Year 2488. After three years of fighting across the sector, the Guild Wars are winding down and the Kel-Morian Combine is losing ground on every front. All signs point to an inevitable victory for the Confederacy.


Out of nowhere, Confederate outposts and key facilities on the strategically important colony of Sonyan are hit by a series of well-coordinated raids and bombings. These attacks are carried out by mercenaries believed to be contracted by the Kel-Morians. Confederate forces are placed on high alert and troops are diverted to Sonyan from neighboring colonies. Tensions are rising on some of the Confederate-occupied fringe worlds while Confederate intelligence is scrambling to get a read on the situation...


What is this?


A single-player campaign for Starcraft 2 with a story taking place during the Guild Wars, before the events of the original Starcraft. Missions alternate between classic RTS focused on map control and squad-based tactical gameplay. Runs on a tailored version of SCMRmod.


Contains mature language and violence.




  • 13 missions planned (+ 3 cutscene maps)
  • different mixtures of real-time strategy and squad-based tactics
  • Three customized terran factions
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Loadout / level-up system - choose different perks and abilities
  • Story tied into the Starcraft universe
  • press-key-to-continue dialogue system that lets you read at your own pace
  • plenty of characters, backstory and optional reading


Early access version with the first couple of maps now available. 



Quagmire v0.8 Mod Pack


Quagmire v0.841 Maps 0-7

Quagmire v0.8x to v0.84 Mod update (note that you will still need the "QuagmireAssets" file included in the Mod Pack)


How to Play


You need to download both the mod pack and the maps to be able to play.


  • Place the two .SC2Mod files in the "Mods" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory.

example folder containing the mod files: C:\Games\StarCraft II\Mods


  • Place the "Quagmire" folder containing the .SC2Map files in the "Maps" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory.

 example folder containing the map files: C:\Games\StarCraft II\Maps\Quagmire




  • You can create a shortcut and use it to play the mod directly. Set the shortcut's target path to (replace C:\Games with your Starcraft II install path, include quotation marks):

"C:\Games\StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe" "C:\Games\StarCraft II\Maps\Quagmire\Quagmire Launcher.SC2Map"


  • You can also play by opening the Quagmire Launcher map in the Starcraft 2 editor and pressing the "test document" button on the top right.


Known issues / things not yet implemented


  • Demolishers and Stingers can lose ammo without firing their weapons if another order is issued as they are about to attack
  • Briefing Replay function not yet implemented
  • Briefing Skip works somewhat awkwardly, but it's safe to use and won't break anything
  • Stats screen - all of the mission statistics aren't necessarily 100% accurate



view full credits 



written and directed by



map design



Tactical Response Squad unit and gameplay design




RTS side unit design



Custom 3D models and textures

Alleyviper Avenger, KM SCV, Ripper, KM Sniper, KM APC, KM Command Center, Renegade, Barracuda
Supernova134 Demolisher, Stinger, Rhino Tank, Hellhound, Flak Cannon, Power Station
XibadivS Machine Shop, Control Tower
Hammer107 ComSat Station, Sniper
TaylorMouse Outrider
GhostNova Dropship, Goliath portrait
Jones Corona, Leeds, Councilman retextures


Quagmire mod is based on the Starcraft: Mass Recall mod by











contains additional SCMR UI design by





uses a script template for sniper scope by



SCMRmod is based on the Starcraft 2: Brood War mod by



for other Starcraft 2 campaigns, check out the Custom Campaign Initiative


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