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    Check my tutorial

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    You can try my old tutorial video, don't know, but may be it still works.

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    Quote from FunkyUserName: Go


    about your poll, i think sc2 editor is best, you can basically do everything that is in the scope of an rts. the competetion is more on the frontend for the user, and yes popularity systems suck.

    I agreed. In current stage sc2 arcade has insane barrier to entry. Front page is occupied by 3-5 years old maps. There is zero motivation and sense to create new maps now. This is sad, but sc2 arcade 5 years ago and sc2 now it's 2 different games.

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    Quote from Mocherad: Go

    In fact, promote your mod is very difficult, custom games system has a monopoly, especially from the Chinese side (there are the biggest team of dota 2 developers from CHN more then 10 peoples named Avalon Studio) they have very big support from asia, every created mod from them after 1 day in top 10 maps). Get ready for the audience of Dota 2, they can play in bad created mods with no logic, and then can hate realy cool mods created for 1 year. Also, for several years formed a strong community of english speaking moders, they support each other too.

    The main thing you need to know is that all the basic features limited so long to create something other then dota (new shop, more then 6 spells on basic UI, more then 6 items, custom hero with3d modeletc. )

    F*uck chinese. I also noticed this. Dota 2 has the same problem as Starcraft 2 with popular maps on front page. Popularity should be reseted every day.

    P.S. added poll to thread.

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    Any progress on it? Do you have any simple wizards which we can use?

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    So, my old maps due to some reason are broken, seems because i edited them with MPQ Editor back in time. Can't import images and can't publish map(infinite publishing time). To fix it create empty map with the same dependencies and merge it with your old map with "Merge files..." tools. I have not found any bugs and my map is fine after that. Images can be imported and published it with first attempt. Please post any feedback about this solution. There can be some niceties and unknown behavior because i did it a first time.

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    We don't need Warcraft 4. They will make Warcraft 3 HD. It's the best case, WC3 still a popular game and HD remake with improved models and multiplayer will be outstanding decision from Blizzard.

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    Quote from Kloupz: Go

    @abvdzh: Go Yes the reverse engineering needed is the big problem of this editor. I really regret that Blizzard doesn't work more on the editor. It is why I think that paid maps would have been fine (for the authors of course, but for the evolution of the editor too). But people have chosen the other way.

    I feels rage and injustice when streamer on twitch gets huge donations for several hours and it's "normal". But when developer spending hundreds(thousands) of hours on developing sc2maps and puts small label about donations players criticized him at reviews. This is really stupid and does not make any chance. Even more stupidely when streamers gets more money from playing your maps(games) then you, LOL. I don't call for paid maps, but for promoting devs and donation widgets in game, may be some system inside the game such as https://www.patreon.com/ when you can make goals and how much time and money you need to implement feature in your map. There are tons of ways to make donation system, but Blizzard does not care...

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    Quote from Chris97Ong: Go


    Manually issue order to bunker to rebuild marines.

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    Quote from ArcaneDurandel: Go

    @KorvinGump: Go

    Easy, it's called software development. Might as well ask Microsoft why there is still bugs in Windows, it's only 15 years old. And no, rollbacks are not easier.

    Funny to see such posts, every time when i am raging about Blizzard someone posts such this to protect them.

    Quote from ArcaneDurandel: Go

    @KorvinGump: Go And no, they don't produce such crap regularly

    I am here over 5 years and know every patch of Blizzard since 2010 and beta test of SC2 editor. And you know what? It's still beta. Back in 2010 every patch killed maps with new bugs/features and etc. Every year it becomes better, but to see such this in 2016 it's just insane, it's not 2010 when it's just was a release of the game.

    Quote from ArcaneDurandel: Go

    @KorvinGump: Go if they truly didn't care about the arcade, where did they get the budget for rock the cabinet? For not caring, they spend an awful lot of money on it...

    Are you kidding me? Rock the cabinet with 30k$ budget? Company which earns millions and millions $$$ on WOW and now on Hearthstone gives 30k$? It's the same as 1$(or may be even 1 cent) for me or for you. They does not care about arcade since 2010 and they don't care now.

    Check Unreal Engine 4 grants https://www.unrealengine.com/unrealdevgrants, 5 mln $. THIS IS REAL grants, not just 30k$ per year which feels like dog sop. Just basic example when Epic games gives a grants to devs https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/epic-games-awards-150000-in-unreal-dev-grants

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    Quote from TyaArcade: Go

    Personally, it's destroyed every map I've made in the past 2 years including my RtC entry. They went from popular to dead overnight and I'm getting constant emails to fix a problem which I had nothing to do with.

    Quote from TyaArcade: Go

    The last Blizzard post regarding this indicated that it will take them several weeks to a month to fix. So I thought I'd look into what causes some maps to be affected, but not others. So far I've found very little. Has anyone had any luck?

    If seriously, how it's possible to create such broken patch? It's already over 5 years since release of SC2 and they still produce such crap regularly. It's easier to do a rollback. Ah, wait, Blizzard does not care about Arcade...

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    Quote from DEFILERRULEZ: Go

    It can't even bear a 12 players footman frenzy, lol what a great modding tool for dota 2 Ahahaha XD

    Dota 2 supports up to 20 players in multiplayer(may be even more, can't confirm). And people already created Footman frenzy with 12 players in Dota 2. "Hahahha"

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    Some of advantages and minuses of Dota 2 Workshop Tools vs Starcraft 2 Editor:

    Community Advantages

    • Dota 2 is free for everyone. Starcraft 2 Arcade is free only for players but not for developers, who want to publish a new map.
    • You can mark several persons as developers for your map.
    • You cand add youtube videos to description of map.
    • Users can leave infinite comments on map.
    • Each map has forum, which is tied to your map.
    • Users can subscribe to your map.
    • Users can add your map to favourites.
    • You can see how much players playing in your map currently(sum of all active players in Dota 2)
    • You can see number of subscribers/rating votes.

    Multiplayer Advantages

    • Dota 2 players are on the same server. Starcraft 2 is splitted on EU, AM, SEA, KR/TW.
    • Support up to 20 players in map.(may be even more, can't confirm)
    • Maps can be self hosted(I think you can create server bots as in Warcraft 3) and have dedicated Valve servers(if community votes for it).
    • Lobby can have description. Lobbies can be sorted by any column.
    • Dota 2 has voting for new maps to promote them.
    • Dota 2 has map of day. (don't know what is it, may be highest rated map during day)
    • Can't confirm server related storage for players, if anyone have this information, please post here.

    Engine Advantages

    • You can change privacy of map without republishing it again.
    • You can change basic description/localization of your map without republishing, you can do it even on steam site.
    • Mod can have several maps inside. Official Overthrow have 5 maps, you can choose it when joining a game or creating a new one.
    • Easy access to map description and basic instructions inside a game. (very usefull for noobs)
    • Warcraft 3 units data conversion to Dota 2. https://github.com/MNoya/KVUP
    • Scalable abilities in a few changes.
    • Units/Heroes can dynamically change abilities inside a game.
    • Panorama to create GUI, it's CSS based language and very easy to handle. Below basic examples of GUI.


    • No Editor for scripting and modifing abilities/units. There is Worldsmith which is created by community, but it's in active development. Programming environment is Sublimte with packages. You can check all tools for dota 2 modding here.
    • Bad map protection. All maps can be easily stolen. All maps are saved on your disk Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\570, you can open map archive with GCFScape and extract all scripts/units. You can't open map with terrain, but some guys already written Source 2 Decompiler. Don't know how it works but in any case your map will be stolen on 100%. May be some devs invented scripts protection, but i have not found it.
    • Dota 2 Workshop Tools just 2 years old and in active development. With comparison to Starcraft 2 it's alpha version, but people already created Vampirism, Gem TD, Angel Arena and many others RPG maps.


    Most popular maps in Dota 2 are maps with heroes. There are small amount of Tug of War and Tower Defence maps. Here is the list of the most popular maps in Dota 2.


    Dota 2 Workshop Tools minuses are nothing vs it's advantages. Valve always encourages modding community. Look at epic success of Garry's mod, it's still one of the most popular game on Steam since 2004. It will be the same with Dota 2, believe me. Blizzard failed 7 years ago with IceFrog and Dota brand and it's continues failing more and more each year. When Valve makes things better, Blizzard does not care about players and it's community. Even if it's care, changes are very, very slow... Respect to Gabe Newell.

    Please add more information if you have.

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    @FunkyUserName: Go

    @GlornII: Go

    lol, it was just trolling, if you see pics.

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