STARCRAFT: Replicant

StarCraft: Replicant

Is a custom campaign for Starcraft 2 following the Protoss in 10 missions. You will encounter familiar characters such as Artanis, Vorazun and Alarak. But also some new ones.

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A Russian team has been kind to translate The Replicant Campaign to Russian, you can check it out here


STORY (Episode IV)

This is a time of peace and prosperity for the Protoss people. Five years have past since Amon, the dark god was defeated. Since that time the rebuilding of Aiur has begun. Even though there is peace between the three races it is a fragile peace at best and now strange attacks has been reported through Aiur. Some Protoss report that the attacks are the work of.. The Dominion.



Since Amons defeat, The Swarm has strengthened in both numbers and new planets. Lead by Zagara, the Zerg has become  more efficient and even deadlier. Now, Zagara, queen of the swarm, has been gone for months. But no longer. Finally Dehaka and Stukov had found her. Their search led them to a hidden facility in the Tyrador system. Stukovs growing concern is not just for Zagara but also for the growing shadow in the back of his mind..



The Final Story

 During the time of peace that reign after the fall of the Dark god Amon, The Dominion prospered. They are once again a force to be reckoned with and the strongest of the Terran factions.

Now, the lost son, John "Johnny" Raynor has returned. Once held captive by the late Arcurus Mengsk he is now free. Free to find answers to the biggest question of all.. Where is his father? Where is James Raynor?

he time has also come to solve the question regarding the Replicant and the Moebius Emire once and for all...


1. A New Dawn

2. Fragile Alliance

3. Amnesty Lost

4. Diversion

5. Enemy Unknown

6. Survival Of The Fittest

7. Breath Of Creation

8. Empire Rises

9. Gray Wolf

10. A Friend Long Lost (Epilogue)


MISSIONS (Episode V)

 1. The Usurper

 2. Fall Of A Regent

 3. The Evolution Master

 4. Essence Flows

 5. An Old Acquaintance

 6. Shadow Company

 7. Hybrid Reborn

 8. The Twilight Messiah

 9. Ascension

 10. The Overmind




1. The Lost Son Returns

 2. The Beginning Of The End

 3. Siege Of Cybros

 4. Convergence

 5. Fall Of An Empire

 6. The Hijacking

 7. The Mystery Unfolds

 8. The Flashback

 9. The Replicant

 10. Twilight Falls


Deltronlive - All the tears, sweat, testing and feedback you have provided. Could not have done this without you man! 

Edhriano - For testing.

Jayborino - For showcasing my maps on youtube

Hammer107 - Tal´Darim elite zealot model, Karass model

Ghostnova - Female Zealot model, SC1 Ghost model,  Dark Templar Acolyte and SC1 Archon model

Thrikodias - Protoss Civilian model

alleyviper85 - Brother Ghost model and Purifier Preserver model

CybrosX      -Purifier High Templar model

Starcraft Universe Models - Death Squad Assult Ghost, Purifier Karass




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