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    review for 2nd and 3rd mission from Episode 4 (I played the first mission long time ago)

    2nd mission review:

    I saw two things that are strange, and it will be probably on the other levels too.
    The first two stalker we got had the blink ability that regenerated some shield after using it, the other stalkers didn't have that.
    The second was that there are no energy regeneration on the nexuses, so we can only chronoboost once.

    I could do some minor exploits, like use Stalkers to do the bonus objective pretty fast with the blink ability
    Minor problem that there was no way to detect any creep tumor, so I needed to put down a cannon for detection. It was a minor problem, and didn't make the mission any harder, so 4/5 for the map
    DT-s wasn't the best on this mission, Stalker + immortals were the strongest. (Immortals could snipe Ultralisks and spike crawlers, it was satisfying)


    3rd mission review:

    After the first colonist ship you know what to do, and it's kind of easy to play it through if you got basic knowledge of the protoss.
    Also I liked that Feedback (from High Templars) can oneshot the colonist ships due to their absurd amount of energy.
    It seems that I broke some of the escort for the ship (first screenshot) due to me camping there and oneshotting the colony ship. :D
    A problem was, that the missions description was vague. It only said "communication" and "embassy". I know that I need to destroy them, but out of context it means totally different.
    It had a fair amount of challenge for the first part. the 2nd part was kind of cheeseable with slow push tactics and kinda cannon rushing before the SCV-s rebuild everything for the blocade. (but it's only my opinion)


    The 3rd mission might have been a bit harder, if there was enemy air forces coming for me, and not just bio+mech pushes.

    Fairly enjoyable 4.5/5!


    I will continue to do reviews later when I play more maps, if it's not annoying to you.

    Ps: The mission launcher looks great too!

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    Fallen back in love with SC2 and now watching some Jayborino and GGG videos to spend my time.

    I've uploaded an image of my campaign list to play. I've played through Odyssey, and was fun to see your opinions and videos about it. (also Annihilation).

    Started playing Quagmire and Lifeforce, those are pretty well made maps, makes me want to learn how to make sc2 maps haha.

    Your interviews are good to hear in the background, especially the Perfect Soldiers one was my favourite.

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