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This warcraft project is started because I would like a creat a warcraft mod that shows the storyline of world of warcraft in RTS style game.

(This it the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section))

2015 Marc 30:

Battleground page created to show the current version of battlegrounds:


The project includes:

Multiplayer: Two playable factions of warcraft: Alliance and Horde. Melee maps to play on battlenet 2.0(some of them are look likes than wow battlegrounds)

Hero mod: You can play with heros in Battle Arena style maps.(some of them are look likes than wow battlegrounds)

The Battle Grounds come from Warcraft and Starcraft Universes, and can be played by Universe of Warcraft and Universe of Starcraft Heroes. At present you can't mix heroes from different universes.

Battle Grounds:

Isle of Conquest




Eye of the Storm

Heroes: All hero type from wow.


Campaings: WarCraft: Alliance and Horde (storyline of vanilla wow) Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (story line of BC wow) Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Story line of WotLK wow) Warcraft: Cataclysm (story line of Cata wow) Warcraft: Mysts of Pandaria (story line of MoP) The story continues if new expensions came out.

Playable races: Alliance: human dwarf gnome night elf dranei(in bc) worgen(in cata)

Horde: orc troll tauren undead Blood Elf(in bc) Goblin(before cata goblin mercenaris, in cata basicly the goblins from kazhen)

The campaing story line based on quests(specialy the storyline quests)dungeons and raids, the quest text some times changed(only words, the content isn't) or added (such as dialogues). For example in Elwyn Forest Deputy Willem gives you quests but he help you to execute them and some times talk things that dont exist in wow just make the game more fun.

The starting Zones are usualy functioned as tutorial maps, helps you the learn the game mechanics.

In contested territories you can choose which storyline want to play(Alliance or Horde) if you choose one the AI player plays the other one, and do the same quests that human player get if he choose that. For example if you choose alliance, you get the alliances quests, the AI will play as horde and get hordes quests. All maps can repeatable if you finished them, so you can reapet them and play the other faction if you like.

Some maps have special features, such as dustwallow marsh horde can creat ogre units because they have ogre allies on that area. In Stangerthorn vale you can play goblin with goblins in booty bay, not just alliance or horde.

Some times the alliance and horde storylines are alternatives of each other, because of this I choose canonical but try to close the original one. Such as in WotLK there is dungeon called Nexus where the begining allies and horde member are fighting each other and if you play as alliance the alliance win if horde the horde win. In campaign it will change, possibly the the Nexus will conquered by Kirin Tor and The Dragon Aspects, but those horde and alliance npcs that died in the original combat (in wow) they will dies in campaing too for exmaple they battleing like in wow but dies before Kirin Tor arrives or something.

In Campaing, the storyline dialuges dont have sounds, becaues most of the quest npcs dont talk (except greetings you),only the main characters have sound(for example Varian, Jaina Proodmore, Thrall, etc) and as I mentioned earlier some times I change the words of the text and play the originaly sounds with itit would be weird. So if I like to make sound for dialuges, I need actors to do it, But I would like to make a very good campaing and game, so they could be pro in acting (doesn't matter if they professional or not but being pro is required) also import that the dialuge sounds could sound like the original ones. So if I found enough actors to this, I will give sounds in it, if not there will be no dialoge sounds.


In race campaigns (such as Elwyn Forest is part of the Human Campaign, Durotar is part of the Orc campaign) you can use general (almost every race has this type of unit) unit (such as if you play human you can train human priest, human mage, human warrior, Human Rifleman etc.if your play orc you can train, orc shaman, orc rifleman, orc warrior, etc) and specific units(such as if you play Human you can train Human Footman, Human Peasant, etc or if you play Orc you can train Orc Grunt, Orc Peon etc.)

In contested territory campaings(such as stangerthorn vale or dustwallow marsh)you can choose the units (type, race, gender,)you want to use in the mission you currently play (for example alliance priest could be human, night elf, dwarf, draenei(in bc) gnome(in cata) worgen(in cata), horde priest could be blood elf,(in bc) troll, tauren(in cata) Goblin(in cata) forsaken,) If you want to change it you can restart the mission, or wait for the next mission to do that. Every Campaign Units has male and femal version.Every race use racial abilities(such as night elf uses Shadow Meld, Orc uses berseker) Currently racial spells available only in campaign.

Assets: The projects Basicly uses World of warcraft assets(specialy models and sounds) and starcraft 2 assets. In the final version, every model will uses dds and have starcraft 2 like skins.(diffuse, emmissive, specular, etc.) every sounds are from wow and starcraft 2. (units usually has wow npc sounds, spells are usually have wow sounds but some of them uses starcraft 2 sounds) such as frost bolt uses a cool freezing sound from starcraft 2.

Usually I will use modified wow models and sounds by my own, but if I use some one's assets, I will give credit to the author.


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