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    posted a message on Is "Manage Published" working at all?

    the editor is fantastic with the "getting the feel of" "familiarizing with" being a blatant attempt at refraining people from taking control of their toy and putting it to better use.... I've had problems with the function and I sympathize

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    posted a message on I Quit, i would like Vjeux or Xara to upload my maps to EU

    Wow, sick ass long thread to read...butt load of shit to type ahead...

    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/Bounty_98/ "Meh, well i'm apparently perma banned from the sc2 forums lol. Perfect timing :)"

    I have a vested interest in banning methods, so please drop me a line about it ([email protected] or pm or whatever). It'd be honored to relay any "back from the forum locker" (pirate reference) post(s) you would want to convey... providing you did not earn said ban(s) and that you even need it.

    On the drama: I feel people should learn to read between the lines when scanning (uh no!) reading posts and posters should elaborate their replies in their one post...

    It's O ssoo obvious that you'll do what you want (support is still good and needed, GO Bounty-98, go Fightzepowerthatbe!), but that you wanted to gauge the temperature on the matter... so here is my 2 cents:

    as people discuss the matter with silk gloves, others get the shovel... I don't understand why bypassing blizz (or iccup for that matter) hasn't been done yet?

    I could do it... and that goes a long way to describe how easy it is to do (people always misread my posts so I'll be clear and repeat: doing it would be simple, i'm not holding myself on any platter)

    AND I volunteer YOU to oversee / host it... (cause shiiiit someone has to give a bunch load of time to oversee let alone conceive execute and maintain such an endeavor)

    how bout them apples?

    keep mapmaking cause the blizztoy you got yourself for Christmas is really faaaar out, just the blizz afterdinnermints part that suck (no lan, a "hands on" editor, capping maps, not wanting any fuss so rebooting as much as needed for THEM...)

    oh and sorry but got a few more:

    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/xenrathe/ I support this post (although I mean it, it's obviously a Barrin reference)

    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/Eiviyn/ "I think you just read what you want to read." addressed to http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/Colt556/ I think you are unnecessarily aggressive Eiviyn, Colt at least admits that he's lost it (I immediately start to wonder what people will read into the "it" I typed...?)

    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/Mephs/ "I just do this shit casually when I can't think of anything else to do"... nice one, you've just typecasted yourself in under 15 words

    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/QMJ3/ "So even if my map was beloved, it'd never get to a high page simply because it's too long" that is what the op's thread is about... Other people concerned by the topic discussing the op's issue and educating viewers in the process is good. Blizz system is rebooted because computers reboot, the maps are not blizz's concern, it's the community that's gotta do something about it...

    To finish: again hope you don't give up on your nasty habit From where I'm sitting you just gave your honest opinion and that's rare apparently, sorry not more people are supportive... or rather, sorry for the apparent hostility (dare I say competitiveness) of the sc2 community, we should stick together and it's just not as radiant as all it's cracked up to be is it?

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    posted a message on Add ons to the 3 three races require data wizz mapster

    hi. I've been working on add ons to the three races for a single/miltiplayer mod

    the Stix: the casters' race with a human correlation

    The Brood Knight and his extending z to a tier 4 and the Templar's extending their arsenal of Casters and attack units

    I've been hard at work on the concepts and storyline, balance issues, build orders and timings, so I've not have any time for "actor unit" shit (wow thx blizz for such a hands on editor lol) to get ingame footage. However, I started on Beta, but with no free key... I was stuck on a microshiotte text type doc with as many stats I could think of for the longggggest time... and only since release have I been able to test the editor (bit by bit), this still allowing for laddering... Now that I'm getting a little time, I'd love to find a/many wizz mapster(s) to give my project a release boost (there's plenty of room for additional story, concepts or other implementing, just be careful to have plenty o time saved up for a boat load of reading to go through it ...

    There's a storyline for the stix, a more w3 oriented type of sc2 units (trying to get as much cool things/ability uses that blizz have not used outside of campaigns...and boy is this editor the best I've seen... capacity wise), maps' concept for a custom melee type with 3 entirely reworked races...

    So what I'm looking for is people with time to read a short story, then get the urge to implement or help implement a generic base map with all units being viable cool and functioning as 3 new races choosable online, if thats not enough, ..the last part will be endlessly working on the "whole campaign" boat load of maps to represent this story... (starting with 1 / 2 / 3 player "tutorial map" enabling players to get all the info needed to be able to quickly get a handle on these 3 add ons to sc2 single/multi player already awesome game.

    I will finish this request by the storyline cinematics of this futur campaign, with a link... movies need loads of people to get anywhere, so come and join the fun...

    I'll be answering any quote/reply in this op or by pm hope to read from y'all soon

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    posted a message on what does my petite cheu fluer (somthin like that) mean?

    @deleted_4551290: Go

    Means : my little (small young) cauliflower

    edit : @http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/ZealNaga/ : very nice.

    "Avoir la tête , les pieds ou le cul en chou fleur" : have your head, feet or ass being "shaped" by long hours of work or other... comes from the worker class vernacular (like the shape of your seat pressed against you that are left on your clothes with the shape of said seat unto it or the same thing with your skin).

    "Mon petit chou fleur" is not a french expression per say that I know of (gotta have a funny story that goes with it to greet with a "my little cauliflower", no?), but north american people always love using french veggies with the accent and all...

    In the superb trailer djimii11 is probably referencing (thx ihatethisregistration for ze link) it really is going for sweet ...

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    posted a message on New Guy

    "...Thanks to all those that put in the time to help others!..."

    I second that wholeheartedly, and add my 2 cents: if you guys weren't hard on the case, the editor would not be such a shinning example of what a game editor should be...

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    posted a message on Random is the only way to play ?

    Random is the only way to play to "get" the whole game. well that's just what my opinion is...

    I'm sorry for the aggressive titles, but hey, were on a forum...

    I just wanted to know about stuff on the random issue, and you gals and guys are so obliging and well mannered, so here I go with my first batch of questions:

    1/ What's the proportion of randoms overall, I'm sure the most competitive players do not choose it, but what of "most" of the players?

    2/ Is there an equivalent in mods ...?

    3/ What is the "rule" about changing races in tourneys? If any?

    4/Is playing random not the only way to get "extra" showmanship or skill out of the players, guaranteeing "balance" nonsense?

    feel free to add other random related issues that my inexperience has overlooked, I'm genuinely interested

    and finally, am I the only one noticing it, when I get a mirror matchup? (I've always played random and this does not happen that frequently for me, and for u?)

    thanks for reading


    @ http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/TheAlmaity/ "The element of surprise"

    I would have used the term pressure for that fine paragraph. I'd use "surprise" for the fact that they have to get out of their base at least once to play before capping on their 2 base, just to know which race they have to counter...

    "have to get a universal one" (a build order)

    ...AAAAAA finnaly,after a week of trying, someone utters terms I feel real kinship with, ...., I think I only wanna build maps for such "universal" play, ... not everyone is Qxc, Hydra or Huk or whoever is dominating the scene (sorry dunno td known players names).

    I might just add to your list, if I may, the fact that random players experiment more with the game... not everything is about winning for sure while doing a build you've done so many times... this experimentation is where a good part of the strategy can be found

    as for "random" issues not being map related, on the contrary, we produce maps mostly with play in mind, don't we?

    @http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/s3rius/ ""balances" the players, not the game.", I agree and that seems interesting, no? Oh and I'm not advocating everyone playing random but saying that it should be a bonus for players since "working on their gameplay" would be difficult, the tactics even more based on every quirk of the game, every match up on every map... or such a thing as universal builds...

    @http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/SleepSheep/ I must admit that if I go through the disadvantages, I'm perfectly aware that it's 3 times as long to flourish choosing random, I get creamed because of it, still I feel it's more fun to always be on the up and up and lose rather than just playing with a third of the units and win more often...


    I totally agree on the method you suggested (10 20 games per race...etc) if you wish to WIN more than you wish to have FUN (and I do mean rts fun!), should have titled the op "random is the only way to play to get the most fun and insight out of the game"... Just like for so many "shinny" things, winning is not all it's cracked up to be... just a part of the fun... something achieved too easily is less cherished by the player, so I'll be sticking with the always random, for fun.

    By the by: my usual :

    z : jump ling to get roach spine hive, and scout to know where to go from there...

    toss : 2 gate, scout and react accordingly...

    t : marine and whatever I scout is needed ...

    I feel tier 2 is generally overrated before the 10 minute mark... thank you for the comment (this depending on the map of course)

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    posted a message on the undiscovered map feeling

    This in reference to the unique feeling you get when playing a map you've never played before... Whatever your rts skill level, grasp of strategy or general self control when duking it out. I was just wondering if that feel ever crossed your spines too?

    Sure you have seen a minimap jpg of said map, or sure some friend / usual opponent sought you out and explained the basic ins and outs... or you just have experience in the type of map it's supposed to be... (if all that's the case you might not be sweating much, of course) But the feeling you get playing Lost Temple (or Xelnaga Caverns now) is nothing like playing , an undiscovered map (LostT&Xel: maps that I get most laddering, what about you ?)

    My read is that so much of the potential of the game gets cramped up by not allowing this special spine feeling to become an axiom on which to build on... (a feeling not unlike the feeling mapmakers get testing alphas, betas...anxiously awaiting the load, hissing for the reboot glitch...)

    A totally undiscovered map. It means you need to play a whole new game that’s what…! Think of the tension, the drama... Devoid lot's of time (a minute or two) at the start to “get” the map and it’s quirks …change .. oh no, the list of variables is endless… I’ll stop there. Once you realize that it’s for the game, it’s all good, no?. It should be better than gravy with chocolate on top.

    I could be referencing this for both "normal" and "high" levels of play here... basically everyone who partakes in the love of the game could always benefit from an added value to the game, the contention is over what constitutes a benefit....

    To be clear, (I can be misquoted a lot apparently) I'm not as much into playing (laddering or playing Footmen for instance) than I could be, just because I feel far too many people play the maps knowing them by heart... the textures, the layout, the build orders, tactics, you name it....in ums or melee alike... Is there significant "strategy or showmanship output" going on there ? (of course I'm making it sound lot worse than it is, but still I think it's there...that and the 200/200 mass bla and A attack) And this can be solved by relying on blizz's fine product (leveling the field so to say) Introducing unknown maps... Blizz has given the mapmaking tool, mapmakers galore are lined up to produce said maps... (have already probably produced superior maps to blizzs laddering "ultra game development designed already great” (20 years in the making)maps ... imagine your favorite players facing off in a best of 5 (or whatever) with the ace match being on an unknown map (pre accepted by 2 partial third parties (players' coaches or teammate) during the first two matches blablabla) I picture myself drooling, at the discovery of the map by said players’ first scouting at the end of a heated series, trying to see the type of map and layout and all the rest, AS the players would be discovering them in real time, while they scout feverishly for a “natural”… Wouldn't you drool guys and gals? Imagine the map’s standard… it has to please a future winner player and future looser player… annnnnnnnnd the rest of the community So why are we still mainly watching or playing on "relied upon" "known by heart" conventions...?

    Apparently the players/mapmakers are not really ready for that sort of idea... ? There's been huge efforts to get new maps in great tournaments (Blizz chooses for Blizz)... and I'm surprised at how few maps apparently make the cut out there, but not as much as I'm sadden by their total obedience to sc2 "conventions"... nothing to spice it up? ...

    I guess my real question is: has anybody else noticed the huge loss of the black minimap getting "opened up" from sc1 to sc2 ?

    (in chess you cannot simulate the move with your piece pond or whatever, you must take it and place it definitively on the board…in sc1 even if you knew the map by heart (and the map was set to that specific option), you still had to deal with the dark unknown, not so on sc2… (and don’t even get it started on the rally issues to go into uncharted territory vs pre “discovered” by blizz to make the maps easier to focus on for players new to the game, meaning everyone…)

    So, I was just wondering if that feel ever crossed your spines too? I had it during a holiday marathon where I could never remember the different maps (and we had set it to proper function, and ... good times


    @http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/OneTwoSC/ "awesome finding random new maps"

    the loading screen all black ahhh yes

    @http://www.sc2mapster.com/profiles/progammer/ "hope blizz will be more interested in taking custom map into their ladder/tournament pool"

    I agree with the optimist stance, but it's not in their interest, they need to not loose control of sc2 like they did sc1 ?

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