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    Hazardous environments.

    Go study Resident Evil Outbreak game styles.

    1) Zombies should basically feel like they are slow, but tough. They should be able to withstand most attacks unless you are skilled or cunning. A zombie's speed would be 1/4 the speed of a player, but they make up for it with a slow but powerful grapple and large numbers (in open public places). If a zombie grabs you, they'll try to bite you. Other zombies can't interfere but if you break out of it, you'll still have to deal with the rest of them, thus you get blocked off. Zombies needs to have a "wandering" AI so they'll move about randomly, rather than standing in a crowd and reacting when they noticed players.

    2) Survivors can shove zombies away, by running by them. Zombies can only grab you if your standing or moving at a walking speed or less. Survivors should have a "Action" ability, which allows them to do various actions with one button. How you can manage this, is having the name of said action "appear on top of your survivor" when your interacting with something. Example: You are close to a zombie, hitting X (action button) will use up some energy, but you will shove the zombie back, stunning them for a short duration. If you have a melee weapon equipped, X will do a execution attack the closest  zombie, costing some points.

    3) Weapons in the game should feel scarce, but killing zombies should still be an option, and beating the game without killing anything is also a option.

    4) Puzzles should be incorporated into the game as mini-games that pops up as a interface. Say you want to pick-lock, then developing a interface that tests the player's skills is important too. Some puzzles require a item to use, and some requires multiple players.

    5) Stealth is a option, and you should enforce that, by rewarding the players with saved ammo, and less damage.

    6) Have the game contains mystery on the location of the area. Like secret locations that are only found if you get specific items and beat certain puzzles.

    7) Bosses takes on a form of a patterned monster, where they will slowly chase after the player, from room to room, and try to kill them in a slow but immersive manner. At some point, you'll trigger a boss battle where you must kill him to attain a item, but you get a choice on how to do so (the game should allow you to indirectly kill enemies, like trapping them in a machine that kills them).

    It's all close to the Resident Evil style btw.

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    Offer possible modes:

    Standard - Default gamemode
    Survival - Help will never arrive, last as long as possible! (beacons and ships are disabled, but the refund for salvaging becomes 100%)
    Extermination - Your goal is to exterminate the zerg from this planet, find and destroy the overmind (which is heavily defended). (This mode allows you to use beacons to call in mercenaries instead, at a cost) (waves are always the same type, until you caused enough destruction for new enemies to spawn).

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    Well I feel that the game is rather short, for a survival game.
    Players who has beaten this always go "you guys, stop what your doing, follow my lead, and gimme all your stuff to build a drop ship".

    That kind of breaks the fun of surviving in a constantly changing environment.

    Making the pace slower, to a good long time would be handy, but maybe players can win at their own pace too...


    Is is possible for players to win early, but for those who stay behind, to continue? That kind of thing.

    Maybe involve a story or special content that will appear if you survive for 30 minutes, if you escape early, you miss out on the new stuff.

    Because most players just "wants to win" rather than play or experience something.

    Maybe you got to change the dropship building to actual pieces?

    Like you have to find parts to make the ship, and you basically transport them from places to places using a transport vehicle. Bring em in one place, and the construction begins.

    That kind of idea.

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    Someone needs to make a map of the "epic" calibur, but fill it with space instead.

    Then, you throw in a few "important" space stations and "zones" that the game deems high priority, and give players mobile bases to use.

    The map then needs to be able to cater to the following:

    - Small forces of specialist units should be able to defeat larger armies of units, in a unique manner.

    - Army vs Army clashes should involve ships flying around, doing drive by shots to nearby ships.

    - Shots fired by small ships need to be small orbs. Shots fired by bigger ships needs to be straight beams or larger orbs.

    - Bullets belonging to a team should have it's color marked appropriately.

    Essentially, the bullet system borrows back to Touhou's bullet hell style, but the ships are able to take the hits easily with their shields.

    Problem though, is the increased lag when hundreds of ships are firing bullets at each other.

    Quote from Eiviyn:
    Made a lot of small changes tonight. I might just remove the flagship hangar entirely and put all the fighter upgrades into the ship upgrades tab. The fact that you have to stop to launch fighters is just beyond irritating for me and I've spent hours trying to fix it. I may add some default ship weapon to compensate.

    The survivability of the cruisers is an issue for me. I played about 10 games tonight and most of the time, people just liked to slug it out with some other cruiser until one of them died. Not that I dislike this concept by any means, it's how the fights should go, just it seems to happen 3 minutes into most matches and I'd probably prefer more farm than gank with games ending so quickly. I won't jump into any drastic changes. I'll spend tomorrow adding defensive hardpoints and a few new abilities instead.

    Star Battle has it working, when enemies approaches the 'docked' units automatically flies out. But to do this one your map for your ships, you need to attach the "docked" units to a button so it would release 1 fighter, when the button is hit.

    EDIT: NVM, that 'stop to launch ships' is a result of your unit stopping to use an ability, i noticed this in Star Battle when running away and trying to spawn corruptors behind me.

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    You'd might want to replace the animated structure models with a non-animated ones, to save resources and not having it lag...
    Maybe that would mean modifying a lot of things visually to make it work smoother (maybe replace the usual moving unit with a new ground unit that moves perfectly to time it).

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    Add more objectives into the game, and extend the waves longer so it makes more sense for it to feel like "actual days" has gone by.

    Like, have 3 waves of tier 1 zergs, then a boss wave of tier 1 zergs.
    Then tier 2 zergs kicks in.

    This expands the time of the game and the difficulty so the mid game ultras comes by much later.

    This maybe alter the game so players have to explore even more often, because you can simply find the right spot and barricade and build the right things, and win within 30 minutes.

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    They should just make the SC2 editor to allow you to graft units onto units, without the hassle of messing with the manual labor.
    Like a pseudo 3d editor inside SC2, that actually lets you graft props onto a unit and add triggers or constants to them.

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    BC should have both auto and manual attacks:
    Auto - Anti-fighter turrets and close range laser cannons. Anti-missile defenses (shoots down missiles).
    Manual - Beam Cannons. Anti-Beam Canisters. Missile Barrage. Counter Missiles.

    Cool idea too! Have most ship functionality, except lasers and energy weapons, to use up ammunitions, which is a large counter for your ship. The average ammunition should be 20,000 units of ammo, and different weapons will drain ammo at different rates. Resupplying will restore ammo at a fixed amount.

    They should also have two kinds of abilities:
     - Quick and Easy use, has downtime.
     - Switches on or off.

    - Beam Cannon (limited range up to 50 and damages in a straight line from the BC), takes 20 seconds to fully charge. Alerts opponents that a "incoming beam cannon" is in their vicinity. Deals 375 damage per second for 6 seconds. Note that your ship must be facing the target if you want to shoot it, otherwise it'll just shoot things in front of them (once you press the ability, your ship charges it and can still turn, but not move). Costs energy to power this weapon, and has a cool down of 2 minutes.

    - Missile Barrage (inflicts small but fast damage over time to target), takes 5 sets to load, and launches 25 small missiles at the target, each dealing 75 damage. Can fire at a direction too, but the missiles can essentially lock on to any heat signatures in the area. Aiming at a target prioritizes all missiles to go for only that target, but shooting at a location basically makes it lock onto any enemies. Unleashes at the speed of 4 missiles per second. Missiles are in limited supply and ammo.

    - Counter Missiles (launches the same number of missiles to counter the incoming missiles targeting the ship), counter missiles inflicts no damage but is very fast and accurate in destroying enemy missiles. Uses munitions.

    - Anti-Beam Canisters (short range, alters the path of beam cannons, and weakens the laser damage in half). A counter to Beam Cannons by weakening the focus of the light by disbursing them.

    - Emergency Repairs (causes your ship to cut it's engine power in half, so you can start repairing the ship), repairs the ship to 90% capacity. Your ship moves 50% slower and regains roughly 150hp per second. Your turret functionality drops to 50%.

    - Full Anti-Missile Defenses (sets 80% of your turrets' priority to shoot down enemy missiles), a good counter to barrages of missiles but if too many missiles are sent, they can't shoot them all down. Even with this off, you still can shoot down missiles, but with 20% turret efficiency.

    - ECM (cloaks your ship from being detected on the radar, makes missiles less likely to target you, jams opponent's radar in the vicinity), drains a fixed amount of energy on use. You can possible upgrade the engine to provide enough power to continously power the ECM with your other ship functionality, but using quick abilities will cost 25% more. Does not cloak your ship physically. Taking damage can affect the ECM capabilities.

    Ship Functions:
    - Send recons (spawns and allows you to send recons to scout out your enemies), the game should focus on fleets and having the fog of war will allow you to launch ambushes. recons operate in a AI manner, avoiding combat with bigger fleets, and it has much larger view radius. They explore the space in a interesting manner, and give information back to the fleet.

    - Send Fighter & Bombers (typical function I think you would know)

    - Send Supplies (essentially spending your minerals to send supplies to your allies ship, and allowing you to heal and restock their munitions.

    - Resupply (use up minerals to speed up the cooldowns of your ship, and heals your ship at a decent rate of 25hp per second for 60 seconds, and repairs your docked ships faster by 50%.)

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    The thing about Star Battle in NA that gets on my nerve is when you die, your out, literally, and can't offer any help other than being an extra eye.
    There also lacks additional defenses. Where are the space stations and, if possible, planets.

    I remember playing a SC1BW map where you pilot Fighter Ships and use your microing skills and upgrade to destroy your enemies...

    Well basically, space battle gamemodes needs a variety of action, because typical ship vs ship gets old when cheap abilities and team ups makes it NOT fun.

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    Oh yay, someone took my idea from the project workplace sometimes month before and made it happen.

    Possible ideas:
    * Battlecruisers don't die even after it's hp drops to 0, instead, it goes on a burnout mode, and functions may not work properly. Players need to repair it and put out the fires. If the burnout finishes, the BC explodes and nearby ships takes major damage... This is to prevent those usual DOTA styled teaming up, because these ships are huge and can be turned into an explosive. (Why in space battle movies, you see battleships blowing up one after the other? It's a chain reaction from the damage in space)

    * Weapons and gun placements should be the utmost important, friendly fire should be on, and the range of the guns could be tweaked so it would only shoot if enemies are within range AND in direct sight.

    * Along with friendly fire comes careful tactics, the usual star battle tactic where you can group up on one target isn't always effective, as you'll be hitting each other more than hitting your target.

    * Shield upgrades can be possible to add onto the battlecruiser, and it adds a radius of effect on the frame of the ship.

    * Battlecruisers should have various category of pieces, like engine room, armory, launch pads, etc. and you can customize them in battle. Enemies can basically target it and disable your ability to launch ships for example.

    * Weapon fire should be more manual, meaning you have 3 weapon slots to use, and you simply click on a target area to shoot it. Shoot the engine to slow the enemy down, shoot the guns to make him harmless, shoot the launch pad so ships can't invade you.

    * Invading function, if the ship has no shields, ships could be able to invade the battlecruiser, which is a great way to destroy them. In order to invade, special ships needs to be built and a squad of units are needed to get into the enemy ship. When invading, the enemy ship basically goes into a "debuff" and losses health at random interval, sometimes even losing functionality because they are wrecking the insides of the ship.

    Anyone up for creating a bigger and better map, where only 1 battlecruiser exists for each team, and the team controls the ships instead? Think of it as a mobile carrier and you basically live on the BC. This idea would be awesome to make squad base ship battle, with smaller ships so you don't really control DOTA styled battleships. IT also means you can respawn too.

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    This makes you want to have a IDE trigger/galaxy program that allows people to share and modify it right?
    Because if you can easily have the experienced programmers look at it, they might be able to shrink your triggers to half it's size.

    I'm also wondering if Blizzard will allow modders to actually implement addons onto maps, say a mod file.

    It shouldn't be ridiculously hard to do, just a separate entity that can be called and ran by a map...

    Of course, the problem is that maps won't be downloaded with it, and maybe maps would have to have links to get it... The idea is this:

    - You have a mapper who makes a mod, that works with a series of his maps, meaning it reuses codes from the mods, not triggers from the map, thus saving map file space.

    Too bad Blizzard would get paranoid because of the possibility of running "viral maps" but it's not like people can't do that right now by importing files...

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    Lol? I thought I talked about this idea in some other map... But yeah, I think you get the picture.

    I prefer it to be a melee map, with only 2 teams and 2 bases.

    4 Players per base, on a team.

    Each base has a Orbital Tower, which is vital for you (the commander) to send reinforcements to them (the base).

    You send in units, and everyone shares the AI's units.

    Commands works by a special ability the commanders have, which has a AI "influence" on the game.

    For example, the AI is gathering resources, and you sent in a recon via orbital drop. The recon will basically act as a AI and defend the base, but you can swap it's AI mode to patrol, etc.

    Every squads of units have their own sets of AI, so you need to think of it as a AI VS AI but players influence the AIs.

    You can order a unit to do specific things by using the "order" ability, click on the squad leader of that unit, then click on the point of interest.

    Say there's another orbital tower that's not taken, you can make the scout capture it, but the ai works on it's own terms...

    This kind of idea should be at least 75% AI efficient... That way, player skills like macroing and speed clicking aren't useful, but tactics and strategy is utmost important.

    It's quite similar to EndWar, except there's actual base building (that's done by the AI).
    You can also send in buildings to speed things up but it takes up supplies...
    Units do not take up supplies but because the AI controls them, they can die quite easily.

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    I think the missile salvo needs a range boost, and change it's function so you can "target" one area for it to fire in, so when the zergs walks into it, it'll fire fast aoe damage in that area, should use a small amount of energy for each rocket.

    This means you change it from seeker missile to some sort of rocket barrage.

    It IS an artillery, so make it's range conditional but useful... Like it can only fire at a direction you assign it to, and only when the fog of war is lifted for that area...

    Or, you could just increase the max range by 3, and add a minimum range of 4... I don't see it being used often other than spamming it to kill off a ton of zergs.

    We might need a few new bonus structures for barricading, maybe a gate or something in the lines of a supply depot that goes down every time a unit walks nearby, or manually controlled?

    It would be nice if barriers can be built on slopes...

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    It needs a difficulty mode, that affects:

    - The time between waves [ Easy = 15 minutes | Normal = 10 minutes | Hard = 10 minutes ]
    - The health and strength of zerg units [ Easy = 50% hp and damage of zerg units | Normal = 100% | Hard = 125% ]
    - Resources gained [ Easy = 12 | Normal = 10 | Hard = 8 ]

    A inventory for picking up tools can be a useful addition to the game:
    - Magnetic Claw - Allows the SCV to grab a item that is out of range, range of 5, uses 40 energy.
    - Battery Pack - Increases the SCV's max energy by 20. Stacks with other batteries in the inventory.
    - Energized Reactor - Increases the speed of the SCV by 1. Does not stack. Costs 4 energy per second to use.
    - Emergency Kit - Automatically Revives the SCV when downed, grants 3 seconds of invulnerability, and repairs the SCV to 25% health. Rare.
    - Reinforced Drill - Allows the SCV to gather 5 additional minerals, grants +5 melee damage on light units. Can't Stack
    - Reinforced Plating - Gives the SCV a armor buff of 3, increases health by 25. Can't Stack

    The catch is that a SCV can only hold 4 items. A downed SCV that dies will drop the items around it.
    Magnetic Claw and Energized Reactor will give the SCV a ability to use. The rest are passive.

    Barriers are very obsolete when you can't get better variants of them, it might be a good idea to be able to upgrade them to "Spiked" barriers that deals damage to melee attacking enemies, and has a slightly higher health and armor.

    Vehicles are required in this game, I noticed that whilst the Terran colony was immensely powerful, the lack of technology can be confusing.

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    Can you add tweaks and systems into the game so it doesn't have like 1000 zerglings on the map at one time? And avoid plain upgrading the zerglings, it makes certain units obsolete, just make the zerglings come in unique varieties.

    Like the green zergling, nasty bastards who poison biological units on hit, causing -1 defense. Pink zerglings are cute but evil kinds who tries to charm your units into stop attacking. Yellow zerglings love to burrow and move under you.

    Kind of like that, so the models are always zerglings, but differentiated by colors so you know what's there. You may have to modify their skin so they are completely colored in the right color, so you don't see 1 unit with a mix of colors.

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