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    Look in your dependencies if you include the Warcraft mods (File > Dependencies).

    If so, remove them.

    If you want War3 assets, I'd say to use the graphic mod only.


    I'm pretty sure the random Race works fine.


    Have a nice day.

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    You're welcome !



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    About movement speed, it also depends on the acceleration of the unit.

    - If the acceleration is low, your unit needs a certain amount of time to reach the maximum speed (the speed value). And in most cases, your unit may reach its destination before the max. speed, equals increasing the speed has no effect.

    - If you increase slightly the acceleration (Ex : From 2 to 10), you might notice that your unit is faster.

    - If you set the acceleration to 100, you will notice the change of speed. And you might not need to go to 160 for the speed (pretty sure that won't happen).


    About attack speed, make sure you change the correct field in your Upgrade.

    - If your Unit uses a Weapon, the field affecting the attack speed is the "Period" of that Weapon.

    - If your Unit uses a Ability, that differs according to which creates the delay between attacks. Could be the Ability cooldown (= "Cost" recharge duration) itself, the attached Behavior "Period", the "Persistent" Effect "Period" ... .


    You should not have issues, Upgrade tab works well. However :

    - You must add a change effect.

    - You must add the affected unit.

    - You may want a maximum number of levels.

    - You need an Ability of type "Research" that include the Upgrade.


    An upgrade level usually is 0 or 1.

    An upgrade with its level to 100 will apply 100 times the effect, so pay close attention to the operation you set for each change effect !


    One tip : Operator "Add" is opposite to "Subtract", operator "Multiply" is opposite to "Divide" and operator "Define" is opposite to itself.

    - When you set the upgrade level from 0 to 5, the change effect is applied 5 times. For example, it will ADD 5 times the value 0.1 to the movement speed.

    - Conversely, then, when you set the upgrade level from 5 to 0 (without doing any change to your Upgrade), the change effect is reversely applied 5 times. For example, it will SUBTRACT 5 times the value 0.1 to the movement speed.

    - If you use the operator DEFINE, it will set 5 times the value 0.1 to the movement speed (that would be non-sense) and either way the level evolves.


    OK ! On that note, if you still have issues, you know what to do.


    Have a nice day !

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    Of course, it cannot work like this.


    Move both your actions in the correct action block.

    That is to say, drag and drop your actions in "Actions" of your loop "Pick Each Integer".


    You should read a basic documentation about programming (not forcibly a specific programming language) to understand the common instructions (in "General" category).


    Have a nice day !

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    Information appears when conditions are met.


    - Armor : You must set an icon (field "LifeArmorIcon") for the "Unit" Actor.


    - Shield : You must set an icon (field "ShieldArmorIcon") for the "Unit" Actor. The unit itself must set "ShieldsStart" and "ShieldsMax" (eventually "ShieldsRegenRate"). Shield armor is optional.


    - Weapon : 3 things.

    A) You must set a weapon to the unit. Optionally, the weapon is linked to a turret.

    B) You must create an "Attack" Actor. Look for example the "Marine Attack" Actor, it's a simple one. Note : Don't forget to change the "Article" at the bottom of the window (You may change the display to table view (Shortcut : CTRL+1)).

    C) You have to give the Ability "Attack" to your unit and add a button to its command card.


    - Weapon - Attack damage and bonus : The effect tree from the root effect executed by the weapon (Weapon tab) must contain exactly 1 Effect of type "Damage".


    - Weapon - Attack speed : Set a value for the field "Period" (works differently than Ability, field "Cost" might lead to confusion here).


    - Weapon - Target type : Set a filter "Target filters" for the weapon. Usually : Require - Air or Ground or neither, Visible ; Exclude - Self, Missile, Stasis, Dead, Hidden, Invulnerable.


    - Weapon - Display effect : Usually the same effect then the field "Effect". You may set directly the "Damage" Effect.



    At this point, you should get a tooltip or something like the attached picture.

    On the picture, you can see that :

    - I started with a Warp Prism.

    - I set to blank the wireframe.

    - I removed the icon for the armor.

    - I removed the icon for the shield.

    - I set to 0 values related to shield.

    - I gave a weapon with details like written above.

    - There are french words.



    Good luck !

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    I tried "subname" things and used "Weapon.*.missed", but it doesn't work. I even tried "missed", "Missed", and whatever comes in my mind.

    so I gave up on "Missed" subname and then add behavior and trigger that works similar.


     I also tried this and that. Nothing worked.



    but I found out that even if you have -100% damage reduced, it will dealt minimum damage to target. D:

    There might be a residual value. Maybe in "Damage" effect, or in the Damage Response of your behavior (there's a "minimum damage", default 0, should not interfere). I'm convinced you can make a nullifier easily with the damage multiplier at 0.



    I guess I have to rebuild every ranged attacks, to deal no damage when you attack the high ground...

    And that only because you want the "Miss" text. That hurts.


    Good luck ! I'm pretty sure that when you will get one working, it will be faster. I already had to do workarounds with weapons, make turrets working properly and launch missiles with offset from precursors. A PAINFUL TRIP for large comfort after. So, worth it !


    Have a nice day !

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    <On Terms="Weapon.PhaseDisruptor.Missed" Target="At Caster" Send="Create MissedText"/>

    Which field did you fill in to get this term ?


    To me, the actor event "Weapon.*.Missed" does not exist. That may explain why your "Text" Actor never creates.

    I can't seem to catch the actor event for any weapon. Even using the term "SubName", it doesn't work.


    I tried multiple things and I only found that Effet of type "Launch Missile" has a sub-name "Missed". There might be a workaround with that but that means to build the weapon in a certain way.


    If I find anything else in the next days, I'll edit the message.


    Have a nice day.

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