I'm also making a charged ability. So far I have reached one which charge with a channeled, UNINTERRUPTABLE ability. I can interrupt it if I create another ability, which I don't want. So, I would like to know how also.

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #2 - Overseer Weapon

    Interesting I am doing something similar. I'm making an upgraded Overlord which has an attack and an epic ability. I'll make a new map (the old one is so messy) and a vid when I'm back home.

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    posted a message on [Weapon/Effect] Multi-target missile individual delays

    I have an attack which launch 3 missiles to 3 individual targets and has a period of 0.6. Search area worked perfectly.

    Now, I want the 3 missiles to have indiviual delays.

    I.e., The 1st missile is shot at target 1, the 2nd missile comes 0.2 secs after that, and the 3rd 0.2 secs later.

    How, if possible?

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    posted a message on Baneling Morph question


    What they said, and keep in mind that the morph stage -- the cocoon still takes up food.

    So find Zergling, Baneling Cocoon, and Baneling in Units, for each of them search "Suppiles" field , and change those to 0.

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #1 - Sticky Bombs!

    @nevjmac: Go

    The sound was off because I wanted the attached bomb animation to finish countdown so the players know when the bomb go off without the buff countdown. But I just figured out how to quicken the animation. Uploading lastest version......

    Now the bomb goes off in 3 secs

    EDIT: Yet another new version.
    I have added explosion range indicator
    Vid remake later.

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    posted a message on 1 Beam Weapon that Mutli-Targets?? (Solved!)

    The Impact Loction+ field of the Beam Swarm (Search) should be Source Unit. Else, the additional beams will find their targets 360 to 500 units FROM THE TARGET OF THE 1st BEAM, giving a range larger than you set in your weapon.

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    posted a message on Weekly Data Exercise #1 - Sticky Bombs!

    Note that SCV is BOTH Mech and Bio. My abil can target SCVs.

    Map attached, vid here:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/c8LLAPEfLxk?fs=1

    First of all, I am not a very good editor. Bunch of ppl here can do much better than me. I'm just taking this exercise as a challenge.

    Time taken: 1hr

    The following list follow roughly chronological order in which they happen when the ability is used. So you will find Objects specified in one field appear later in the list.
    If you feel confused, summary is after the list.

    Ability - Sticky Bomb (Effect - Target)
    -1st row, Default Button: Sticky Bomb (D8Charge(Unnamed) if you don't want to create new button)
    Target Filters: Required: Ground, Mechanical, Visible; Excluded: Dead, Invulnerable, Missile, Stasis
    Effect: Sticky Bomb (Missile)
    Range: (5)

    Effect - Sticky Bomb (Missile) (Duplicated Reaper - D-8 Charge (Launch Missile), the one from Liberty:SC2Mod)
    Impact Effect: Sticky Bomb (Behaviour)
    Launch Location: Caster Unit (Not sure this make a difference though)

    Effect - Sticky Bomb (Behaviour) (Apply Behaviour)
    Behaviour: Sticky Bomb

    Behaviour - Sticky Bomb (Buff)
    Alignment: Negative
    Expire Effect: D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage
    Duration: 3
    Display Countdown: Self, Ally, Neutral, Enemy
    Icon: Assets\Textures\btn-ability-terran-d8charge.dds
    Tooltip: Sticked on

    Actor - Sticky Bomb (Duplicated IrradiateEffect(Unnamed))
    Model: Sticky Bomb (Attach)
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.On: Create
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.Off: Destroy
    -ActorCreation: AnimPlay Stand Stand PlayForever -1 -1 2.7 AsDuration
    -ActorOrphan: Destroy (Unedited)
    Host Site Operations:
    -Operations: SOpAttachOverhead

    Actor - Sticky Bomb (Sounds) (Duplicated ReaperD8Attack(Unnamed))
    Impact Effect: Sticky Bomb (Behaviour)
    Launch Effect: Sticky Bomb (Missile)
    (I believe editing the above 2 tokens will fix all field not taken care about below)
    Missile: ReaperD8AttackMissile
    Model: Sticky Bomb (Attach)
    Impact Map:
    -Index: None
    -Art-Model: (None)
    -Sound: Reaper_D8ChargeAttackImpact

    Model - Sticky Bomb (Attach) (Duplicated D-8 Charge)
    Scale Maximum: (1.2,1.2,1.2)
    Scale Minimum: (1.2,1.2,1.2)

    Effect - D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage (Edit)
    Amount: 100 (Arbitary, I set to 100 to show splash effect in vid)
    -Radius: 3

    Model - D8 Cluster Bomb Attack Launch (Edit)
    Scale Maximum: (5,5,5)
    Scale Minimum: (5,5,5)

    The following are kinda optional......

    Button - Sticky Bomb (Duplicated D8Charge(Unnamed))
    Tooltip: Throw Sticky Bomb.

    Actor - Sticky Bomb Range (Duplicated G4ChargeRange(Unnamed))
    Ability: Sticky Bomb

    Actor - Sticky Bomb Splash Range (Range, Based on Range Behaviour)
    Range: 3
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.On: Create
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.Off: Destroy
    -ActorOrphan: Destroy (Unedited)

    This ability used existing data for G-4 Cluster Bomb of Reaper and Irradiate.
    The ability Sticky Bomb uses Sticky Bomb (Missile) launch missile effect from G-4. The missile applies a behaviour (buff) Sticky Bomb to the target and Sticky Bomb actor, copied from Irradiate since it has a "follow" effect, attaches the Sticky Bomb (Attach) model to the target, while Sticky Bomb (Sounds) add sounds properly. After the 3-second delay expired, D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage is used to deal splash damage, and D8 Cluster Bomb Attack Launch create explode visual effect.

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