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    posted a message on Creating a Mobile-Arena esque thing from Evolve.

    So I'm working on a little project which basically is Evolve remade into SC2.

    In Evolve the main way of fighting revolves around a Mobile Arena the tracker can throw down to lock in the Monster in an area, taking away the option to flee.

    Would this be possible to recreate within the SC2 Editor and if so; how? I'm not really that adept with the Editor; I do have a couple years under my belt but nowhere near the caliber of some of the greater map makers.

    A mobile arena deployed in Evolve.

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    posted a message on Unsure if this is an error - Commander actions.

    In reply to Forge_User_04585675:

     Ah that's a shame. Was thinking of making a Commander vs Commander type deal.
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    posted a message on Unsure if this is an error - Commander actions.

    I'm getting an error telling me I do not have authorization whenever using the following actions;
    -Set Player Commander
    -Set Player Commander Level

    -Set Player Commander Mastery Level

    Is this just Blizzard not letting us use the Co-Op commanders in our own maps, Or did I do something wrong?

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    posted a message on The proper way to use War3 Mod (GA) in you map

    @Renee2islga: Go

    Renee! Everytime I try to create a map with the dependencies, When I press ''Next'' after choosing all the dependencies (WarCraft.SC2Mod, WarCraftMeleeAI.SC2Mod, WarCraftData.SC2Mod, WarCraftDataAbil.SC2Mod, WarCraftTerrainArt.SC2Mod) literally nothing happens. The cursor becomes the circly loading thingy for maybe half a second before turning back into the normal cursor, But besides that nothing happens.


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    posted a message on Halo Covenant units.

    Soooo... I got this request from my friend to make an unofficial ''Halo'' extension mod, so I started to work on the Covenant (Protoss) race... And one of the main troops you face in the games are the Elites, Grunts, Hunters and Jackals. But theres NO unit model in the entire flippin game that come close to even ressembling Grunts, Hunters and Jackals. The Elites are the Zealots but in the game they're wielding weapons, like Plasma Rifles but theres no model for Zealots where they're using something thats not Psi Blades...

    So i'd like someone to make models for Grunts, Hunters, Jackals and possibly Elites with weapons. They don't have to look great, They just need to lowkey look like them. Jackals could for ex be Zealots with the gun of a Ghost with a Karak head... And Grunts could be... Ehm... idek.

    Thank you in advance if you do end up doing these crazy requests :D

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    posted a message on Just a quickie!


    Ehm how do I make my old map a mod?

    ''make you're old map a mod''

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    posted a message on Just a quickie!

    Just a quick question, Is there anyway to carry over data from an arcade map? Like maybe i want to make a sequel to a small mini campaign I made and I want to have the same hero and units in it. Do i have to totally recreate them or is there any way I can like carry over the data? Like maybe trick the editor to think the arcade map is an Dependency mod?

    Just wanted to know for future stuff ;D

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    posted a message on The proper way to use War3 Mod (GA) in you map
    Quote from TheMechE: Go


    I had some trouble with this as well, so I followed these steps for windows 10:

    1. Open the editor

    2. Click the open folder icon near the top left to open a map/mod

    3. Click the battle.net tab on the window that pops up and log in using your credentials

    4. For source, select Map/Mod Name

    5. Type War3

    6. Download War3 (GA), War3AI (GA), War3 Data (GA), War3 Extra (GA), and War3 Terrain (GA). NOTE: TO SAVE THESE, YOU WILL HAVE TO OPEN THEM AND THEN CLICK SAVE AS AND YOU WILL NEED TO USE SPECIFIC FILE NAMES. File names are given below for convenience as well as in Renee's initial post:

    War3 (GA) -> WarCraft.SC2Mod

    War3AI -> WarCraftMeleeAI.SC2Mod

    War3 Data (GA) -> WarCraftData.SC2Mod

    War3 Extra (GA) -> WarCraftDataAbil.SC2Mod

    War3 Terrain (GA) -> WarCraftTerrainArt.SC2Mod

    7. You will likely get an error message after you open up "War3 Data (GA)" (maybe War3AI (GA) as well) telling you it can't find the dependencies. THAT'S OKAY, continue saving them, ignore the errors that pop up. The default location to save them is probably Documents\Starcraft II\Mods. We will be moving these files to a different location later because the editor is stupid and needs them somewhere else. I will get to that in the next step.

    8. Go to Program Files (x86)\Starcraft II

    9. Create a folder called "Mods" there. Why doesn't this folder already exist you may ask? Because Blizzard sucks and likes to watch you suffer using their crappy editor. Deal with it.

    10. Create a folder called "WarCraft" inside the folder called "Mods"

    11. Copy and paste all your saved mods from before into that "WarCraft" folder.

    12: Create a map by pressing the new map button at the top left of the War3 editor window

    13: Select arcade map

    14: Select custom on choose dependencies, then modify

    15: Select add other

    16: Select local files tab

    17. Select the War3 mods you saved earlier. You don't need all of them as shown in Renee's initial post depending on what you want to do, but you can add all of them just in case if you want.

    Congrats! Have fun

    Ehm I followed all of the steps, but when I click ''Next'' after adding all the dependencies nothing happens. Literally nothing. If I try to use the Standard dependencies it works as normal. Any help?

    Im on EU, and I JUST downloaded it so it can't be out of date. I hope you guys can help me out. I really enjoyed WC3 back in the day ;-;

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    posted a message on How do I make an ammo system?

    I'm currently just !@#$ing around in the SC2 Editor as I usually do, making ultralisks that spit banelings you know... The usual. But I'm just wondering.

    What would I have to do to make for example: A marine that has 50 max ammo and the only way to recover ammo is through pickups on the map?

    I made an ammo system related to energy (Each energy = one ammo, and each attack costed 1 energy) but that kinda messed with the gameplay since the units abilities we're casted with energy.

    Anyone smart enough to crack this kinda-simple-but-really-not problem?

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    posted a message on I need halp!

    Ive been working on a certain map for a while now but last night when i tried to load it up it says ''An unexpected fatal error occured'' and i dont know how to fix it! PLEASE HELP! *CRIES IN A CORNER*

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    posted a message on Halp!

    I want to make an extension mod and im using the melee dependency but i want to add the campaign dependency without changing stuff for ex, if i were to add the campaign dependency the larvae would be given a Morph to Abberation but i dont want that. I just want the dependency to ehr... (Now when im writing this im noticing im noot good at writing... or whatever). The reason why i want the campaign dependency is just for the unit models so if anyone got a solution or way to add just the models plez reply!

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