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    posted a message on A few problems.

    For your 1st issue, you need to go to ALL of the units' actor and edit : UI: Life Armor Icon. Select the Icon that you want for all of them and there shouldnt be any issue. For the Attacking Icon, its under the units' weapons which says UI: Icon.

    For your 2nd issue, don't change the cast start time. What you need to change is the Ability: Auto Cast Range. I assume that this is what the tutorial meant.

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    posted a message on Help with spawning waves please

    Your current wave number[0] + 1 seems to be wrong.

    What you are doing is add + 1 to the array [0] instead of increasing the array to [1]

    Can you show how did you do this: ''set variable - Variable: Wave Types - Index 1: 3 - Value:Zergling""

    And I suppose you want to do different waves, for that I suggest you use a switch case, it would be a lot easier and neater.

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    posted a message on Hiding button for passive ability

    You need to go to the behavior itself and edit the requirements there under "Show". Not the passive at the command card

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    posted a message on [Solved] Help with Attack FX on Attached models.

    Go to your Generic attack actor for your turret and enable Launch Force Site. I tested it and it works.

    Here are some links that will explain more about this issue.



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    posted a message on [solved] limited number of effects for upgrades?

    ah, didn't know that. Thats pretty cool

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    posted a message on [solved] limited number of effects for upgrades?

    Yea, I encountered this problem as well a while ago.

    What i did was a simple trigger that checks if this upgrade is completed, it will upgrade another upgrade which does the other stuff that you want

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Open Beta
    Quote from BorgDragon: Go

    @Taintedwisp: Go

    If I could, I would ignore it. But, when I go to install, it TELLS ME I do not meet minimum requirements, and then it doesn't even install. It just hangs at 0%. I left it sitting for a bit and came back... like I said, it hangs dead.

    And CanYouRunIt.com IS the same place as SystemRequirementsLab.com/CYRI/

    Specs Windows Vista E5200 Dual Core 2.5Ghz NVidia G210 4 Gig Ram 220+ Gigs free space on HDD

    Attached screenshot of what I get. Even if I click ok, like I said, hangs and does not install.

    EDIT: Ok, so I went to bed, left the installer open... still 0%.

    I am using Vista Home Premium 32bit as well and I have the exact same issue. People on the forums said that either updating to SP2 or go to services.msc and enable the secondary logon will do the trick... both didnt work for me. Guess i'll just wait for a month for the game to be out..

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    posted a message on Need Help with Ability/Effect

    I had to use both data and triggers for this to work, and mine is a time based spawn.

    For Data

    1. You will have to create upgrades for each unit type that you want. For example, if you want a marine and a firebat, you will have to create 2 different upgrades. After that, assign the upgrades to the respective buildings that you want them to have

    For Trigger

    2. Next, go to the trigger editor, since mine is time based, my trigger is triggered by a periodic timer.

    As for the actions, go to Create units with default facing. You should get something like this Create 1 Unit for player 1 at point using default facing

    Change the 1 for the unit to your upgrade that you have created and fill in the rest of the trigger and it should work.

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    posted a message on Modifying caster unit charges via a created unit

    Not Effect - Instant, but Effect - Target.

    Edit: I have found a way to add the charges by modifying the ability to bypass the create unit and just launch the ability from the caster unit itself. Its not exactly what I want, but its better then getting stuck on this.

    I applied the Kills to Caster buff onto the created unit and set the Kill credit of this buff to

    Effect : My created unit effect, Value : Caster... but it didn't work

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    posted a message on Requirement on ability charges

    What I did was for each charge, add a behavior buff count to the unit. So basically your behavior count = charge count. There is a unit compare behavior count in the validators tab, use that to do this

    Edit: I didn't do it for items though, I did it for a channeling ability. Not sure if that is what you are looking for though

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    posted a message on Modifying caster unit charges via a created unit

    Sorry, I am not too sure if I get you, please elaborate on it more. Where do I apply this buff? I do not see it under the create unit section of the brood lords. Maybe my explanation wasn't clear enough. There are 2 different units.

    1. Caster unit ( The initial unit) 2. Created Unit (The unit that the caster unit creates using a create unit effect)

    Under my Create Unit effect, I already have an issue order telling the created unit to use this ability.

    This ability launches a missile and for each hit, 1 charge (Using modify unit) is given to the Caster unit, not the created unit. My problem is giving the 1 charge to the Caster unit. I don't really understand your solution, so it would help if you can break it down a little.

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    posted a message on Q: Weapon Effects not connecting from source to target.

    Under your Wraith's attack actor check that the Art: Missile is linked to your Wraith's laser weapon missile actor and the Launch Attachments Query is set to AMFilterWeaponBottom

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    posted a message on Modifying caster unit charges via a created unit

    Hi, I am stumped at this unit charges problem..

    I have an ability that creates a unit which uses an issue order command that will launch a missile that hits all enemy units in an area.

    After that, the created unit dies and for each enemy unit the created unit hits with the launched missile, 1 spell charge is added to the caster unit.

    Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since the created unit is the one that's casting the spell and the caster unit is the one that is receiving the spell charges, i am not too sure how to go about with this.

    I spent the last 2 hours tweaking the modify unit fields, but it all failed... does anyone knows the fields to put in?

    Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    posted a message on Concept Hero Defence

    Concept Hero Defense is loosely based on war3's Enfo's Hero Defense. However, the only thing that's being taken from EHD is the map design and creep spawn, but even that has been altered.

    Concept Hero Defense is a 5v5 hero defense map. Players will have to choose a hero to defend their lane, while suffering harassment from the other team and vice versa. Players will have to work together in order to bring out the best of their heroes. Teamwork is highly prized and highlighted throughout the game in the form of skills. Players will need to pick different heroes in order to help their teammates to use specific skills. This will be explained below.

    This map is completed and released in Bnet SEA, with patches and additional stuff planned

    Design Philosophy


    The objective is simple, both teams has 100 lives. For every unit that reaches to the player's home base, they lose 1 life. For every hero killed, the team loses 3 lives.


    Currently there are 7 unique heroes avaliable. Heroes don't level up by experience. Rather, each creep killed will give the player minerals and vespene for the players to upgrade their hero through a hero upgrade center.


    Probably the most important part of the game. Skills are are classified into a few different types. With the exception of Character skills, some heroes will share skills from the other types Character - These skills are unique to the hero itself

    Passive - Passive skills

    Damage - Skills that mainly focuses on damage

    Augment - Skills that buff the team or friendly spawns from the other lane

    Parallel - Skills that can be used to debuff and buff at the same time

    Whammy - Skills that are meant to harass the other team

    Misc - Skills with 1 or more of these types grouped together

    Omni - Ultimate skills.

    Out of all these different types of skills, they are also divided into 2 different sub types. MAP skills, which has a range of 500 and normal skills, which has a range of 9 to 12. MAP skills are mainly used for harassing the other team and they cost vespene in addition to energy. Normal skills are used at the player's lane and during PvP.

    Since there is no leveling up in the game, heroes learn skills by the skill window using minerals which is found at the hero's screen. The skill for heroes are made in a way that there are more then 1 way to play a hero. It all depends on what the team needs. Players are given free choice of whichever skills they want to learn, however they need to bear in mind the cost of the skill, which is Energy and Vespene for some.

    Some skills also require "Branding", which only certain heroes has. This requires teamwork from the players to coordinate the skills that they want to take.


    Simple and straightforward. Players buy upgrades from Hero upgrade center which will increase the damage/life of their hero. The upgrades include

    Focus Hero - Increases life, energy, life regen and energy regen

    Focus Offence - Increases damage, attack speed and a small portion of life and energy

    Focus Defence - Increases armor, movement speed and a small portion of life and energy

    Focus Ability Damage - Increases damage from skills

    Focus Ability Cooldown and Duration - Increases duration of skills (if they have duration) and decreases cooldown of skills

    Spawn Stages

    There are 30 stages altogether. To spice things up a little, there are some special rounds so that there are always things to do while waiting for creeps to spawn. The special rounds do combine together.

    Invert Damage Round - Every 3 rounds, damage is swapped. Spawns deal more damage to heavy and armored and less to light and unarmored type

    Resource Round - Every 4 rounds, resources will spawn at predefined points in the map

    Shield Round - Every 5 rounds, units will spawn with shields. Shields regenerate instantly after a set period of time if the unit is not damaged

    Haste Round - Every 6 rounds units will move faster

    Tower Round - Every 7 rounds, towers will spawn at predefined points. Towers give good bounty for its difficulty. Each tower round spawns different towers

    Intermission - Every 10 rounds, after fighting the boss round, it will be Intermission round. The barricades in the middle will open and players can directly PvP each other instead of relying on MAP skills. Players that move over to the other side of the map will earn minerals periodically as long as they stay there.


    Resources are earned by 3 ways. 1. Killing spawns

    2. When the round ends

    3. Picking them up.

    At the end of every round, players will get resources inversely proportional to their performance. There will be a resource pool, the better the player does, the lesser he will get and the difference will be given to the player with lesser kills. This is to not let one player be insanely powerful and the others are just fodder. Remember that each death will cost the team 3 lives.


    This map is already released at BNET SEA, and NA(not latest yet) so please try if you are interested.

    Here's a frap of a replay that I took. I am not sure why the music is missing at the start and I apologize in advance for the lag and lousy graphic settings, my laptop cannot handle anything higher. The video depicts 1 team play, so there is no harassment from the other team, as its hard to get more people when the popularity isn't high.

    I am usually online BNET SEA from 7pm onwards and even sometimes in the afternoon

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/SWleRMBB2D8featureyoutube?fs=1
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    posted a message on This Is Anime Character List

    You may want to check out this game called Jump Ultimate Stars in NDS. It may give you some more inspiration on what you wanna do and skills for the characters

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