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    posted a message on Water System

    One way i found useful was using creep as the shallow water areas.
    There is a way to make creep completely transparent by renaming its default texture.
    I did it on my one map but i cant remember how and i have stopped working on it right now it needs an overhaul.

    Then to allow ports to be built you just specify only built on creep.
    Then make all your ships flying units that follow the water height.
    There is a sightOp you can add that makes anything follow whatever is higher water or ground.
    Make the deep areas a lower cliff level to prevent units from walking into it
    And then add No ground pathing in the lower level

    If no flying units exist in your map then you could outline your shore areas with no fly zone pathing. (I think it exists maybe im wrong or go the burrow root.)

    Just some thoughts!

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    posted a message on ability that gives temporary stat boot (solved)

    Well i know you said you figured it out but maybe i miss understand perhaps this will work.
    If you create a Buff Behavior and go to Modification + go to Unit Vital Max Bonus set Shields to 140
    For the Health Regen i would stack a buff on the unit that equals their Health Regen.
    Assuming your using Veterancy i would add the Buff for every Attribute that increase Regen
    Then on the Buff to double Regen i would add a validator checking if your Shield buff level 3 is on.
    Then when the shield level 3 is on your unit should automatically get the health regen until the shield buff is gone

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    posted a message on How to hide a Mesh when cloaked?


    I have a Model which has many hidden meshes for there clothing i was wondering if anyone knows of a way to only display active meshes when the cloak behavior is added.

    Currently when cloaked all meshes become visible but i would only like the ones currently shown to be visible.

    As far as i know 2 sided must be enabled for the cloak to get added but is there a way to add a alpha mask that hides the mesh from the cloak texture?

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    posted a message on [Help] Hook up ability with dialog button

    The only way for this to be feasible is you must know who you are targeting before issuing the dialog ability command.

    Perhaps you could have the user select the unit and press some key like T for Target
    Then you would need to determine if the target is a unit or point
    then add some visual effect to that unit or point so they know who or where they are targeting.
    and save the location or unit in a global variable.
    To get a target point all you would need to do is store the x and y of the mouse location when the T button is pressed.

    Once the Target is stored in a global variable you could issue an Order targeting unit or point

    This way you would not need to track the mouse movement which causes a considerable amount of lag with 3 or more players.

    Just a possible Workaround

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    posted a message on Adding unit abilities dynamically

    Currently there is no way to give an ability to a unit through triggers
    They must all be added to the unit.
    You can only show or hide abilities like joey101d suggested.

    There is however a limit to how many abilities one unit can have i believe it is 32 i could be wrong
    This includes Morphed Units:
    So if a unit had 16 abilities and morphed into another unit it could have max 16 abilities.
    For a total of 32

    You would then use behaviors to show or hide abilities as needed using Requirements

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    posted a message on Awesome kickstarter

    Hey Every Body,

    I know this is an old post and i know its not kick-starter but its equivalent.
    I found this cool project that i feel people should know about and i think it would be awesome if it became popular.


    Check it out everything seems legit and would change the world.

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    posted a message on Get file directory of a bank

    As it was explained over at stack overflow you can not access a users files on their computer using javascript.

    You could potentially create a small Java App that the user could download and run which finds the file for the user and displays the path to them so they can manually upload it to your website.
    This is the only way i can think of, in your app you would also need to determine their operating system and username.

    you also must remember that some paths are not the same for Windows 7, Windows XP, and OSX
    Windows 7: C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\Starcraft II\Banks\
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\My Documents\StarCraft II\
    OSX: /Users/(your user name)/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/

    So after you determined the operating system and collected the path you would then need the user to manually upload the file.

    With the Java application NOT a java applet you could easily search through there file system and locate the bank.
    However i feel like many people would be suspicious of such programs you would need to make it very transparent.

    Also if you make the Java Application well you can even add functionality for it to push the file found directly to your server assuming that your server allows this functionality.

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    posted a message on Find an inventory item via container and slot

    Okay ill see if this is something similar
    For this way to work you will need to know each specific inventory slot index
    These can be found with just a simple loop outputting the unit/item and slot value.

    Pick Each Unit In Unit Group
    Unit Group: Inventory Items Carried
    Unit: Unit From Unit Group
    Index: 1
    Group: PlayerHero 1-9
    Index 1: Picked Player

    Value: Inventory Item Slot
    Item: Picked Unit

    Unit Group - Pick each unit in (All items carried by (Unit 1 from PlayerHero 1-9[Picked Player])) and do (Actions)
    General - Switch (Actions) depending on (Inventory Slot of (Picked unit))
    General - If (36)
    General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
    (Picked unit) == No Unit
    Do some Jazz

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    posted a message on Queen turns while placing Creep Tumor

    I beleive it would be the range of the creep tumor build ability if you using Wings of Liberty Data?
    In WOL the tumor has a range of 0 when changed to 1 or 2 the queen no longer turned
    In Heart of the Swarm the Queens build ability uses a missile which is probably the culprit

    Not sure if this is exactly what you meant or not

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    posted a message on Team Genesis Recruiting

    I think you are looking for
    Set Height of Timer Window

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    posted a message on Loading up the Van

    I would agree with

    Quote from SoulFilcher: Go

    @Hockleberry: Go If you're using a transport ability you can change the time it takes to load units in the ability data.

    but since your in the trigger section i would add all the civillians to a unit group
    Then loop through the group of units and remove them or whatever you are doing to them
    then add a 1 or 2 second wait action

    Otherwise perhaps try using
    Action: pick each unit in REGION matching conditions
    REGION: convert circle to region on position of UNIT using Radius
    Wait 1.0 seconds

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    posted a message on Item ability shown in command card

    Here is an idea that might help

    First make 3 generic abilities that do nothing
    Then create your buttons in the command card all having one of the 3 abilities
    a generic ability for each command card slot.
    Using validators you can check for a behavior to show hide the ability.
    So when the unit has a sniper it has the sniper equip behavior which shows a sniper button that has generic ability 1.
    Then in a trigger check when unit uses ability
    then order unit to use inventory item targeting unit/point or whatever

    So snipe has Generic ability 1
    If generic ability 1 is effect complete
    Order triggering unit to use item in slot 14 or whatever
    It will be a little tricky but not impossible

    However there may be the issue that people could use the item ability and the command card ability seperately
    you may need to link the cooldowns

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    posted a message on Which data values determine if a unit is spawnable at a given point?

    Well my first test would be to set these Creation Options +
    In the Effect that is:
    Disable Placement Flag Perhaps
    Enable Ignore Cliff Test
    Enable Ignore Blockers

    Not sure if any of these work but i bet one of them does

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    posted a message on Improving performance

    When using the debugger check to see what the average execution time is.
    If the units are made using triggers try using unit groups?
    they appear to be faster but i could be wrong
    What does the Trigger that calls this Action Definition look like perhaps the lag is from there?

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    posted a message on [Model/Map Showcase] Daara's WoW Models

    Since it sounds like the same problem with the showing and hiding,
    was there any specific way you fixed it?

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