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    Open the archive browser (Window -> Console ; Type "browse").

    Search for "stretchline", you will find some models that might be at your convenience.


    As for the ability range (the famous circle), I used to play with a workaround actor with a model as well. A few exists that fits the expected visual.

    And because of the actor events that work similarly to Range actor.


    Have a nice day.

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    If I remember correctly, since the model is a decal (a "painted" texture over another), the terrain cells must not be hidden.

    Else, you may use 3D models and adjust position/rotation with Site Ops or even its scale in actor events.


    Have a nice day.

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    Nice work !


    I think the "When" tag compares the string in the Text attribute as it is than retrieve the value of a reference beforehand.

    Because I already did a label with Text attribute using a reference and worked as expected.


    With the property binding brackets "{" && "}", it retrieves the reference's value.

    <When type="Property" frame="NameLabel" Text="{@Unit/Name/DTRCommandCenter}"/> 


    What a trick to create a dummy frame to stock values. Might be useful.



    About the Alpha, you obliterate the fading animation with :

    <FadeTime val="0"/>
    <Action type="SetProperty" frame="$layer/CommandTooltip" Alpha="255"/>

    But yeah, that's a good workaround if not very concerned about !



    Lastly, I discover the "$layer" frame referencing.

    Does this reference what's on the current XML sheet / layout (which is extremely useful, headache savior to find frames) ?


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    OMG (deserves the highlight) you made me discover we can override UIs, that's so powerful !

    That opens so much more possibilities !


    So I tried and modified the previous XML to hide the tooltip like previously but :

    - It depends on the Unit's name in the info panel (also called unit status) "InfoPanel".

    - New StateGroup for the info panel of the unit (child of the info panel) "InfoPaneUnit".


    Note : However, this inherits an odd behavior, the tooltip shows up when you play around with the mouse.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <Frame type="CommandPanel" name="GameUI/UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer/CommandPanel" file="GameUI">
            <Frame type="CommandTooltip" name="CommandTooltip">
                <FadeTime val="1"/>
                <StateGroup name="TooltipState">
                    <DefaultState val="Visible"/>
                    <State name="Hidden">
                        <Action type="SetProperty" Alpha="0"/>
                    <State name="Visible"/> <!-- Engines makes it fading with Alpha property -->
        <Frame type="InfoPanel" name="GameUI/UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer/InfoPanel" file="GameUI">
            <Frame type="InfoPaneUnit" name="InfoPaneUnit">
                <StateGroup name="NameState">
                    <DefaultState val="UnitNameOff"/>
                    <State name="UnitNameOn">
                        <!-- For unknown reasons, it doesn't make the link to the text reference -->
                        <!--<When type="Property" frame="$this/NameLabel" Text="@Unit/Name/DTRCommandCenter"/>-->
                        <!-- Replace the text value to yours -->
                        <When type="Property" frame="$this/NameLabel" Text="Command Center"/>
                        <!-- Command buttons from 00, 01 ... to 14 -->
                        <When type="Property" frame="$GameUI_CommandPanel/CommandButton00/NormalImage" Texture="Assets\Textures\btn-blank.dds"/>
                        <When type="Property" frame="$GameUI_CommandPanel/CommandButton00" Hovering="True"/>
                        <Action type="SetState" frame="$GameUI/$parent/CommandTooltip" group="TooltipState" state="Hidden"/>
                    <State name="UnitNameOff">
                        <Action type="SetState" frame="$GameUI/$parent/CommandTooltip" group="TooltipState" state="Visible"/>



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    I was afraid of "always hidden", so it happens on any selection. That sucks.


    I don't think you can get a better result with the standard UI.


    Kudos to the person who wrote the XML above.


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    Ok, that person added a condition for the existing command panel.


    Is your background on button 14 (row 3, column 5) always hidden or only when you select your thingy ?

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    posted a message on [SOLVED]found a blank button to use for secret achievement but it still shows border on hover.

    Do you mean something like this (See attached picture 1) ?


    I hovered the button on the bottom left of the command card.


    If yes :

    I successfully hooked up the command card's tooltip.

    However, any element of the command card shares the tooltip. That means it's updated according to the button you hover.

    I set the background image of the tooltip to a blank image, it helps to hide without explicitly hiding it.

    See attached picture 2.


    Note : CTRL + ALT + F12 to open the UI debugger in the game.

    I followed the tree structure to hook up the intended element.

    On the picture 2 : The 1st hook shows that the command card's tooltip is not linked directly to the command panel.



    Finally, you must wonder when you change the background image.

    Since the tooltip is shared, there are several ways :

    - When the player hovers / "un-hovers" the button. => Impossible.

    - When the player selects / deselects the building and according to conditions (did all upgrades). => Yes but no, that means there's only 1 button on the command card.

    - All tooltips are modified and you don't care. => Yeah ok (wrong).

    - You change something else about the tooltip. => Inset values are 15 for top, right, bottom, left. Set to 0 does no effect.

    - You change something else about the tooltip. => AnchorFrame has an offset of 15 for bottom and right anchors. Set to 1 does effects, see attached pictures 3 and 4.


    Nevertheless, I did the changes in the UI debugger, to find the culprit (See attached picture 5). We now need to do that in triggers.

    Unfortunately, we can't change anchors.

    This is a dead end.


    Have a nice ... night !

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    posted a message on [SOLVED]found a blank button to use for secret achievement but it still shows border on hover.

    Oh. You meant the tooltip, not the button itself.


    I tried with empty text for the tooltip, it doesn't show up. See attached pictures.


    If it doesn't help, detail how you create your button, please.

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    A unit can wear an inventory bag and any item is considered as "carried" by the unit.

    You may "equip" this item to the unit in a specific slot, depending on the class like "sword", "bow" ... that you decide the function.


    Look for the field "Carry Behavior Array +" in Item tab.

    Add a Behavior to execute Effects while the item is carried by the unit.


    You have some examples in tabs :

    - Game data > Ability : Test Inventory

    - Game data > Item : Healing Potion TEST [Target, Instant]

    - Advanced Game data > Item Container : WoW Character ... .

    - Advanced Game data > Item Class : Bag, Potion, Sword ... .


    Have a nice day !

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    The texture of the button is in fact a two panels top/bottom which represents the idle (top) and hover (bottom) states. See attached picture 1.


    That's not all. The image type rules how the texture is applied to the dialog item, here the button.

    - Border : Slices in 4 x 8 squares (= 32). See attached picture 2.

    - End Cap : Extends the texture from the middle. See attached picture 3.

    - Horizontal Border : Slices in 10 squares, but horizontally. See attached picture 4.

    - Nine Slice : Slices in 9 squares.

    - Normal : Applies the texture as it is, with box scaling.

    - None : No image.


    You can identify slices as 4 corners, 4 borders, 1 filler. Remember, if you create your image, that a square has a location and cannot be swapped because it is how the game manages the texture.


    And surprise ! For a button, you use "Normal" image type, but your image is a two panels.


    Have a nice day.

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