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    Try switching the SCV model with the Hero Engineer/Marauder guy... Maybe alter the attacks so its a short range (3) "Psi Blast" from a archon or something. I'm getting a little tired of seeing a simple SCV for heroes all the time now... Using Mercs is a good change of looks too.

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    Why not try changing how enemies engages you? Basic or certain zombie-types will only "grab" you and do continuous damage over time, which means you gotta use a knifing ability to get it off you. Your character can be unable to shoot maybe until you get rid of it. Sorta like how hunters grabs you in l4d.

    Since most enemies in the game are slow, having most of em being able to grab is a interesting aspect.

    We also need a way to see where teammates are, without relying on minimap.

    Maybe have other players "glow" and shows a tiny fog, but it doesn't reveal the area so you can't see what enemies they are attacked by, or what they are attacking (like a person in the fog, but only that person is seen).

    Past versions of SC2 used this, when high cliff units attack lower cliff and reveals itself but can't be targetted.

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    Health can be measured in colors for each of the 19% of health that is dropped.

    Blue = 81%100% Green = 6180% Yellow = 4160% Orange = 2140% Red = 120%

    And for a interesting bit, have a skull appear when they die, and the location of death be shown on the map and area through fog of war.

    Unlocking systems is what makes cooperative games interesting, but it does have a limit. You need to have a customization system in for equipments, maybe unique (personal) weaponry/tools that you can unlock for each class as a final unlock.

    Like the Sniper would unlock the unique "UASV" Unmanned Aerial Strike Vehicle which as a cooldown between use but enables you to send a robotic vehicle that comes in and bombards the area with explosives, and it also scouts the area too.

    Each tools/weapons should be unique to the class type.

    Medic can unlock a final "Injector Rifle" Which saps life from enemies and gives the Medic energy at a 3 life to 1 energy ratio (30 dps). This gun also increases the healing range of the medic.

    I'm not sure because I didn't put the time to play SC2 to test this map out yet, so plz wait till I do... LOL.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    Hopefully Exp Gain is much fair for early players so it will still attract them into the game.

    If achievements and ribbons and such allows them to gain bonus experience quicker, to unlock more stuff, it's a smart way to involve them more.

    Because the old NOTD for SC2 felt very repetitive when it lacked these features. Most of the experience gained is from completion of side missions main missions in the old one, so to get the new classes feels repetitive.

    Also look to BFBC2's style. You do get classes unlocked, but the potential weapon and equipments needs to be unlocked.

    So if you can create a unlock system for every player, where leveling or ranking earns a unlock point, and allow the players to spend it, it will make the game seem more progressive.

    A good future thing to note, is to change the UI to match the game's style... Bigger Map, more visible Ally health and status, and changing it so instead of a typical RTS UI, with the bar to view every unit you click, the bottom only shows your unit's stats and never for enemies and such.

    What I am saying is, changing it so you do not need to select your character to order it anymore, as all click will make it move in the same way as League of Legend's champion controlling (you always command your champions no matter what you click).

    As for the class balance selection in the lobby, better to have it ingame than the lobby, and have the banks fetch the stats ingame.

    only 3 classes of a type can be chosen seems balanced enough, and basically, no unit spawns until everyone chooses their classes, or until the 2 minute timer is up. At this point, everyone can read a documentation on various things...

    A interesting aspect to teach players as they go, is to have a "newbie" course where simple weak enemies will appear and require specific attacks to bypass.

    Like "Press Z to melee" and you see a neutral zombie standing there. Slash slash, dead, no exp gain, but its practice basically.

    Players can ignore that tutorial segment and run past and trigger a cutscene, and at this point, all players will be warped to the cutscene part.

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    posted a message on [Release] Stranded On Krydon

    Was playing Bunker Wars Choices and it came down to me and some other guy, the other dude managed to win because my game lagged like crap to the point where my controls were unresponsive, yet he reacts to every moves as if his computer doesn't experiences it.

    So typically, if you physically lag from the graphics, the other players won't noticed it, because it's typically halting your controls to the units, so the other players won't see anything since it's not moving.

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    posted a message on [Classic Remake] Room Wars

    A neat idea to implement in the map, is special rooms with defensive mechanism and supports your team in some way or form. If possible, you can make it randomize for every game on where the rooms are location and laid out.

    Possible defensive mechanism:

    - Shielding Room - Throws up a Guardian Shield when in use, that lasts until it is captured, and protects units within from ranged fire by lowering it by 4, and lowers long range siege attacks by 50%.

    - Warp Room - All warp rooms are linked to another warp room randomly at the start of the game, and won't be usable until a team captures both of them.

    - Healing Room - Gives all biological units inside the room a healing buff that heals them if they are not in combat for 3 seconds and heals for 1hp per second, dissipates when the units leave.

    - Mercenary Room - Enables the owner to build mercenaries who specializes in killing specific units, they each come with special shielding (shield of 50) that lowers incoming damage that they are resistant to (anti-light, anti-armor), to 1. They are strong enough to kill their specific units, but is weak to counter-units and mercenaries, as mercenary units can bypass other merc's shielding.

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    posted a message on New Zergling Burgers Video!

    This map seems okay, but it's kind of on the technical side rather than being user friendly.

    I actually hoped that someone will make a Rune Factory type map, with farming and combat combined.

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    posted a message on World of Starcraft Cyberspace Poopstorm

    By the way, when it comes to media, people mislead each other just for pure attention, since having people's attention can rack up popularity and maybe money.

    That's how it goes on the net, stupidity or not.

    So with the WoSC thing, it's blown out of proportion because of two groups:
    - Those that loves WoW and don't care if the information isn't true.
    - Those that loves to lie and mislead others to profit from them.

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    posted a message on Still Alive — Survival Exploration

    Actually, try using regions to create parts of the city where it's safer than some parts... Dead frontier uses a grid-like map to create their environment, with different region having stronger monsters (typically far away from the safe house generally).

    For this map, you spawn randomly in different areas, so making region based difficulty isn't a great idea...

    So maybe...

    On map load, a few spots will be selected for "heavy infestation" which are danger zones.

    Players and npcs CAN'T spawn in these zones. Maybe some npcs can have an exception in the case of "events" (trapped survivors running out of food for example).

    Events should be time-driven. Like if there exist a room filled with survivors running out of food, failing to save them will likely end up with you entering a room full of zombies instead.

    Kind of like Resident Evil Outbreak stuff... If you don't reach this area in time to trigger this event, the results are a "bad event", which are guilt trips to make you feel bad about failing.

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    Maybe use 3 possible different kinds of traits for 1 survivor character...

    Zodiac - Based off of the current list of zodiacs. Used for relationship between characters is a possibility.
    Personality - Based off of a description of your character. Example: Loner, Hard Worker, Leader, etc.
    Livelihood - Basically the "description of how your life was before the event happened". Example: Rich, Poor, etc.

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    posted a message on Still Alive — Survival Exploration

    Well as for traits, they should be kept simple, but affects the game in a general sense.


    What if many players chose the "global" traits or traits that boosts guns, but nobody bothered to get anything else? Well the trait should affect the game globally, as in how much enemies can be encountered, the chance of random encounters, etc.

    Basically, what can be set is that each % for a random encounter can be listed with a default value:

    Encounter 1 = 35%
    Encounter 2 = 10%
    Encounter 3 = 50%
    Encounter 4 = 65%

    Some traits can globally affect the percentage of said encounters, buffing or lowering them, making the game different if say all players chose the same traits, it'll buff the percentage and debuff for the similar or same encounters.

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    posted a message on List of editor changes planned (and not-planned) by Blizzard [19-OCT]

    I have an idea for their region control, they can implement a "region pen" that functions much like pens in photoshop editors, allows you to make dots to connect the lines with (minus the curving maybe, but the curving might be the interesting feature to make boundaries or borders) a complete line to make a shape, and fill it with solid so it becomes a region.

    Every dot you put will kind of put a "vertical" pole on the location of the map, and as you build your line, it shows you the shape of the "wall" it's building, when it's done, the whole thing will transform into a region.

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    posted a message on Boy...., do i have a big Dream!!

    Actually SC2 is much more advanced than anything else, and WC3 can be intimidating to newbies. It's the data editing window segments that really annoys people.

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    posted a message on We have maps... But where are the "mods"?

    So the idea of loading "big mods" into melee maps is dropping faster than... well... It's just that bad. Because if this actually works, you'd be able to create an example mod:

    Aerial Wars Mod - Changes the way melee works, by making you send units and structure into battle via Orbital Drops, Zerg Drops, or Protoss Warp-ins, making it possible to take the battle anywhere on the map. Radars and Sight is utmost if importance to know where your opponent will move, and counter them.

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    posted a message on We have maps... But where are the "mods"?

    Actually, the term can apply to almost anything. In Blizzard's sense, they probably see the "modding" of maps is better than the "modding" of the game itself.

    All I see is Blizzard incorporating "data imports" under the guise of mods.

    Because modification takes upon the access and functions of said target, and if it only target maps, then the game client won't be prone to full on mods that may get in the way of Blizzard's plans.

    Knowing corporations, they chose this over client modding mainly because:
    1 - Lower difficulty
    2 - More control of player created contents

    They may think that if they allowed actual modding, they would be encouraging hacking and piracy or something (because they fear the possibilities too).

    @Lonami: That only applies to maps you can modify and publish, you can't run mods on them from within the game itself. So it's not modding, it's still mapping. All your doing is "importing" a set of defined variables and data into a map. So based off your post, it's technically still importing changes you've saved into a map, then saving the map as a new file.

    Modding games in general modern terms would be "incorporating a system to override your game" basically.

    So this isn't modding, since you don't use the mods per say, much less see the list of mods from within the game.

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