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    When the lava element of the volcano maps comes out, it can be used in the cat and mouse maps to make it more deadly...

    Hmm... Pathways that turns into lava on and off... Forcing the cats and mice to stop and think before rushing in...

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    posted a message on Roleplaying Maps!

    Someone should remake the multiplayer RPG maps like that Super Mario RPG one where you can encounter enemies in an area...

    But make it so it turns into a encounter area, so only players who enters this area can participate in combat.
    Then again, exp is gained via skills and participation, so people can't just jump in and take the exp.

    Then again, random encounters may be doable and with the region editor, you can make "wilderness" areas and towns.

    Just have it so when your hero goes into an encounter, the other players can see your hero being surrounded by a forcefield in a way. Touching that forcefield makes you join the battle.

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    It shouldn't be that hard, rather it can be interesting to create a cat mouse map in sc2.

    You can use pathing blocker, but since you can't see it, hard for cats to understand that the map doesn't want them in that space, even though it looks like they can enter it...

    So to spice it up, using buildings to narrow your shortcuts, or a special gate system using supply depots to open and close, whilst making those immune to damage.

    To make it harder to mice to rescue them, maybe have a weak cage that needs breaking each time a mouse is caught?

    Maybe low hp, but high armor and requires a lot of hits.

    But then you'd need to thoroughly balance the map to ensure it doesn't get too unbalanced, and have everyone hated being the cat.

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    posted a message on Builders And Fighters 2.0

    Hmm... Builders and Fighter + Golems?

    So it's not really just builders and fighters, but robot inventors and controllers...

    When the game is released and you can throw pieces of mechanical units together, you can make a "combo" list of units to be created, thus players can create whacky, yet powerful contraptions/robots to fight!

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    posted a message on Top Down Movement System?

    Like with Zombie Apocalypse, Shadow Grounds, and Zombie Shooter, I want to figure out how to make a top down "shooter" so the WASD keys can move the unit's legs whilst you can shoot using the mouse to aim.

    Just getting the WASD to move in a direction (not like FPS or TPS with strafes) would be a big start.

    W - Move North
    A - Move West
    S - Move South
    D - Move East

    Combining them should technically make them moving diagonally...

    Locking a camera on a 90% angle from the top and viewing down could work too.

    Possible ideas for other mappers:
    - Using Black fog of war to make tank wars or survival games more immerse on the map.
    - Linking functions to the mouse, and allowing the unit to aim at where the mouse is and face/shoot in that direction.

    Possible methods to pull this out...

    1) Putting Regions around the unit to act as a movement zone... (But can be faulty and non-responsive or inaccurate if you tie each keystroke to a single movement). All regions can lock onto a unit to keep it going.

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