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    posted a message on is "missed" sub name possible to use?


    I tried "subname" things and used "Weapon.*.missed", but it doesn't work. I even tried "missed", "Missed", and whatever comes in my mind.

    so I gave up on "Missed" subname and then add behavior and trigger that works similar.


     I also tried this and that. Nothing worked.



    but I found out that even if you have -100% damage reduced, it will dealt minimum damage to target. D:

    There might be a residual value. Maybe in "Damage" effect, or in the Damage Response of your behavior (there's a "minimum damage", default 0, should not interfere). I'm convinced you can make a nullifier easily with the damage multiplier at 0.



    I guess I have to rebuild every ranged attacks, to deal no damage when you attack the high ground...

    And that only because you want the "Miss" text. That hurts.


    Good luck ! I'm pretty sure that when you will get one working, it will be faster. I already had to do workarounds with weapons, make turrets working properly and launch missiles with offset from precursors. A PAINFUL TRIP for large comfort after. So, worth it !


    Have a nice day !

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    posted a message on is "missed" sub name possible to use?


    <On Terms="Weapon.PhaseDisruptor.Missed" Target="At Caster" Send="Create MissedText"/>

    Which field did you fill in to get this term ?


    To me, the actor event "Weapon.*.Missed" does not exist. That may explain why your "Text" Actor never creates.

    I can't seem to catch the actor event for any weapon. Even using the term "SubName", it doesn't work.


    I tried multiple things and I only found that Effet of type "Launch Missile" has a sub-name "Missed". There might be a workaround with that but that means to build the weapon in a certain way.


    If I find anything else in the next days, I'll edit the message.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Prime Hunter 2.0



    In 2016, we published the game mode "PRIME HUNTER", a Shoot Them All game type, and 6 years later we are back with the version 2.0 !

    Here is the topic created for the first publishing : https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/project-workplace/182192-prime-hunter


    We worked during 3 years to elaborate, optimize, create and test at this precise moment 3 whole levels, 2 spaceships, a complete Arsenal, some new options and more !




    Authors :

    - Phosphatidylinositol

    - Ecko

    Category : Other

    Genre : Shoot Them Up

    Players : 1 or 2 players




    WHAT'S NEW ?


    > New ship : Vulture

    Unlocked on level 3 completion in Classic game mode.


    With its own armaments and upgrades, the Vulture can control up to 4 Auto-Drones. These will highly boost your strength but you can order their Last Maintenance (Special Weapon) to sacrifice one of them. That special weapon destroys all missiles and does great damages to enemy units. As a complementary ability, the Vulture protects itself from enemy projectiles.


    > New levels : 2 and 3 !

    Face dangerous Zergs and ferocious Protoss in 2 new environments and 2 new play styles !





    > Play with the mouse !

    Beware of the new Keyboard key to activate/deactivate the mouse usage.

    Of course, you can change keys for the mouse too.

    Important Note : Unfortunately, constrained by the SC2 Editor, you can only map the 2 left side buttons of your mouse.



    > New upgrades in the Arsenal for the Griffin and the Vulture !

    Discover and pay lots to enhance your power.


    > New section in Arsenal : Codex

    You can now discover enemy units, bosses, parallaxes and items information.

    Visit and observe what they look like !




    Feel free to say "hello" or to send a feedback here or on Facebook  :



    Thank you for playing and we are eager to read your feedbacks and your comments !

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    posted a message on XML text problem



    Unfortunately, styles supplant other markers like color, because a style may have a color marker inside of itself.

    And in the UI Editor, you can't write those markers for your text.



    - You can combine with the Text Editor !

    - Define a new text which will deliver you a custom identifier (Begins with "DOCSTR_").

    - Make the reference to your text Id in the UI Editor for your text value, with "@". Ex : <Text val="@DOCSTR_LABEL_TEST"/>


    In the Text Editor, you can customize your text as you want.


    That's all.


    Have a nice day !


    EDIT :

    For more information :
    > Introduction to UI Editor - https://sc2mapster.github.io/ui/2018/02/07/basic-introduction-to-layouts.html

    > SC2Mapster Wiki, UI Editor documentation - https://sc2mapster.fandom.com/wiki/UI_Editor

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    posted a message on Minimap Help





    If you look in the UI Editor then look for "MinimapPanel" > "MinimapPanelTemplate", there's an item dialog called "Minimap". That should be the frame you want to play with.

    I see 3 elements :

    - Type : "Minimap" ; Name : "Minimap"

    - Type : "Model" ; Name : "PingFrame"

    - Type : "MinimapCameraViewFrustumFrame" ; Name : "MinimapCameraViewFrustumFrame"


    If you hook it, you might be able to change some things.


    I never tested it but you may get a result.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on How to hide upgrades in the observer upgrade tab?



    Sorry, I can't help you.

    I don't see any field or UI settings in data to exclude them.


    Even if we suppose we can modify the Standard behavior of the Standard UI, we would mean to change the native code related to Observer player type.


    Try to change "ScoreCount" and "ScoreValue". Maybe the UI tracks only some types. I doubt it works but well, we never know.


    Otherwise, you should give up that idea.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Attack waves on extension mods not maps



    Unfortunately, you can't do that because it forces you to use a pre-placed point.


    However, you can copy/paste a personality. Look if doing this between your maps (open multiple maps and change map in Window on the tool bar) also duplicate your attack waves. If necessary, do a special copy.


    That should do the trick.


    EDIT :

    Try to link to custom triggers, to define points in it for your references.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Permanently mind control a unit and apply your own research/upgrades to them



    That's unfortunately more complicated than it should be.

    We all would like a field in upgrades that allows transfer.


    Make sure the upgrade includes the expected unit to affect.

    Two possible solutions to test.




    What you can try is to create an Effect of type "Modify Player" :

    - Set upgrades you want to change.

    - Set the value "-1" to decrease the level and the value "1" to increase. The value "0" has no effect.

    - Set the correct value to the field "Player".


    Note : An upgrade is considered "Researched" when its level is strictly greater than 0. Cannot be strictly lesser than 0.


    So when your Marine is transferred and become an Infested Marine, you execute that effect above that decrease the level then you execute an opposite effect that increase the level.


    Advanced tips :

    - Must be executed if the upgrade has been researched : Use a Validator of type "Player Requirement" to do that.

    - Must be precise and specific to the transferred unit (thus, specific upgrades). Don't create a generic effect that check all upgrades, that's pointless.

    - Same process for upgrades with levels. So one effect for each level.

    - The execution order is important !




    That will basically be the same idea than above.


    EVENTS :

    - Use a trigger with an event that catches Owner Changes.



    - Validate the triggering unit type.



    - If the upgrade is researched then set to 0 then set to 1 for the owner the triggering unit.



    That should be all.

    Reminder : Trigger solutions MUST BE integrated when you have depleted all Data solutions.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Slow unit when hit



    I'll try to make easy for you.


    Use case : When a Unit attacks and successfully damage its target, the targeted Unit slows down.

    Existing example : The Terran Marauder attack when upgraded with "Punisher Grenades".


    I won't explain the example but I will detail how I usually do that.


    To achieve this, we need 2 behaviors and 1 effect :

    - A Behavior of type "Bonus" (called [1]) which will reduce the Unit's movement speed.

    - A Behavior of type "Bonus" (called [2]) which will apply [1].

    - An Effect of type "Apply Behavior" (called [3]) which will apply [1].


    [1] : Change the field "Modification", then select "Movement" tab and set values to :

    - "MoveSpeedMultiplier" (Ex : 0.5 will reduce half the Unit m.speed).

    - "Duration". The Behavior must expire because you may need to apply it again. Ex : The unit slows down for 2 seconds.


    [2] : Change the field "Damage Response", then select "Combat" tab and set values to :

    - "Chance" from "0" to "1". The response HAS TO BE executed.

    - "Handled" with the applied effect [3].

    - "Duration". The Behavior must expire because you may need to apply it again. Ex : "0.00" to never expire, this unit is always sensitive to attacks.


    Last thing to do is to add the Behavior [2] to units sensitive to the slow attack.


    What will happen ?

    To be honest, any unit owning behavior [2] will be slowed from any effect, thus from any attack dealing effect of type "Damage", and that might be not the expected work. That feels not correct.


    You have understood how works "Damage Response". That may open some possibilities to you.

    We know that the slow effect is functional thank to that.


    You may need (and that is the general case) to only deal the slow effect from that specific attack.

    The effect [3] must be added to your Effect of type "Set" [4] if already existing in your attack schema (might be a Weapon, might be an Ability).

    - If [4] does not exist, create one.

    - Replace the effect from your attack schema with [4].

    - Add [3] to [4].


    Optional : You can delete [2].


    That's all. That attack always slow damaged units.


    Advanced tip :

    - Use validators to filter units.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on How to make Structures "Produce" Terrazine?



    Except you have non standard resources, managed with an integer variable in triggers, I don't recommend you to use triggers.


    The perfect example is the Terran Automatic Refinery. It owns 2 distinctive behaviors :

    - A "Resource" Behavior to set the quantity of resources it holds. This behavior has fields for a harvester (if we stay standard ;) ).

    - A "Bonus" Behavior which periodically executes an "Modify Unit" Effect. This effect subtracts resources (negative value) to the Unit holding a "Resource" Behavior.


    And that's all.


    If you really want to play with triggers :

    - Non standard resources : You need to allocate variables for your players.

    - Standard resources : Make sure to show the resource. In Data Editor, open tab "Races" and change "Show Resources" value. For example, add "Terrazine".


    Then, execute periodically your function (Function name : "Modify Player Property") to add resources to your Player Group.


    Of course, for your goal, you must count player's buildings. I presume you can do that.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Partially Textured Assets



    Unfortunately, I can't help you. I never encountered that issue.


    When you say "imported assets", you are not talking about all Blizzard stuffs, I suppose ?


    Those assets are from the Internet, built by someone else ?

    Do these assets work for someone else ?


    When you import in StarCraft II, there's nothing more to do.

    It might be a problem from the asset itself (if not working for anyone, can be export settings, textures/materials not found etc etc) or from the quality in graphics of your game, your editor or your setup.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Air units and flying in a single direction

    While the unit is attacking / bombarding, and so is moving, you can prevent the ability "Move" (duplicate it if necessary) to be executed, by disabling it with a behavior and a prerequisite, for example.


    What you want is :

    - The attacking unit finds a target.

    - The attacking unit moves during the attack.

    - The attacking unit cannot accept any other order during the attack.


    And then, what happens after the attack ?

    I suppose it needs to continue its path. You must have a default destination when the aircraft depleted its ammo.

    For instance, in the game Command & Conquer, an aircraft returns to its assigned airpad or airfield.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how the "assigned" thingy could be done in StarCraft II. You can search a building on the map and all but which building the unit is attached to ... I don't know.


    Another thing :

    If you want to simply make your unit turn around in the air, you have to set for a "Unit" :

    - A small value to "Turning Rate" (Ex : 72.0)

    - A small value to "Acceleration" (Ex : 100.0)

    - A small value to "Deceleration" (Ex : 50.0)

    - Create a permanent or no expiration behavior which orders the unit to move to the next presumed 90 degrees arc (generally to the right).

    - The effect "Give Order" must have a validator which checks the orders' count of the unit.

    - The validator only uses an ability link, so you must change your weapon to an auto-ability (same effect).


    That's a lot of work if you still are discovering the editor but that's only training then.


    Good luck, stay determined.


    Have a nice day.


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    posted a message on External Carrier units Load/Unload

    The difference with invisibility (or cloaked, buried ...) is that any object cannot interact with a hidden unit. And conversely.


    The only way to target them is to explicitly set in a target filter for "Hidden" the value "Required".


    The hidden unit is not able to use any of its abilities, weapons ... . Behaviors, timers ... are frozen.


    Have a nice day.

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    posted a message on Hero Abilities



    You should have a Behavior of type "Veterancy" which controls each level what to modify for the unit. And you can copy / paste a row in the array. You can activate / deactivate abilities from the "Ability" tab.


    Look for examples that Blizzard integrated :

    - Behavior : Veterancy > Veterancy test

    - Ability : Learn > Test Learn

    - Ability : Effect - Target > Test Leveled Spell

    - Unit : Campaign > Neutral > Unit > Test Hero


    You can replicate a hero like in WarCraft III with learnable spells.


    The only thing to know is that in StarCraft II, a level 0 spell is "learnt". You need to add a prerequisite to lock it. What you can do is to set on the same slot on the command card a Behavior and an Ability and play with 2 prerequisites (Section "Show" is used to show / hide the button, section "Use" is used to grey the button).



    Have a nice day.

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