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    A freakin bot. Why do I even waste my time, lol.

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    posted a message on Any way to hide a mesh on a model ?

    By "multimesh models", do you mean you have a unit with multiple actor models hosted to it?

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    posted a message on Roach/Ravager model size

    I'm thinking you probably increased the Scale factor on the actor, instead of the model. The actor scale is inherited by the Ravager during the morph. Revert that change and instead change the Scale Minimum and Scale Maximum properties of the Roach under the Models tab. If you want to make sure this change applies to all Roach skins as well, change those properties under the Roach Base model entry and then (in table view) right click the properties and select "Apply Value to Children" in the drop-down.

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    The "shadow" directly below the doodad is a projection onto the terrain built into the model which is intended to make make it blend with the ground better. To remove it, editing the m3 model would be necessary.

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    posted a message on Can't choose texture path in Blender 2.9

     I know this is coming late, but you were actually quite close to finding the image path field, you just didn't explore quite enough...

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    posted a message on change a unit's biological attribute to mechanical

    You can change the attributes of a unit via a buff behavior in the modification state flags field. As far as I know, there is no other way.

    As for changing the footprint of a unit, as far as I know, this is impossible. The best you can do is destroy the unit and replace it immediately with a unit that uses a different footprint. Alternatively, you could have a host/dummy unit setup, where a separate dummy unit has the footprint, but is not being used to perform any of the other functions of the host unit. And the dummy unit could then be replaced with a different unit type without disrupting the visuals or the properties of the host unit.

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    Hmm, not sure I’ve ever seen this error before, myself. Are there perhaps any active modifiers aside from armature and edge split? Sorry, I have to ask since I’ve just got my phone atm and can’t look at anything in blender itself for the time being.

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    You need to delete the collection which the armature and meshes are in. They must be located in the Scene Collection, (Or the “master” collection) rather than the one they are currently in, Collection.

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    posted a message on Refinery making noise ingame [SOLVED]

    Maybe leave them and turn off ambient sounds in your personal settings? lol

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    Use a create persistent effect with offsets for each grid space in your radius.

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    posted a message on 'Can't turn towards target' message with an ability

    The Science Vessel does not turn, and with its turret assigned to a dummy weapon, it is not used in the case of casting an ability. The simplest solution is to set the Arc field of any ability given to the Science Vessel to 360.

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    What the heck is wrong with those feet lol

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    posted a message on [Showcase] AV Reinforces


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    posted a message on How would I make Mineral Fields and Vespene Geysers slowly regenerate?

    I've never used it before, but maybe try using the Resource Restore Bonus field in the Modify Unit effect type? If that works as I'm assuming it does I guess you would have it be the periodic effect of a behavior which you put on the mineral fields and geysers.

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    posted a message on AI Build Action Build Flag Parameter Guide

    Hey guys, I've been making a foray into making an AI for a project of mine recently, and I've made a useful discovery along the way. I didn't see anything about it when I searched it here so I figure I should put this information out here.


    So, the build flag parameter of the AI Build action, what does it do? It determines where the AI will seek to build the structure within the chosen town. This includes this such as where gas harvesting structures are built (ie on top of geysers), if they should be spaced out for things such as efficient protoss psi distribution, defensive structures being placed near mineral lines/chokes, etc. Several structures have a triggered default flag, but if you make custom structures with similar functionalities to any of these and you may run into some problems. Using the correct flags can fix this.


    Now, the numbers each of these different flags are associated with is the difficult and confusing part. You might expect them to be neatly indexed from 0 to however many there are. However, this is not the case.


    There are numerous flags which are declared that are found in TriggerLib/BuildAI.galaxy. Instead of normal numbers, they are associated with hexadecimal values. I have converted all of these hexadecimals to typical numbers, and here you see all of their values.


    c_makeDefault = -1
    c_makeNoFlags = 0x00000000 = 0

    c_avoidClosePowerOrCreep = 0x00000001 = 1
    c_avoidCloseFactory = 0x00000002 = 2
    c_avoidCloseDefense = 0x00000004 = 4
    c_avoidCloseDropoff = 0x00000008 = 8

    c_avoidFarPowerOrCreep = 0x00000010 = 16
    c_avoidFarFactory = 0x00000020 = 32
    c_avoidFarDefense = 0x00000040 = 64
    c_avoidFarDropoff = 0x00000080 = 128

    c_nearClosePowerOrCreep = 0x00000100 = 256
    c_nearCloseFactory = 0x00000200 = 512
    c_nearCloseDefense = 0x00000400 = 1024
    c_nearCloseDropoff = 0x00000800 = 2048

    c_nearFarPowerOrCreep = 0x00001000 = 4096
    c_nearFarFactory = 0x00002000 = 8192
    c_nearFarDefense = 0x00004000 = 16384
    c_nearFarDropoff = 0x00008000 = 32768

    c_avoidResource = 0x00010000 = 65536
    c_avoidChokePoint = 0x00020000 = 131072
    c_nearResource = 0x00040000 = 262144
    c_nearChokePoint = 0x00080000 = 524288

    c_valueSpaceMinor = 0x00100000 = 1048576
    c_valueSpaceMajor = 0x00200000 = 2097152
    c_valueTouchingEdges = 0x00400000 = 4194304

    c_canBlock = 0x0c000000 = 201326592
    c_canLower = 0x08000000 = 134217728
    c_onVespeneGas = 0x10000000 = 268435456
    c_onlyHere = 0x20000000 = 536870912
    c_ignoreDanger = 0x40000000 = 1073741824


    These flags are all just a single hexadecimal value, but there are more which are of combinations of these flags using a bitwise or operation (Basically just adding the numbers together)


    c_avoidPowerOrCreep = c_avoidClosePowerOrCreep | c_avoidFarPowerOrCreep = 17
    c_avoidFactory = c_avoidCloseFactory | c_avoidFarFactory = 34
    c_avoidDefense = c_avoidCloseDefense | c_avoidFarDefense = 68
    c_avoidDropoff = c_avoidCloseDropoff | c_avoidFarDropoff = 136

    c_nearPowerOrCreep = c_nearClosePowerOrCreep | nearFarPowerOrCreep = 4352
    c_nearFactory = c_nearCloseFactory | c_nearFarFactory = 8704
    c_nearDefense = c_nearCloseDefense | c_nearFarDefense = 17408
    c_nearDropoff = c_nearCloseDropoff | c_nearFarDropoff = 34816


    These flags themselves I haven't seen used as the actual build flags, but only as components. I'm not sure if these flags in of themselves work, or if you can make your own combinations. My guess is that only the declared flags will work, but I haven't tested this. Now, onto the flags primarily used.


    c_makeStandard = c_makeNoFlags = 0

    c_makeCenter = c_nearResource = 262144 (This is for HQ structures such as Command Centers)

    c_makeCreep = c_valueSpaceMajor | c_avoidPowerOrCreep = 1052928  (This is used for Creep Tumors to help maximize creep coverage)

    c_makePower = c_valueSpaceMajor | c_avoidPowerOrCreep | c_nearFarDropoff = 1085696 (This is used for Pylons to help maximize Psi coverage)

    c_makeExpanPower = c_nearResource | c_nearDropoff | c_avoidClosePowerOrCreep = 296961 (No found usage, but maybe its used for Pylons in select situations?)

    c_makeDarkPower = c_nearResource | c_nearDropoff = 296960 (Same as the normal power flag, except it doesn't care at all if it is placed within Psi, only found use case is a Protoss structure which was cut during development)

    c_makeCollector = c_onVespeneGas | c_nearDropoff = 268470272 (This is for gas harvesting structures such as Refineries)

    c_makeDefense = c_avoidCloseDefense | c_nearResource | c_nearFarDropoff | c_nearFarFactory | c_nearFarPowerOrCreep | c_nearChokePoint = 831492 (This is used for defensive buildings, primarily any which can target ground units)

    c_makeResourceDefense = c_avoidCloseDefense| c_nearResource = 262148 (This is used primarily for defensive structures which may only target air units)

    c_makeLowerable = c_makeStandard | c_canLower = 134217728 (This is for Supply Depots)

    c_makeWall = c_nearChokePoint | c_canBlock = 201850880 (No found usage, not exactly sure how this works out)


    I haven't tested what each and every one of these flags do, but I think looking at the names and the components they are made of are self explanatory enough that with some messing around you could figure it all out. Anyways, I hope this helps some people out, and please do share any discoveries relevant to the uses of the flags or let me know if I've made any mistakes in the math.

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