InsaneUI - v1.0

InsaneUI is a nice tool that provides a collection of User Interface (UI) assets and make it easy to produce some UI cinematics, like Brood War or Starcraft Remastered interludes.

Made using the Galaxy Editor GUI and the built-in UI Editor, the tools come in the shape of a library and of a collection of UI layouts, manageable with a .SC2Mod file.

Since InsaneUI is the collection of assets I use to make my own mods, it will be updated accordingly with more assets and templates in time.


  • Borders, Buttons and Scrollbars layouts templates and more
  • Brood War style interludes
  • Starcraft Remastered style interludes
  • Support for different players, up to 16 togheter with different interlude each


  • Liberty dependency
  • InsaneDebug.SC2Mod

How to Install

  1. Make sure you have all required dependencies
  2. Download InsaneUI file ( file)
  3. Extract file into your Starcraft2.exe folder
  4. Open any map of your choice in the Galaxy Editor
  5. Open the dependencies table under File
  6. Add custom dependency
  7. Choose InsaneUI.SC2Mod
  8. Open Trigger Editor or the UI Editor
  9. Enjoy

Example Map

No example map for InsaneUI is provided. However, some of the other mods I've made use InsaneUI themselves. For instance, InsaneBriefing.

So, to see InsaneUI at work, you only need to check out some of these projects.


v1.0 - Jan 015, 2018 :

- Release

Report Bugs and Feedbacks

Feel free to report bugs in this comment section and leave feedback as you wish.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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