SC1 Episode 3: The Fall - Protoss Campaign

Mod V. C.3.1

Change log

Extract this Mod/Maps to the folder Program Files/Starcraft II/Mods or /Maps If you have a previous version of the Mod/Maps you want to keep do not replace the old versions until you have moved or saved them in another location.


V. C.3.1: - BASE UPGRADE BUILDINGS INCREASED QUEUE TO 3 - base upgrades can be stacked

- Fixed Zeratul's Health/Shields to SC1 levels

- Fixed shield damaging issue (full dmg to shields vs. reduced/other dmg to no shields) for all units

- Battlecruiser/Hyperion weapon speed increased to compare with SC1 levels

- Fixed camera problems in maps 1-5

- Removed Medic/Goliath upgrades (map 10)

- Changed Cerebrate death animation

- Fenix (Dragoon) shield icon and # for shield l. 1 fixed

- Fixed icons for Mutate to Queen's Nest, Defiler Mound; changed Zerg ability icons to match SCBW

- Fixed animation for Dark Swarm

- Fixed Portraits for: Defiler, Queen's Nest, Overmind

- Changed Model for Infested Terran


Timer on Map 2 will not go away after it is elapsed

Kerrigan still has no Hero Portrait (Hopefully this will be fixed in SC2 Zerg campaign)

V. C.3.0:

- UPGRADE BUILDINGS HAVE SINGLE QUEUE - only one upgrade at a time per building

- UPGRADE AND BUILD TIMES UNIFIED FOR ALL TEAMS - ALL upgrade and build times reset to SC1 levels

- LIFE, BASE WEAPON, SHIELD UPGRADE TIMES SCALED FOR ALL TEAMS - time to level 1 = 1/2 to level 2 = 1/3 of time to l. 3

- Map 6: Included Pickups; Map is the same layout with similar unit amounts & positions; map pathing/event timing may vary from SC1


  • Science Building no longer leaves footprint/fires after death (thanks to Jimm3110)
  • Command Center now upgrades without error/double health bar
  • Changes to certain icons for Ghosts and Medics abilities
  • Starport add-on recognition fixed - an unused add-on will 'reattach'
  • No change to lack of Command Center add-ons (didn't seem necessary to me but possibly in future revisions)
  • Science Vessel ability Irradiate now an autocast ability (along with Medic's Heal this compares to other teams autocasting)
  • Medic Heal ability restores 3.5 (not 4) health per 7 energy used


  • All icons now in color, changed many icons and some icon positions on buildings
  • Models (looks) changed for Creep Colony, Queen and Queens Nest, Defiler and Defiler Mound:
  • Creep Colony = Brood War Model (new);
  • Queen = Brood War Model (new) ; Defiler = Infestor;
  • Queens Nest = Roach Warren; Defiler Mound = Infestation Pit
  • Ultralisk sounds restored to SC1 sounds
  • Footprint of Defiler Mound is now 3 x 3 (was 2 x 4)
  • Lurkers have Hold fire/Open fire commands for ambushes
  • Autocasting added for abilities: Ensnare & Dark Swarm
  • Name of Queen energy upgrade restored (Gamete Meiosis)
  • Kerrigan air attack reduced to 20 dmg (thanks Telenil)
  • ENEMY UNITS ADDED (infested colonist); some maps (9 & 10 mostly) have additional units to reflect map size/difficulty


  • All icons now in color, changed many icons and some icon positions on buildings
  • Model changes to: Observatory, Citadel of Adun
  • Observatory = Twilight Council (old Citadel model);
  • Citadel of Adun = Protoss Small Building model (no upgrade animation)
  • Dark Templar sounds restored to SC1 sounds
  • Tassadar can no longer target air units; range reduced to 4.5
  • Tassadar now will float without walking; increased his height from the ground by .1 for increased effect
  • Shield Battery rocks. Changed it (with help from Superfield) to work more like a Science Vessel without movemt. Now it plays a sound and animation while restoring shields and targets much better.

V. C - V. C.2:

  • Siege Tank no longer causes error.
  • Zerg Spine Colony no longer leaves animation remnant.
  • Autocasting Units: Shield Battery, Reaver, Carrier.
  • Zerg Queen and Defiler Upgrades work correctly.
  • Zerglings and Scourge have correct costs as well as number spawned (2).
  • Parasite ability works properly.
  • Easter eggs on certain maps.
  • New Doodads
  • New Zerg-ish Critter
  • Model changes to Cerebrate and Aldaris Portrait
  • Corrected costs/names for Leg Enhancements/Charge, Archon Merge, Robotics Upgrades
  • Corrected Tassadar Hallucination Ability, Dragoon voice, Dominion Attacks and trigger in Map 5
  • Corrected Volume error on Spine Crawler weapon Impact; possibly some other related error may show (grr.)
  • New version of Cerebrate w/sounds - Final version (?)
  • Subtitle corrections
  • Sunken Colony size changed, renamed, attacks w/o error now - fully corrected
  • Restored original SC1 background in briefings
  • Eliminated blackness at map edges
  • Gave Tassadar the Karass attack
  • Various other changes/corrections
  • Corrected/revised errors with models: Chrysalis (both), High Templar, Guardian
  • Zerg costs for Creep Colony + Sunken Colony + Spore Colony 'fixed' [to a degree]
  • Fixed Extractor cost
  • Fixed 'Salvaged' msg
  • Other small map corrections

V. C.2.2:

  • Corrected Creep Colony/Spine/Spore costs
  • Corrected issues with Young Chrysalis and Mature Chrysalis
  • Corrected issues with High Templars and Hallucinations of them
  • Other small map corrections/changes

'Final' Version? - I probably won't work on this much more so that I can focus on the next 5 maps... unless I find more errors while doing so.

Known caveats

  • Timer on Map 2 will not go away after it is elapsed
  • Kerrigan still has no Hero Portrait (Hopefully this will be fixed in SC2 Zerg campaign)
  • Sunken Colony may have animation issues
  • Guardian Move to attack order moves unit too close
  • Archons, firebats and tanks can't damage units that are under Dark Swarm
  • Each nydus is connected to all the others
  • Scarabs count as Lost units for the protoss that used them
  • Some hotkeys may still be missing
  • wanted to play final Protoss movie at the end of campaign; did not work

Use these Maps at your own risk. If you find an error please let me know I can try and fix it.


Uploaded on
Feb 04, 2012
Game version
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