Ignos (Campaign)

 Still updating some missions here and there



I am in the process of reorganising the mission order, updating missions and perhaps even finish the campaign (One can only hope). Current reorganisation plan:


Ignos01NE - New Mission

Ignos02NE - Adjustments of original Ignos01

Ignos03NE - Adjustments of original Ignos02 (Uploaded)

Ignos04NE - Minor adjustments of original Ignos03

Ignos05NE - Minor adjustments of original Ignos04 (Uploaded)

Ignos06NE - Completed version of original Ignos05 (Uploaded)

Ignos07NE - Completed version of original Ignos06 (Uploaded)

Ignos08NE - New Mission



All feedback appreciated


Ignos 06NE Screen 


Ignos05NE Screen


Ignos03SE- Screen0


Ignos03SE- Screen1



Ignos03SE - Screen2

Ignos: Custom Campaign

What is this

Ignos is a singleplayer campaign for Starcraft 2.



Place the map files in a folder called "Ignos Campaign" in your Starcraft/Maps folder

The path can look like this

C:/Program Files/StarCraft II/Maps/Ignos Campaign/Ignos 01.SC2MAP

It's important the that maps are in this folder if you want the missions to link. You can also play the missions one by one, then it won't matter where you place them.

In order to play you have two choices. You can open up the map file in the editor and press "test map". Or you can drag the file unto the SC2Switcher program file that you can find under Support in your Starcraft 2 Folder.

StarCraft II/Support


The Russian translation of Ignos can be found here





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