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    After a year of hiatus, CHD is back with tons of new stuff and a more straightforward design.

    Concept Hero Defense 2 is a 5v5 hero defense map. Players will have to choose a hero to defend their lane, while suffering harassment from the other team and spawns.

    Concept Hero Defense 2 features 7 heroes with a huge amount of customization for each of them and with different playstyles.


    CHD2 supports both a single team or dual team gameplay. For a single team gameplay, the team has to complete all 30 waves to win the game. For a dual team gameplay, the objective is to get the other team's lives to 0. Also, players will be able to customize the difficulty of the game.


    Currently there are 7 unique heroes available. Heroes don't level up by experience. Rather, each spawn killed will give the player minerals and vespene to upgrade their hero through a hero upgrade center.


    There are many skills in the game. However, skills can be divided into 2 parts. Normal ranged skills and MAP ranged skills. MAP ranged skills are used to harass the opposing team.


    Simple and straightforward. Players buy upgrades from Hero upgrade center which will increase the damage/life of their hero.

    Level Up Hero - There are 3 types, each time powers the hero differently and each hero has its own level up bonus

    Level up Offence - Increase the damage for the hero
    Level up Defence - Increase the armor, ability cooldowns and duration for the hero


    This map is already released at BNET NA and SEA under the name Concept Hero Defence 2, so please check it out!. Below is a video that explains most of the things listed above of the map.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/CuBez0bGOMIfeatureyoutube?fs=1
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    Sorry guys, but I am pulling out from the RP due to new RL commitments coming up and I probably won't have time to do this or even mapping...
    I'll pass control of my character over to Vjetar since he's in charge of the Protoss.

    Have fun with the RP.

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    Quote from Trieva: Go

    Here's a more general bug. If your map is team based, a party joins and the party members are on different teams, the game will start but it seems to disable some triggers.

    So, if a party joined and the host moves them to different teams, it will screw up? Do you have any information on what kind of triggers will be disabled?

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    Above the Atmosphere of Planet Sindiri, within the Asteroid field, Amadeus' bridge

    {"Time is running out, Opheilm. You will need to expedite the Amadeus to Dras Lana. Our other allies are already there, and we do not know when the transfer will take place, if it were to happen before you arrived, it wouldn't be good."} Rassyr said.
    {"I understand Rassyr, the Amadeus will make haste immediately. However, we have an Imperium Flagship that may be pursuing us. If they find out about this clandestine meeting..."} Opheilm replied
    {"This will not do. If the Imperium Flagship shows even slightly on the radar, you are to take them out before heading off to Dras Lana."} Rassyr warned
    {"Yes, Rassyr, that's the intention. As of now, there hasn't been anything suspicious happening yet, but the Amadeus has taken some damage. I request a repair crew at Dras Lana for maintenance of the Amadeus.. That is all I have to report."} Opheilm said.
    {"That will be done. Just get here as fast as possible without any suspicion. Till then."} Rassyr ended the conversation.

    The Amadeus had taken a fair bit of damage on its armor expect for its lower hull, which is damaged substantially due to Asteroids. Other then that, all functions of the Amadeus are still working perfectly. {"Helmsman, Take us directly to Dras Lana at step 7 thrusters. This should give us some room to avoid the Asteroids"}. Opheilm commanded. Statos nodded his head and began powering up the thrusters.
    {"Navigation, check frequently for asteroids about the size of Ax-1 and designate them onto the map, as for the smaller asteroids that are at our course, pass the information to weapons for them to clear it."}
    {"Yes, Praetor"} Doxyila replied. Opheilm put on the Psionic Transmitter and made an announcement to the entire ship.
    {"This is Praetor Opheilm, as of now, we have immediate orders to head towards Dras Lana to rendezvous with Rassyr regarding Erana's transfer. However, moments before we warped out, an Imperium Flagship was sighted on radar pursuing us. The good news is, they are not in sight now. The bad news is, if they happen to be on radar, we are to take them out before heading over to Dras Lana. I require all personnel to be on full alert until we are cleared of this asteroid field. That is all.}

    {"Prelate Erios, I recommend that you slow down the Niflheim. At this rate, hitting into asteroids will be a certainty.'} Arronax cautioned.
    {"I assure you, Prelate Arronax, that I have this under control. Your concern is unnecessary. Do not forget that I am the steward of the Niflheim and I have been commanding ships long before you were at Erana's Order."} Erios replied with a snide voice. Arronax stayed silent, but seethed within. He was irritated by the arrogance of the young Prelate. Arronax was older then him by around a 100 years, but age is no substitute for hierarchy. Arronax was just made Prelate a short while ago whereas Arronax had been a Prelate for a couple of years now. {"As you say, Prelate Erios"} Arronax tried to sound as sarcastic as possible, but it didn't really work.

    The Niflheim was traveling at full thrusters in the direction of the torn pieces of armor from Amadeus and within moments, they had hit the jackpot. The Amadeus showed up at the radar. Erios smiled to himself. {"Crew of the Niflheim, this is your Prelate speaking. We have the Amadeus in sight and is now giving full pursuit to them. All forces are to head back into the Niflheim for resupply and repairs. All personnel are to be on standby until otherwise noted. That is all.'} Erios ended his announcement. {"Hmmm, what are you doing here Arronax? Shouldn't you be at somewhere else?"} Erios questioned sardonically, already knowing the answer.
    {"Somewhere else? Prelate Erios. Where else a Prelate has but the bridge of a ship?"} Arronax replied curtly, not wanting to play this game. {"Prelate Arronax, I heard that you are quite the scout pilot. With you around, I am sure the pilots will feel... safer. After all, wouldn't you know the ship?"} Erios said sarcastically.
    {"What are you inciting Prelate Erios?" I left the Order years ago. They were wrong. My loyalty is only to the Imperium. If you so order, I'll personally lead the assault on Amadeus. I take my leave"} Arronax replied, trying to curb his anger. He went out of the bridge, heading into the hangar.
    {"Don't get yourself killed Prelate. It would be hard to explain to the council."} Erios laughed.

    The Niflheim was moving closer to the Amadeus with every passing second. Erios had no doubt that they were spotted, but he wanted no other way. It wasn't the sense of honor that guided his actions, its the feeling of despair and anxiety that he wanted the crew of Amadeus to feel before destroying them. Undoubtly, he was enjoying every second of this. One thing kept nagging at him - Arronax. The council had recently promoted that cretin from the order to Prelate and assigned him as an observer to the Niflheim. Erios hated Arronax. {"How dare a new elected Prelate give him orders!'}. By the end of this skirmish, Erios was sure Arronax would be dead. Either by the Amadeus, or by his own hand.

    {"Praetor Opheilm! The Niflheim is on our radar. It appears that she is moving at full speed"} Doxyila quickly informed as soon as she saw the Niflheim. {'Full thrusters at this density of Asteroids? They are insane."} Reois said disbelievingly. He looked at Doxyila's screen and saw that there was no lie. At this rate, the Niflheim will catch up within 30 minutes. Opheilm thought for a moment about his next course of action. He couldn't afford take on the Niflheim just by power alone nor could he allow the Niflheim to follow him to Dras Lana. His only option, he concluded, is to take down the Niflheim here and now.
    {'Navigation, get me asteroids within the vicinity the size of Ax-1."} Opehilm ordered. {"What are you planning, Praetor?"} Reois asked.
    {"You'll soon see. The steward of the Niflheim is probably a brash, overconfident Protoss who thinks that brute force is everything."} Opheilm replied with certainty. {"Praetor, what makes you think so?"} Reois questioned again. {'Look at this field of Asteroids. At the speed that the Niflheim is on, it would be hazardous if they meet an asteroid a quarter the size of Ax-1. Yet the Niflheim still moves at full speed, using its weapons to destroy all asteroids and its armor to soak up some of the smaller ones. Its either their commander is overconfident of the ships' abilities or he has an extremely good judgement. I believe the council wouldn't waste talent on a chase mission like this."} Opheilm reasoned.
    {"Praetor, there is an asteroid slightly bigger then Ax-1 up front with the same velocity as we are on."} Doxyila said.
    {"Shut down the radar and go on ECCM mode. Helmsman, move behind the asteroid. We are going to hide ourselves there. Reois, make an announcement to prepare for battle with the Niflheim."} {"Yes Praetor"} they all replied with confidence.

    {"Praetor Erios, the Amadeus has vanished from the radar."} navigation said suddenly.
    {"They must be hiding in fear of us. Continue as normal. Scan for asteroids big enough to hide the Amadeus in the vicinity of where they disappeared." Inform all pilots to be ready to sortie"} Erios directed. {"Fools! This is even easier then I thought."} As soon as his navigation reported that there was only 1 asteroid big enough to hide the Amadeus, Erios ordered the Niflheim to move into the vicinity of asteroid and sortied half of his armada out, expecting to take out the Amadeus with ease. However, what he expected and what he saw was totally different. The battle was swift and deadly, with both sides sustaining heavy losses. At the end of it, Prelate Erios couldn't believe what just happened and had his confidence crushed.


    "All scouts are to return to the Amadeus at once. We will began heading directly to Dras Lana at full speed once we are out of the asteroid field." Opheilm instructed wearily. The battle had cost him much, including his personal scout. The only consolation he could get out from it is that the Niflheim would no longer be chasing them. Nevertheless, he was as worried as much as he was relieved. Arronax had joined the Imperium. He knew that their disagreement and his discontentment with the Order had taken a toll on his mental state, but this was something else altogether. A revered member of the Order joining the Imperium...
    Opheilm slumped back into his quarters and rested as his ship made its way to Dras Lana, not knowing what awaits them


    The Niflheim spotted the Amadeus and began attacking
    The Amadeus managed to win, but at a heavy cost
    Opheilm found out that an ex-Order member had joined the Imperium
    The Amadeus will be heading towards Dras Lana immediately.

    PS: Will post a battlelog soon about the battle. The next post will be a recollection post. I wanted the Amadeus to head to Dras Lana as soon as possible.

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    Above the Atmosphere of Planet Sindiris

    {"Warp out completed."} Reois said anxiously as Amadeus burst out of the warp hole, its thrusters still at maximum speed. {"By Adun.. that's the worse possible place to Warp out."} Reois continued, his eyes not wanting to believe what he's seeing.
    Before the Warp was initiated, the Amadeus was spotted by an Imperium observer, and subsequently, an Imperium flagship twice the size of Amadeus with more weapons and probably a larger army. With no other choice, Opheilm ordered an emergency warp to Sindiris in an effort to ditch the Imperium flagship. However, that looked like it may have been one of the worse decisions Opheilm has ever made as the Imperium flagship followed them shortly after and the location of the warp out.

    {"Activate and zoom in all Navigation Cameras, we will need every eye we can get."} Reois ordered. In an instant, holographic panels appeared around the entire bridge, each panel covering thirty degrees of vision.
    Countless Celestial bodies teemed the Upper Atmosphere of Sindiris, making it a deadly space minefield and in the middle of it all, the Amadeus was flying at full speed upon warping out. Reois saw several Asteroids moving even faster then the Amadeus itself and a number of them passed by the Amadeus, barely missing it. Suddenly, something caught Reois' eye; at first he wasn't sure, but as it got slightly closer, he could make out what it is -. It was an Asteroid which is as huge as the Amadeus, and its heading straight towards the ship.

    {"Thrusters to reverse now!"} Opheilm immediately commanded, with an urgency in his voice. The helmsman responded instantly as he had expected the command. {"Maintain current speed and I want all weapons to be manned. All Asteroids that are on the same course as us are to be identified and destroyed without delay"} Opheilm continued.

    Despite reversing all Thrusters, the Amadeus was still accelerating due to the momentum generated earlier on. With the Asteroid closing in fast, Reois estimates that the Amadeus has only around five minutes to move out of the Asteroid's course. {"Take the ship left to bearing 135 at reverse, get us out of the Asteroid"} Opheilm directed calmly. Reois turned his head right, looking at the direction through the navigation camera that Opheilm wanted to take Amadeus. Several meteoroids were approaching from that direction in a crash course with the Amadeus. Before Reois could say anything, shots fired from the Amadeus took those meteoroids down immediately. {"That's efficient, I guess everyone's feeling the urgency."} Reois closed his eyes for a short moment and focused. {"I mustn't panic as a first mate."} Reois thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, Opheilm was busy giving out orders to the bridge crew. {'What's the speed of that Asteroid? and designate it as Ax-1 on the radar."} Opheilm said, still keeping his composure. {"About 1.5x faster then our full speed Praetor, if it crashes into us, the Amadeus will definitely be smashed, even with our armor. Based on current speeds, we have about seven minutes before a collision course."}.
    {"Praetor, I recommend that we focus all our firepower at Ax-1 while moving to a full retreat. Our armor will be able to keep us safe for a while from the other asteroids while we break Ax-1 into smaller pieces"} Reois suggested.
    {"No, the Amadeus isn't geared up for heavy firepower nor are we a maneuverable ship. Its just a base for the members of the Order to get some rest from the fighting."}. Opheilm shot down his suggestion immediately. {"Then Praetor, what do you have planned?"} Reois questioned. Opheilm pondered for a short while and quickly gave his reply.

    {"Six minutes will be more then enough, Reois. Sortie all scouts to aid in breaking down smaller asteroids. Reois, you are in charge of designating targets to fire control. Helmsman, stop all thrusters from reversing, instead get all thrusters to push the Amadeus up, we are changing our altitude."}
    ({"That's amazing, if we can't beat it in speed, we can just win it by height."}) ({"Wait... No, there's a big flaw in this action"}). Reois cogitated. {" Navigator Doxyila, how much more time do we have left? Helmsman Statos, how long does it take to divert the thrusters and get it to full power?"}
    {"We have five more minutes for contact with Ax-1"} {"The thrusters have already been diverted, but it will take us two minutes to get to full power"} were the two replies Reois gotten. Before Reois could continue, Opheilm understood the mistake that he made.

    {"Navigation, recalculate how far up we will be before Ax-1's impact, we are not in reverse and taking in account the time the thrusters need to reach full capacity."} Opheilm ordered, this time without his usual calmness. His voice showed signs of uncertainty, something that he very rarely exposes to others. The next few seconds felt like hours. While waiting for the calculations to be done, the ship continued to move upwards, ever so slightly. A few asteroids managed to slip pass the defenses of Amadeus and minutely damaged its external armor, but a slight vibration can still be felt by everyone in the ship. After what seemed like moments, Doxyila replied.

    {"Praetor, if we move up, the center part of the hull will still be hit by Ax-1. It is as good as losing the whole ship."} Her words sank deeply into the bridge crew. Reois was at a total loss on what to do. It seemed that there isn't anything they could do to salvage the situation.
    Opheilm sunk back into his seat, feeling hopeless. Suddenly, a strong vibration shook the ship, bringing Opheilm and some of the bridge crew off their seats and onto the floor. A sound buzzed, signaling a transmission from the weapons crew.

    {"My apologizes, Praetor, an Asteroid has crashed into the bottom of the ship, we tried to destroy it, but it was too colossal."}. The abrupt transmission ended immediately as it started, Opheilm could hear voices at the background, his weapons chief giving multiple orders to his crew. Opheilm got up and looked in front and saw something strange. Ax-1 seemed shorter then he last saw, he understood all of it there and then. The asteroid must have collided with such impact that it pushed Amadeus up slightly. The bridge have been to focused on Ax-1 to bother about other celestial bodies heading towards them.

    {"Navigation, recalculate again how far we will be before impact'"}. Doxyila replied Opheilm instantly as only the tweak of values are needed. {"Praetor, our lower half of the hull will still be affected."}. The ship shook again, this time only slightly. A flash of inspiration came upon Reois and before he knew it, he was giving out orders with such fevor that he seemed like a different person.

    {"Chief Engineer Cindel, purge all armor from the lower hull immediately. We will use the Asteroid as a.."}. Before Reois could finish his statement, Cindel began to retort. {"Reois, are you out of your mind? We are barely surviving with our armor, if we purge it, we might as well just blow ourselves up!"}. Reois wanted to argue, but Opheilm jumped the gun. {"Cindel, do as Reois says. His command is the same as mine."}. Begrudgingly, Cindel complied without complaint as he respected Opheilm much more then Reois.
    {"That's a good plan, Reois. Purging the armor will let us use the Asteroid as a leverage and lighten the ship. This may very well work out if Adun is willing."] Opheilm praised. Something which he very rarely does, then again. These moments aren't usually experienced.

    The lower hull's armor was purged entirely, leaving only 1 single layer of armor before the ship's interior is penetrated. Even a small meteoroid would be hazardous for them now. With its thrusters reaching full power, its weight lessened and using the Asteroid as a leverage, Amadeus could elevate itself almost fifty percentage faster.
    {"Praetor, this is still not enough, there is still a chance that..."} Doxyila said but Reois cut her off. {"Cindel, purge armor layers one and two of the entire ship"}. Cindel didn't reply Reois, but did as he said. Within moments, the Amadeus was almost stripped naked of its defenses, its armor floating around the ship, getting pushed by the Meteoroids that were floating by.

    Ax-1 was approaching fast, Opheilm felt that he did everything that he could, if this is his end, then so be it. There's nothing else he could do. A sense of helplessness engulfed him as he waited for Ax-1 to come. {"Ax-1 will be under us in 3...2...1.."} Doxyila announced. Then it came, the moment that everyone has been waiting for. Ax-1 swept pass underneath Amadeus, it edges just missing the last single piece of armor of Amadeus' lower hull. Everyone held their breath as the huge asteroid went pass them and within seconds that seemed like eternity, Ax-1 passed Amadeus without any causalities.

    Sounds of jubilation and reliefs could be felt. Opheilm has never felt that much relieved for a long time. He looked around can went to Reois. {"You have done an excellent job today, Reois."}. Opheilm commended . Reois wasn't one that receives praise regularly, but did his best to hide his obvious elation. {'The credit goes to the everyone on the ship, Praetor."}.

    Meanwhile, within the Asteroid field, an Imperium flagship warped out. Coincidentally, a piece of Amadeus' armor floated passed them. Prelate Erios looked at it and smiled to himself. {"All weapons on full alert! Sortie all units to be around the Flagship for elimination of asteroids. Navigation radar on full area scan in the direct of the floating armor. All thrusters at maximum output. To all crew of the Imperium Flagship, Niflheim. Our prey is near."} ("This is just perfect for the hunt. The hunting grounds, the hunter and the hunted, this is all what Prelate Erios has always wanted, to inspire despair into his enemies and this, he believes, is the perfect setup.)

    SoA Amadeus manages to somehow dodged Ax-1, but suffers a reduction in armor. Amadeus now has an armor of 2, but its lower hull is at 0 armor The Imperium flagship, Niflheim has just warped out and is now on the pursuit of Amadeus. Amadeus doesn't know that Niflheim is here.

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    Amadeus' meeting room, hiding at the dark side of Khasan

    "I am about to head to Dras Lana in the very moment." Ambassador Kelanin said
    "Then I won't try to hinder you anymore." Opheilm replied
    "Thank you, consider my presence next to you when we are aboard. En Taro Tassadar."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador." The screen disappeared.

    Both the words Praetor and Tassadar stung deeply, with the latter much more then the former. Opheilm was glad that the conversation was over quick. Had it continued, he may had showed weakness in front of Kelanin, and that is the last thing he wanted to portray to a diplomat. At least that went better then what Opheilm had expected. He knew that Kelanin was a shrewd diplomat and diplomats usually tend to choose decisions that favor themselves more then the other party. However, this time, it seemed that Kelanin's decision favored the Order then the Exiled Tribes, which led Opheilm wondering.. "Why?". Opheilm fell into deep thought and pondered about events that happened.

    {"The alliance between the Coalition and the Protoss only happened because it was necessary for survival. Likewise, Erana wasn't detained by the Imperium immediately after she gave the technology to the Terrans because they needed her to maintain this alliance."}
    {"Once the war was over and the alliance wasn't needed anymore, she became useless to the Imperium and was imprisoned."}
    {"Currently, with Erana captured, both the Tribes and Coalition have nothing to gain from rescuing her. Her status as a symbol of the alliance has already dwindled." Furthermore, if they were serious about rescuing her in the first place, they would have aided us against the Imperium at the dawn of our resistance, when we were much stronger."}
    {"So the question is... why now?"}
    {"The only clue that I have is her transfer to the planet Vertax."}
    {"No, that is too narrow minded. Think, Opheilm, think. Why? What could benefit them if Erana was being transferred?"}

    Before Opheilm could continue, his first mate called him over. {"Praetor! our sensors have picked up a small object that suddenly appeared at the middle of our radar at true bearing 330 and is closing in on us"} he said urgently.
    {"Suddenly appeared? What's the size of the object, Reois?"} Opheilm asked, not feeling any sense of danger. After all, objects like these float around everywhere in space, and this is not the first time it has happened. Reois is a dependable first mate, but has a habit of reporting any small abnormality as a big bang, which sometimes gave false calls to the entire ship. He also likes to poke around and invite himself into private conversations. Needless to say, he isn't really well liked, but Opheilm preferred a first mate like this, so that he is updated on the happenings of the ship despite not being very social as a leader.
    {'Based on my experience Praetor, this could either be a small asteroid, or..}" he paused, his tone changing. Opheilm could feel something in his gut, {"An Imperium Observer."}
    {"Get me a visual on that blimp. Send out observers of our own in all directions and order the engineers to start the engine. What's the speed on that object?"} Opheilm said tensely. He had a gut feeling about this "object"."}
    {"Its moving at around 1.81 speed Praetor, constant. Asteroids.. do not move at that speed, Praetor."} Reois replied, his voice shaking a little.
    {"Prepare the Psionic Transmitter, I'll inform the whole ship myself. I am heading to the bridge now."} Opheilm ordered. Reois acknowledged the command and prepared the Psionic Transmitter for usage.
    The Psionic Transmitter does what it says, it acts as a catalyst to transmit information throughout the entire ship via transmitters that are located at each different department of the ship. These transmitters act as mini amplifiers that sends Psionic waves into every living being onboard the ship. This allows for efficient spread of information if there are no intruders.

    One minute later, Opheilm was at the bridge. He could feel the stiffing tension in the air and he knew what everyone was thinking. The last time they had a confrontation with Imperium troops, they were almost wiped out. If reinforcements didn't arrive from the Order, Opheilm was sure that they would have met their end. Reluctantly, he put on the Psionic Transmitter and began to speak.
    {"Attention, this is your Praetor speaking, 3 minutes ago, a blimp was spotted in the middle of our radar at true bearing 330, both the watch and I have accessed that the chance of it being an Imperium observer is high. All hands are to man your stations. I repeat, all hands are to man your stations. That is all"}. Opheilm took off the Psionic transmitter and looked at the radar. {"What about our observers? How long more for them to pick up that object?"} {"About 5 minutes more, Praetor."} Reois replied, his voice lacking the usual spark it had.

    The wait for the next five minutes was one of the longest that Opheilm had experienced. {"Our observers are having a visual on the blimp, I am bringing it up now."} Reois said, with a tension that felt like a slight excitement.
    A screen popped up from the navigation console, Reois magnified it and saw what everyone had hoped to see - An asteroid. The pressure on the bridge immediately subsided and Opheilm could feel the relaxation coming back to the crew. Opheilm put on the Psionic Transmitter and just when he began to speak, the radar showed another blimp, this time at true bearing 045, their starboard quarters. When the image was pulled up, he saw something which he didn't want to see - An Imperium observer.

    {"Hands to battle stations, I repeat, hands to battle stations. Scouts are to sortie immediately, but stay in close proximity of the ship."} Opheilm said through the transmitter, calmly but with a sense of urgency. {"Where to, Praetor?"} the helmsman asked.
    {"Full ahead bearing 235, Helmsman. Our eventual destination is Dras Lana, where we will rendezvous with Rassyr and the others. However, based on our current situation, we will head for Evora if possible, or if not, Sindiris and hope that the exiled tribes will find us before the Imperium do."}. The engines of Amadeus roared and the entire ship began accelerating, but not before Opheilm and Reois saw many more blimps at the very end of the radar. He looked around and felt adrenaline creeping slowly. He was sure his crew felt the same way, each of them had fallen comrades that they wanted to avenge. As Amadeus moved, the blimps edged slightly closer towards the center of the radar.

    Ophelim thought to himself. {"A tempest is coming".} One so big that would not stop until they are wiped away to oblivion...


    • Opheilm ponders on why the Tribes and Coalition agreed to aid Rassyr in rescuing Erana, when they didn't help the Order before
    • An Imperium observer spotted them
    • Opheilm orders his ship(Amadeus) to move towards true bearing 235 to Sindiris, chased by the Imperium fleet that moves slightly faster then Amadeus
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    Amadeus' meeting room, hiding at the dark side of Khasan

    Opheilm shifted and paced around in what little space he have. He was vexed and frustrated. There were already many troubles on his mind, and the last thing he needs is more of them. The room was small, dusty and uncomfortable, then again, its better then the others who are cramped outside. At least he has a room to himself. "I should be glad about this... somewhat". At his desk stood the battle reports of the week. Opheilm took a glance and sighed. "Have my methods been right?" he found himself pondering. Opheilm stood still and paused. His mind backtracking to the events that happened two and a half years ago, shortly after he had joined the Order and earned the trust of a few important members.

    "Who authorized this attack!?" Arronax bellowed. His shout rippling across the meeting room. None dare to oppose this veteran Zealot, for he was one of the founding members of the Order and an expert fighter. "The way of the Protoss is the way of a warrior." He smashed his fist onto the table.
    "That was the past, Arronax. When the Order once had enough support to fight head on against the Imperium." Opheilm replied, knowing that it wouldn't make any difference in convincing the stubborn Zealot.

    "Hmph, I should've known. Its the Praetor traitor." Arronax replied curtly. "Your surgical strikes are not doing any real damage to the Imperium. On the contrary, there are some that question your methods."
    "What you have done is to tell the Imperium council that the Order lacks the resources to combat them face to face." Arronax continued.

    "That may be true, Arronax, but if we were to fight them head on, we will suffer even greater losses. Eventually, the Imperium council will know about it as well and we will be extinguished." Opheilm retorted.
    "I would rather die a warrior then a coward!" Arronax shouted, ensuring that his sentence hit home to each of the members at the meeting. Opheilm could see that the members were shifting uncomfortably at their seats and he knew that he needed to do something before the situation gets worse.
    Opheilm pointed a finger at Arronax, "Your blatant tactics have cost us many great warriors, much more then its needed. If you would want to die as a hero, you can take whatever remnants of supporters you have and do it yourself." Opheilm paused, and continued softly but seriously, "The way of the Khalai, is only for those that are in power. There is no code of honor for the oppressed..." "Its a shame that you didn't die with your ideals."Opheilm added sarcastically

    Arronax seethed. He looked around for support but could find none of it. Deep down, he knew that Opheilm was right, but yet, his pride is greater then his mind. "You arrogant Templar!" he flared before powering up his Psi Blades and taking a right swing at Opheilm. Opheilm ducked and used his Olden Warp Blades to parry away Arronax's left thrust. He continued by using his shoulder to slam into Arronax's body, knocking the Zealot backwards.
    "You Dare!!" was all Arronax bursted before attempting a second charge towards Opheilm.
    In a split second, Arronax's Psi Blades were at Opheilm's face, however, before the blades could hit, Arronax felt a pressure coming out from Opheilm's that spiraled him to the end of the room, denting the wall.

    "Expel" said Opheilm sharply, as Arronax picked himself up from the ground. Knowing that he has lost, Arronax picked up whatever pride he had left and left them a warning. "Mark my words, Opheilm, the Imperium will soon hunt down the Order, one by one. Until we are all dead."
    Upon finishing his sentence, he looked at everyone in the room with accusing eyes and then left.


    The past few days had been nothing but unnecessary trouble. The Order have been conducting Guerrilla warfare for around 2 1/2 years to Imperium troops with little or no avail. While it may seem to be effective on the surface, Opheilm highly doubted that it even pricked the Imperium council. After all, those that died were either guards or Order members, none of them having any slightest relation to anyone at the Council. Furthermore, the Order cannot afford to incur the wrath of the common populace. Guerrilla warfare is just too.. unorthodox a strategy for a Protoss warrior and there are many who would frown on such things. The last thing Opheilm needs now is more trouble... and he's going to get it.

    "Come in" Opheilm replied to the knock on his door. "What is it?"
    "Rassyr has a message for you." The Zealot scout reported. He looked weary and it seemed that he rushed all the way without stopping just to pass Opheilm this message. Opheilm could feel the urgency in his voice, and shuddered at the thought of more bad news.
    "Sit down and speak. There is no need for formalities here. Those only belong to aristocrats."

    "Thank you Praetor Opheilm." The word Praetor stung deeply. It wasn't a word that he liked, it brought up his past 3 years back and it still did. Nevertheless, this also served as a motivation and reminder for him that the wounds of betrayal are deep, and he would never want it to happen again.
    "As you are aware, the recent attacks have proven to be more then a thorn at the Imperium Council's side..." The Zealot started, but Opheilm cut in before he could finish his sentence
    "Really?" Opheilm replied in genuine surprise, somewhat little pleased that he was wrong. "Though comforting, I am sure you didn't come all the way here to bring this news... continue"

    "Yes, Praetor. Because of these attacks, the Council had a meeting a few days ago and the conclusion of the meeting is that, the Order's motivation for the attacks are because Erana is here..." The Zealot paused, and with a solemn voice. " They plan to move Erana to Vetras."
    "Vetras?!" Opheilm exclaimed "This is insane." Opheilm felt his body weakening and fell down onto his seat. "This is insane..." he muttered again. Taking a moment to compose himself. "Please, continue." he said weakly.

    "A few days ago, the exiled tribes had a meeting regarding this situation. The Tama fleet are to stay in Idum while Ambassador Kelanin will be taking part in the operation to rescue Erana."
    "The Tama fleet are under no obligation to aid us, that is to be expected... but Ambassador Kelanin... I have heard of him before..." "Wait, Ambassador Kelanin? as in the scientist? What can one scientist do that half a warrior cannot?" Opheilm spat.
    "Praetor, you shouldn't underestimate those that belong in diplomacy. Sometimes, the pen is mightier then the sword. Sweet words can bring even more allies then a sharp blade."
    Opheilm pondered a moment at the Zealot's words. "My apologies, that is true. Do you have anything else to report?"
    "No, Praetor. I shall take my leave." The Zealot bowed and walked out of the room. Before the Zealot Scout exited the room, Opheilm halted him "Wait, how about Rassyr and the other Order leaders?". The Zealot turned around and replied him.
    "Rassyr is busy with meetings with the Exiled Tribes and the coalition. As for the other leaders, I do not know. All I can tell you is that Rassyr has sent messengers to each leader."
    "Thank you, you may leave now." Opheilm dismissed the Zealot and went into deep thought.

    "Assuming that the others have received this message, most of them would immediately muster whatever army they have left and wait for Rassyr's command."
    "That's just foolish. The Imperium's army outnumber us like sands in the desert. A frontal assault would be worse then suicide."
    "The best way to save Erana is by infiltration and distraction.'
    "The only way this can be done is.. to assemble an elite strike force" 'But who can I even convince? All I have is my blade." Opheilm paced around his room, focused on his thoughts.
    Wait..." Opheilm looked up and felt excitement, the first time in many weeks. 'Perhaps there is still hope after all. With the pen and the sword as one, nothing is impossible." Opheilm contemplated... "Connect me through to Ambassador Kelanin, tell him that Praetor Opheilm, the master of shadows would like an audience with him regarding Erana's rescue."


    • Erana's Order has been dwindled ever since 3 years ago at its founding and has morale and supply issues plaguing them
    • One its founding members left due to disputes between how the Order should be
    • Opheilm receives news that Erana, who has been taken prisoner after the war against zerg, is being transferred to Vetras
    • Opheilm attempts to contact Ambassador Kelanin, knowing that he is part of the team that is going to intercept Erana's transfer
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    I have updated my characters accordingly, please review them again.

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    btw, is mine ok or is there anything that I would need to change?

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    You have to note that death is a seperate model. Take Zeratul for example, under the model data, there is no death animation. The death animation is stored in a seperate model file.
    So what you have to do is probably to do a model swap. But you have to take note about the death effects in your original hero model, or else you will have 2 seperate "death scenes" showing.

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    Sounds interesting, let me give it a go. Kinda long post. If its too long, I can shorten it, I think..

    Opheilm, Master of Shadows **

    Faction = Erana's Order

    Unit Type = Dark Templar**

    Background - Pre Brood War

    Opheilm is one of the young Dark Templars that was with Zeratul when the latter first met with Tassadar. Initially not trusting the Khalai Protoss, Opheilm was against Zeratul aiding Tassadar as he carries a huge resentment against the Conclave. After witnessing Tassadar's devotion to the future of the Protoss, and his views about both light and dark, Opheilm gradually grew to respect Tassadar as a great leader and as someone who is able to bring the gap between the 2 sides. However, this all changed when Aldaris made the announcement that Tassadar was a traitor and has no longer any say in the Conclave.

    Resentment against the Conclave began to fill Opheilm again as he believes that the Conclave were stuck on old ideals that will just lead to their downfall. Regardless, he still greatly respects Tassadar as an individual and continues to serve him. His experiences with Tassadar, Raynor and Fenix has convinced him that both of their races can work together for the greater good.

    However, everything changed for him when during the final battle of the overmind, whereby, Tassadar sacrificed himself to destroy the overmind. Not understanding fully why Tassadar would willingly sacrifice himself for these foolish Protoss, Opheilm's resentment for the Conslave grew into hatred as he believes that it shouldn't have been Tassadar that died that day.

    Background - Brood War

    While aiding the Protoss in the escape to Shakuras, before the Warp Gate was shut down, Opheilm was knocked unconscious by the Zerg, not before managing to kill his attacker. When he woke up, he found himself at Shakuras, battered and injured. While the Dark Templar and protoss refugees were assaulting the Zerg on Shakuras, Opheilm chose to run away from it all. Disillusioned and weary from conflict, he boarded his shuttle and went into cold sleep, drifting into the sea of stars...

    Unknown to him, while drifting aimlessly, his shuttle has been sucked into a random wormhole that connects the Koprulu sector to the Eurim sector. Opheilm just continued to be in cold sleep, as though this is what he wants.

    Centuries after WoL

    The shuttle continued drifting until it was too close to the Planet Khasan and was sucked into it due to its gravitional pull and in part, the poor maintenance of the shuttle. This woke Opheilm up from his slumber. Realizing that he was surrounded by a megalopolis of Protoss settlements, he went ahead and made contact with them, and since he was a Dark Templar, he was given a scouting position in the army. He soon came to understand that The Ancestral Imperium of Protoss is exactly the same as the Protoss Conclave led by the Khalai. This brought back up painful memories and once again, stirred up ambivalent feelings of hatred and loss within him.

    It was then he met the Praetor Erana whom reminded him very much of Tassadar. It was through Erana that he managed to find a source of peace in this sector hostile to him just because of his caste. He found Erana's views of racial segregation and the Dark Templar to be very similiar to Tassadar and vowed his alligence to Erana - the same way that Zeratul had once sworn to help Tassadar. Since then, Opheilm has been acting as a slient guardian to Erana, overseeing everything that goes around Erana.

    Not too long later, the Zerg invaded and Opheilm proved himself as a Master scout during the war, the battles and experiences that he faced during his time at the Koprulu sector gave him much exposure to the Zerg and their tactics. His timely and accurate reports saved the lives of countless of Protoss and even at times, allowed them to turn the tide of battle, earning him the nickname "Shadow"

    Despite his efforts, the overwhelming concentrated numbers of the Zerg still proved to be too formidable against the divided unity of the Protoss. It was then that Praetor Erana managed to get all the different tribes of Protoss and even the Terrans to work together against their common enemy. This brought back memories of the alliance between Zeratul, Tassadar and Raynor. In Praetor Erana, Opheilm saw Tassadar. He envisioned himself as Zeratul and the Terran as Raynor's Raiders. Except that this time, "Tassadar" didn't die after the war.

    After the Battle Of Arken

    Despite being a Dark Templar, Opheilm was given the rank of Praetor after the war for his heroic exploits. However, on the day where he was awarded Praetor, The Imperium arrested Erana and stripped the rank of Praetor away from Erana. It dawned on him that he was awarded Praetor to fill in the gap in the conclave that Erana once held.

    Opheilm realized that being a Praetor, he would have a say regarding racial segregation and other conservative laws that the regime has and he would be able to carry on Erana's views, but he may very well lose a close friend whom he sworn to protect. Against his better judgement, he chose to stay on as a Praetor. Despite being made Praetor and openly voicing out his views, the Imperium's disdain and ostracize against Dark Templar and the Nerazim hasn't changed and slowly, he became disillusioned again. It was at this time he thought of what Zeratul would have done, and he fell to his knees in remorse and mortification.

    Erana's Order

    During this time, he left his Praetor position and joined Erana's Order, for a chance of redemption. There, he found the solace that he needed and has always dreamed of. There wasn't any Racial Segregation, both light and dark fought for the same cause. Although he initial faced some disapproval from members as he chose to become a Praetor instead of rescuing Erana that day, his abilities and judgement has earned the respect of everyone in the order. His sole motivation for going on now is Erana, whom he sees as a figure of Tassadar. He has since taken on a new oath, and vowed Erana will not die while he is still holds breath.


    Opheilm likes to work alone or work with a selected few people that he trusts. Years of resentment and hatred has taken a toll on his mental state, leading him to be cynical towards others. Although it takes long to earn Opheilm's trust, once its earned, it will not be broken easily. After the events of Tassadar, He disdains taking away the life of both Protoss and Terran, as he has witnessed the mutual cooperation between both sides, however that does not go for Zerg. He fights the Zerg with a fevour unlike any other, and will stop at nothing to kill these abominations.

    Heroic - Light - Psionic

    Health(Shield) 375(200) 23

    Energy 260 6

    Mov Speed 5.5 32

    Armor 2 6

    Sight 14 21

    DPS 40 27

    Range 0.1 0

    AoE(area) 0 0

    Abilities 5 50

    Total: 161

    Weapon: Olden Warp Blades
    Damage 40, cooldown 1 Sec


    Blink -
    Energy - Nil,
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Studying from his mentor, Zeratul, Opheilm is able to mimic his blink ability to 100% efficiency.

    Twilight -
    Energy - 0.9 per second
    Advanced cloaking techniques enable Opheilm to move around without the "cloak blimp" being seen at the map

    Expel -
    Energy - 75
    Using Psionic techinques, Opheilm is able to push a group of units back to range 6 from Opheilm. This ability shoots out as an AoE cone that extends from Opheilm Massive units are not affected. Cannot affect structures, but air units are effected. No damage is dealt.

    Surreal Hallucination -
    Energy - 50 (Per Illusion)\ Picking up a few tricks from Tassadar, Opheilm is able to create 1 hallucination of himself instantly. These hallucinations differ in the fact that they possesses the same intelligence and will as Opheilm and lasts twice as longer. These hallucinations are used as more of a messenger then to actually distract enemies

    Assassinate -
    Energy - 100
    Every Dark Templar is trained in the art of assassination. Opheilm is no different. Deals 225(+75 to massive) damage to a single target at melee range. However, Opheilm must not be revealed by any detectors while using this skill.

    Ship (Amadeus) Carrier

    Weapons 3 3

    Armor 3 3

    Manueverability 4 16

    Security 3 9

    Cargo 1 1

    Speed 5 25

    Total 69


    Observer tech 8
    Scout Tech 24
    Observer 10 1
    Scout 20 6
    Total 273.

    Ship (Amagumo, Heaven's Cloud) Scout

    \Heroic - Light - Mechanical

    Health(Shield) 150(125) 11

    Energy 200 0

    Mov Speed 3 8

    Armor 0 0

    Sight 8(14 when piloted by Opheilm) 0

    DPS 10 7

    Range 0.1 0

    AoE(area) 0 0

    Abilities 2 5

    Total: 31

    Weapon: Obsolete Phase cannons Damage 10, Cooldown 1 second.


    Heaven's Web Energy - 75 Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Using the technology from the corsairs, Amagumo is able to launch a disruption web which disables structure type units from attacking for 20 seconds. Radius of 3. Range of 9 (MTs have range 8 when upgraded)

    Supersonic Energy - 25
    Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    Charges : 5

    Turns all thrusters of Amagumo to 150% power. Dashes the Amagumo for 10 Range in the timeframe of 1 second. However, this ability has 5 charges in which 1 will be used each time. Replenishing of charges can only be done either through repairs, or by docking at a stargate.

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    its at the ability itself.

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    Quote from DarcZaFire: Go

    Our goal is to improve our skills by creating games that deserve the Team Genesis stamp. Combining our knowledge and skills, weak or strong, is the best way to get things done. Most of us love editing and enjoy the opportunity to present new techniques, sometimes by showing off the skills we have, and other times by solving eachothers problems.

    Correct me if I am wrong, this is a team that focuses on helping each other while they are working on individual projects instead of working together on a combined project right? and what exactly deserves the Team Genesis stamp? I just want to know the standards of the team first :)

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    Quote from Dragoneles: Go

    For number 3, I believe that can be solved by also unchecking the "Structure" collision flag. I may be wrong on this one.

    If this is unchecked, no matter what mover he uses, he will be able to go through the structure, as the collision flag is gone.


    A workaround is to temporarily change the unit's radius to 0

    For number 1. You will have to use catalog triggers, but I am not 100% sure if you can change the collision flags with it..

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    Have you tried posting this at team liquid forums? I am pretty sure the exposure there is higher then here and in Bnet's official forums

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