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    posted a message on Changing console skin by trigger



    I don't know where you found that action.

    However, the suffix name of a console skin is different from its proper name in the shop.

    For example the "Arcade Cabinet" skin is called "ArcadePurple" in UI, or the "Galactic" skin is called "XelNaga" in UI.


    I found some IDs in the UI Editor, look for file "ConsoleSkin" or "ConsolePanel". And be sure to read and not stop to the name file (which does not reflect the correct ID).


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on How to use effect to modify a global counter



    It is a false friend. The "User Data" Effect is unrelated to "User Type" Data.


    Here to read more : https://sc2mapster.fandom.com/wiki/Data/Effects/UserData


    Have a nice day !

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    posted a message on Need help in mod that will could be used on every map



    For that purpose, create a module (which is slightly different than a mod).


    The rest is up to you, learn here and there. The forum has many threads you can search.


    If I have a tip for a basic understanding, learn from what Blizzard made.

    And understand the links between components (how and why they're linked, rarely hidden).


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Roads transformation problem



    After you placed some roads, keep staying on this edit mode i.e. "Add road". Then click on "Tools > Selection tool" or press "Space".

    You will see some green dots on the ground.


    In fact, to see them, you must click on the road brush while editing the terrain.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Attack Sound Problem



    You may have an Actor of type "Action".

    From there, find the field "Launch Assets +" and add your sound.


    If not, create a "Sound" Actor and add actor events "Weapon", "Behavior", "Ability" ...... according to your damage source type. And as action "Create".


    Of course, you must create a new sound (or use existing one) in "Sound" tab to link it to the actor.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Flying/Landed buildings and Ignore Terrain Height



    I'm not sure to bring any help but here my observations.


    I know that when you use Morph or Morph Placement, it does the difference in height between the target and the source units (Ex : Lift Off : 3.25 - 0 = +3.25 ; Land : 0 - 3.25 = -3.25). Then it modifies the unit, applying the addition to its height.

    As far as I know, you can't get the cliff level (thus, the actual height), so you must find a workaround.


    I tried to get ride of this calculation to make it manually in actor events :

    A) Get ride of the "FlyerHelper" in Actor Events of the unit : Because the "Morph" Ability is supposed to change the Unit Type (like AddOns or Siege Tank) and is all, not to change the height unit. You won't find any clue if you search in "Morph" Ability fields.


    B) As the last resort : Because it's still possible to mimic the "Morph" Ability with Effects (Modify Unit) ... only with height GE 0 (>= 0).

    > "Effect - Instant" Ability => "Set" Effect {"Modify Unit" Effect ; "Give Order" Effect}

    > "Give Order" Effect => "Morph" Ability


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on How do you disable Trigger Errors?



    Map > Map Properties > Options tab > Hide errors for test documents


    But I highly recommend to fix your bugs instead !!


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Noob Camera Question



    See attached picture.


    Set the "field depth" to "Legacy" as default value.


    Else, I don't know. Never encountered locked options in camera windows.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Can terrain be loaded?



    Make a save backup of your files and try File > Merge files.

    Pay attention to order !


    If you can't get the expected result, then, change the tileset (Map > Map textures) and then do copy / paste (open both maps and switch between them with Window tab). Use the "Selection tool" (Tools > Selection mode) to select terrain squares.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Unit stand Amnie while move



    Look for your "Unit" Actor then look for the field "baseline" (see attached picture 1).


    When the unit moves, the engine changes its baseline from "Stand" to "Walk" and reversely.

    As you may have seen in the Cutscene Editor, the Starport model has animations lying on properties as follow :

    - Stand

    - Stand Work Start

    - Stand Work

    - Stand Work End

    - Fly Walk

    - Fly Start

    - Fly Stand

    - Fly End

    - Some more about Build voluntarily omitted


    In Actor events, you may know that the animation group property "Fly" is applied when the unit lifts off and is removed when the unit lands.

    Properties "Start" and "End" are used when an animation bracket is applied/removed.

    The "Work" property is set from  the macro "BuildAnim".

    But except event 38 (see attached picture 2), there's nothing about "Stand" and "Walk" properties.


    The reason is simple, they are "resource-driven" with what engine calls "baseline" animations.


    If you replace "Walk" to "Stand" and make your Starport move, it will apply "Fly Stand" instead of "Fly Walk" animation properties.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Removing A Dependency



    This is a very difficult issue to probe and to resolve.

    What I can say is your objects use a link (or more) to the deprecated mod. That means to redo the fusion more carefully or to review each object, one by one (use raw data view CTRL+D to see links without opening heavy windows).


    But first of all, why do you want to merge them ? Is it really necessary ? Is it because they are heavy ? Or conflicts appeared between them (which happens when using same IDs --- that's why you prefix ou suffix them) ?

    2 mods can work together as 2 sources for your new map.


    Anyway, how did you do the merge ? Manually or with File > Merge files (hotkey "M") ?


    Have a nice day ?

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    posted a message on cant pick up item inside of a hole



    Maybe the item is out of range when inside the hole or the path (or trajectory) blocks the unit before it reaches the item.


    -8 is not the lowest. It's the lowest height for the lowest "cliff" height, a terrain system.

    However Units can't go below 0 (gameplay limitation with the game grid). You can emulate the fact it's below 0 with Site Operations (Actors) but bla bla bla, the unit height is at 0 in the end.


    When an Actor is below the grid, it might be difficult to select it, so it might be difficult to select the Unit. Some Actor aliases can help :

    - "_EditorHelper" adds a pin to make easy the selection when the actor is partly / totally below 0 or covered with a bigger Actor. Works only in Editor.

    - "_Selectable" allows touch tests from the click of your mouse and any object on the straight line. Careful, this one is used with the standard game. Works in Editor and in-game.


    You may resolve this issue with a bigger radius for your item, to stick out the cliff borders.


    I don't have more ideas at the moment.


    Have a nice day !

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    posted a message on Need help creating a Dialog Item button for a progressing upgrade



    It is indeed a UI request. Can repost your image or link to SC2Mapster forum if it's somewhere around, please ?



    In the meantime (see attached picture 1), I put a link at the end for an archive with 3 XML files.

    Open the UI Editor and create 4 layouts :

    - MyMainUI

    - MyMainUITemplates

    - MyOverrideLayout

    - MyOverrideUpperContainer :

    MyOverrideUpperContainer will anchor the new main frame to the GameUI frame :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <Frame type="Frame" name="GameUI/UIContainer/FullscreenUpperContainer" file="GameUI">
            <Frame type="Frame" name="MyMainUI" template="MyMainUI/MyMainUI">
                <Handle val="MyMainUI"/> <!-- This handle allows us to use "$MyMainUI" reference -->

    If you change names, change them inside too.


    Bravo, this is your template (see attached picture 1) !


    READ FILES ! I inserted some comments to understand what the text does.


    To go further :
    - UI Introduction : https://sc2mapster.github.io/ui/2018/02/07/basic-introduction-to-layouts.html

    - UI Editor documentation : https://sc2mapster.fandom.com/wiki/UI_Editor

    - State Groups : https://sc2mapster.fandom.com/wiki/UI/State_Groups

    (And more about frames, referencing, properties, animations etc)




    To make it easy to use, we will hook up the button in triggers.

    - Create a "Dialog Item" variable.

    - Create a trigger or action definition to hook up the button (see attached picture 2).

    - Create a trigger to catch the event, when a user clicks on a dialog item. (see attached picture 3). This is a sample, do your things here.


    And at this point, you linked the new UI with triggers. You must understand that UI frames are in general templates meant to be specified afterwards. This can be done in many ways, inside the UI Editor or the Trigger Editor.


    That means the button can be duplicated, moved and used for different actions, according to your wish.

    Archive :



    Have a nice day !

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    posted a message on Unit bar is too low



    I suppose you made something wrong.


    Let's take the Barracks as example.


    > What you must know :

    - A Unit is a sheet of gameplay info, unrelated to what you try to do.

    - A Unit has to be linked to exactly 1 Actor of type "Unit".

    - That "Unit" Actor links 3 models :

        * Model (Build Model uses the same model),

        * Death model (used in field "Death Array +" or "Death Customs +"),

        * Placement model.


    > What you may know :

    - The building model is a different Actor (of type "Model"). Ex : BarracksBuild (see attached picture 1 : highlighted yellow text)

    - Attached picture 1 : Block [A] : Events related to "flying" variation of the Barracks (which uses the same "Unit" Actor)

    - Attached picture 1 : Block [B] : Events related to "Morph" Ability when the Barracks lifts off.

    - Attached picture 1 : Block [C] : Events related to "Morph" Ability when the Barracks lands.

    - Attached picture 1 : Block [D] : Extra events to do when the Barracks lands. It will destroy foliage and create its splat (see "Splat" Actor).

    > How I usually do :

    - Duplication of the Barracks (CTRL + U) : Select the Unit, the "Unit" Actor and all 3 models described above.

    - Look for the "Model" Actor responsible to the build process called "BarracksBuild".

    - Duplication of the Actor "BarracksBuild" + the Model "BarracksBuild" (yes, it's the same ID).

    - Replace or correct Events in the "Unit" Actor : "BarracksBuild" -> "MyBarracksBuild".


    Bravo, you successfully duplicated your building !


    > To go further :

    - You can see that "BarracksBuild" creates a "Progress" Actor named "Terran Construction Attached".

    - The Actor "Terran Construction Attached" is responsible to the animation of the Model (not the Actor) "BarracksBuild".

    - The stages are managed by the Ability which call a "Build" order (thus, "Build" Abilities).

    - Pay attention to animations names (also called animation properties). The construction model uses the property "Birth" whereas the building model uses the property "Build". That's why you can see in Stages the property "Birth" which means it controls the construction model and the property "Build" in events which means it controls the building model.

    - Mystery to me : I don't know how the game controls the building model animation and when you copy as I do, it never transfers the animation properties from the construction model to the building model. So, I do something like attached picture 2 (change the source name to yours).

    - Careful to aliases "_TerranBuildModel" and "_TerranBuildModelSmall" !

    - Sounds are detached to their own "Sound" Actors called "Terran Construction Sound".


    If you still get issues because you want to customize, write here !


    Have a nice day !

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    posted a message on Need help getting a Behavior to add an Ability to a unit

    Please create a new thread since the object is unrelated.

    And detail your issue there.

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