Pass Defense (Singleplayer Mode)

This is the SINGLEPLAYER version of the map!
The zerg are coming, and you are the regional brigade's colonel in charge of defending your mountain pass. You will receive periodic reinforcements to build up your forces. Destroy the hive to complete the mission. However, do keep in mind that scouts report zergs starting to flank from behind... Your forces are comprised of siege tanks, marines, reapers, and medivacs. Siege tanks are in limited numbers, and periodically arrive from command HQ. Your barracks and starport also periodically generate troops. Your starport is also capable of calling in battlecruiser and banshees at a premium. Enemy reinforcements are received through a nydus network. Ultralisk caverns, infestation pits, and spawning pools also contribute to the flow of the enemy.
YouTube Video Entry for the Cinematics Competition
SCV build tree -CANCELED, to be added in map2-
Resize everything for a more realistic feel.
Upgrades at PF Changelog
v1.65 -updated Cini's
-fixed spawns
-Intro cinimatic thingy
-moved a few triggers around
-increased radii size of Sensor Tower
-Put all Player Detect triggers for Leaderboard into Create Force
-Made kill updates a single trigger Force
-Removed respective Leaderboard variables Force
-Fixed error messages for the most part Force
-Added Pause and killed message into Death cinematic.
-blamed Monkeys for adding a nonexistant unit
-added a sensor tower
-more updates to cinematics
-trashed techtree
-changed spawn system
-elapsed time window
-supply depot models fixed
-created more spawns
-NEW ABILITY: reapers have suicide bombing capabilities
-Massive patch
-consolidated endgame triggers
-Colonel Chen is now necessary for victory
-endgame objective locations are now pinged
-objectives update now
-should have REALLY fixed heroes now (probably 3rd time saying this..)
-banshee spawns at full health now
-banshee shield regen decr 10 to 5, dmg decr 45 to 35, atk speed 33% slower
-ghost acad costs 0 to repair
-updated teams info
-changed supply settings
-spore colony reworked, 40% faster atk speed, hp incr 400 to 500
-spine crawler hp incr 300 to 500, dmg incr 25 to 35, atk speed incr 10%
-nydus flanker model enlargened, armor incr 1 to 2
-bunker hp decr 400 to 350, shield incr 0 to 50
-medivac accel decr 50%, speed decr 20%
-reworked rear spawn
-added more waves to endgame spawns (significantly harder)
-CSSNap turn rate -50%, speed -33%, accel -50%
-NEW ABILITY for commandpost: reinforce supply depot, +500 hp to depots
-EMERGENCY PATCH, left in a unit that wasn't supposed to exist
-REALLY fixed the banshee glitch
-patched hero leveling
-text notifications inplemented
-fixed some buttons
-greatly GREATLY consolidated triggers, thereby reducing lag
-released MP version here: v1.1
-moved some doodads
-readjusted ending for more difficulty and tension
-victory conditions changed --> starport cannot die
-endgame spawns massively upgraded
-fixed some random small glitches
-increased yamato cannon range 10 to 13 upon request
-marine dmg reduced from 15 to 13
-reaper damage decreased from 25 to 15
-resized lowered supply depot + fixed health glitch
-fixed starport build menu
-rear supply depot now invulnerable
-fixed armed citizenry glitch, cost now at 10/ea, build time decr 25 to 10
-stable version released
-added new victory conditions at end upon hive death
-planning a campaign to follow this map
-multiplayer version undergoing bnet trials, upload once complete
-adjusted more spawning
-supply depot -50% hp
-fixed some minor hero ability issues
-removed something that wasn't supposed to be included with the update
-added seeker missiles and point defense (medic drone)
-snipe energy cost incr. 25 to 35
-15 second cloak cooldown
-cloak now drains 3en/sec
-replaced default conscripts by the bunkers with rines
-conscripts renamed to armed citizenry
-buffed overseer's detector capabilities
-adjusted cinematic text color
-fixed lvl 1 hero glitch (I think)
-fixed abilities hotkey conflicts -restructured hero abilities system
-tweaked some spawning issues
-buffed banshee: hp +210, shield +150 regen+5, dmg -30% speed, +300% dmg
-supply depot +50 shield
-SCV now has heal button reduce confusion on the 5 energy
-fixed medivac movement speed glitch
(turns out I had mvt speed dup'd from a dev unit)
-reapers now have shield instead of energy -_-
-reuploaded for localization patch
-added modded version of Dest1ny's leaderboard
-changed team properties
-fixed barracks spawning conscripts instead of marines
-reapers given 5 shield, range decreased from 9 to 8, D8 dmg increase from 30 to 45
-rine range increased from 9 to 10
-infested terran range increased from 5 to 7
-reduced overseer spawn count
-turret damage incr 2 to 3, atk speed -50%
-medivac speed -12.5%
-max expanded
-updated hero abilities: new ability
-Colonel Chen max energy decr from 500 to 300, regen decr fro 2 to 1.5 I made it to the front page? :0 =D Thanks for your support guys! A light concept sketch by Swordmas. Quick 3-minute sketch of what I'm sure will be a great loading screen.


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