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    InsaneBriefing is a library I've worked on in the past months and it's a library I'm proud to release and I really hope to see it used.


    By playing various custom campaign myself, such even as Mass Recall, I always noticed how difficult it was to have a really nice looking briefing that was also easy to implement for mapmakers. And by nice looking, I mean an UI that's a bit more modern and complex than what I've seen so far.


    As an engineer, I love to solve this kind of problems, and from that InsaneBriefing has born. Like always, it's a library for mapmakers, so it's something that mapmakers can use to make it easier for them to make maps.


    The main features are:

    • Modern briefing interface with four portraits
    • Support for cancel and start mission with trigger handlers
    • Support for play/stop the briefing actions (single player only)
    • Support for difficulty choice and customizable difficulty profiles
    • Support for different players, up to 16 togheter with different briefings each
    • Support for voiceover, beep sound and tooltips for title of the briefing transmission text
    • Support for no portrait transmission
    • Support for UI customization without changing the core code (just need to extend the right preset)
    • Full integration of InsaneTransmission: custom portraits and big preset are available for InsaneBriefing by default
    In the images I attached you can see different types of briefings with different backgrounds. While backgrounds and layouts are all customizable, they come, as well as music, with pre-built preset to let you make your good-old Starcraft briefing in five minutes!


    If anyone is interested, it's here for you to see and use.

    To download, togheter with my other libraries, refer to this page.

    Hope you enjoy.

    If there is some glitch or bug please report to me and I'll try to do my best to solve it. Truth is this library is very complex in its structure, and as such some glitch I fear it's almost inevitable.

    As a side not, I also announce the release of InsaneUI library.

    More a collection of assets than a library, InsaneUI contains some layout templates I used when I was making InsaneBriefing.


    It also features an interlude system that allows map makers to create interludes similar to those we've all seen in Brood War or Starcraft Remastered.

    The main features are:

    • Borders, Buttons and Scrollbars layouts templates and more
    • Brood War style interludes
    • Starcraft Remastered style interludes
    • Support for different players, up to 16 togheter with different interlude each

    This library is very easy. If you are interested, more information you can gather here.


    The last attachment is an example text generated using this library. Actually, by just 3 actions in the GUI.


    Hope you enjoy and, as always, good luck with your mapmaking!

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    With triggers, you can just command this unit to burrow at random intervals to a random location, and then unborrow after a while (which I would also randomize). I don't know though if there is a way to check if there is creep around.


    There are two ways, if you cannot find a way to know that:

    1) Not recommended, but fine if you need that only for a specific map: define an array of points of your choice and just make the units burrow/unburrow every so often. Pretty easy to do but very dull.

    2) Completely random as a base, only with some conditions enforced: within a certain range from the point in which you are (in burrowed situation) and also distant from other units that requires OR generate creep. This require for you to define an action, looking for a random point in certain ranges, and keep looking until one which fits those requirement is found.

    This could also make you randomize the unburrow (I assume you want to unburrow only when you have found another destination) and burrow commands, by using a temporized trigger (for example: event -> every 1 seconds of game time) which call the action defined above, without while cycles, for all the existing units.


    I hope I gave you some ideas, I can help you more, if you need, this was just a brainstorming. Anyway, if you find a way to find if a place has creep by trigger,  you still need to check for random points with that conditions.

    About data, I don't know how to make AI in data. It's something I should learn, but never had the chance to.



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    I'm planning to make a SC1 briefing library and update my transmission one.


    Also I have published an AI library which could speed up your work in making opponents.


    Just willing to help if you need and if it speeds up the process of a such ambitious plan :)

    If you may need one of my tools just let me know.

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