InsaneTransmission - v1.0

InsaneTransmission is a powerful tool which makes easy to create advanced transmissions in your maps, with full support for lip movements in portraits.

Made using the Galaxy Editor GUI, the tools come in the shape of a library, manageable with a .SC2Mod file.

The library comes with a quite big number of actions and functions that can be used to create high level transmission with ease.


  • Talking portrait support both with and without lips movement
  • A big preset which covers, or at least aim to cover, the entirety of SC2 portraits
  • Support for terminating transmission by apposite action (e.g. when skipping a trigger)
  • Support for custom portraits
  • Support for voiceover, talk icon, source unit, beep sound with no intereference with portrait
  • Support for no portrait transmission
  • Support for portrait without transmission
  • Support for different players, up to 14 togheter with different transmission each
  • No internal delays
  • Improved transmission mode: a nicer and less subtitle bounded version of vanilla transmission
  • Customizable transmission modes with custom UI and properties


  • Liberty (Campaign) dependency
  • Swarm (Campaign) dependency
  • Void (Campaign) dependency
  • InsaneDebug.SC2Mod

How to Install

  1. Make sure you have all required dependencies
  2. Download InsaneTransmission file ( file)
  3. Extract file into your Starcraft2.exe folder
  4. Open any map of your choice in the Galaxy Editor
  5. Open the dependencies table under File
  6. Add custom dependency
  7. Choose InsaneTransmission.SC2Mod
  8. Open Trigger Editor
  9. Enjoy

Example Map

To see a funny example of what InsaneTransmission can do, an example map is provided.

In this map, you will follow the adventures of a Confederate Marine, the same you saw in the InsaneCredits example map.

 To try this map, see the following steps:

  1. Install InsaneTransmission
  2. Open Galaxy Editor
  3. Open map InsaneTransmission Example under maps in your Starcraft2.exe folder
  4. Click Test Map
  5. Enjoy

Duke model credits: Cacho56 from Cacho's Kitbashes.


v1.0 - Jan 3, 2018:

- Removed RPG style feature
- Added custom layout transmission modes feature
- Removed skip trigger support
- Added action to stop InsaneTransmission on a per-player basis
- Added all (hopefully) portraits in the game up to LotV campaign dependency
- Improved the engine to get more fluid animations
- Added action to show/hide a character in a portrait with a standing animation


v0.5 - Jan 31, 2017:

- Release

Report Bugs and Feedbacks

Feel free to report bugs in this comment section and leave feedback as you wish.

I also ask you to tell me if you find some portrait I didn't catch or if you want more portrait supported by default.

Any feedback is appreciated. Also join the forum discussion thread.


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