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    Sigh.. Not sure how to make this clearer.

    I am being trolled, in a very offensive way on bnet playing sc2. The player attacks my persona directly by pretending to be me and giving me a bad name. I routinely play a custom game I shall not name as to not encourage more trolling. I play it ALOT as in 7K times. I am known. Now this person pretends to be me and does several things I have proven to myself and tried to get blizzard to care about but alas to no avail. He map hacks, resource detection hacks and teams in a game that is considered illegal. He also trolls people and claims to be me so you can understand.

    Saying just ignore him doesnt work. Imagine you go to work and one day people you have talked to are ignoring you and when you go to talk to them they call you scum etc. That is what is happening to me.

    Yes its just a game but its a game I obviously like to play.

    So my question is HOW do you duplicate a CLAN TAG without being in the CLAN. Step by step process.

    It is possible it is only in the replay but i am 99% certain it is not. I have seen the NAME of my character without the clan in a live game with this "person" but I have yet to see the CLAN TAG with my name in a live game. I have tried to duplicate what blizzard tech told me could be done but with no success.


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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    I do have my name and clan in each region. However this is the same region. So to be clear, name the same I get. Clan Tag that shows up in game is the same as my clan I don't. How can this be done?

    BTW what is interesting is on the replay when you click it BEFORE you go into it it does NOT show my clan tag. It only shows it after I have entered the replay and game.,,


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    Its been a long time since I posted here.

    I am being cloned on bnet.

    Of course anyone can have my name or at least up to 1K people, this we all know. However someone also cloned my CLAN TAG that shows in game and replay. Is this possible?

    Blizzard tech says it is but I have been unable to actually do this so I am confused.

    They say that the CLAN name is unique but the tag is not.. Thoughts?


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    K this map shows a potential bug in the get and set functions for camera rotations.


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    Quote from LazyCoder: Go

    Uh... is there an "EventMouseMovedPosYWorld();??? or is it just X?

    Was late last night when i pasted, its corrected.

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    Go here for a list of the new Natives i believe are for 1.2 and not just the PRT files....


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    Not 100% this is the 1,.2 file but it is the stuff out of the new PRT file....
    # is line number in the new native file
    <! means new or changed
    * means changed value

    Hope you find this helpful!

     371    <!    const int c_bankOptionSignature = 0;
     389    <!    native bool     BankVerify (bank b);
     391    <!    native bool     BankOptionGet (bank b, int option);
     775    <!    const int c_formatNumberStyleNormal     = 0;
     776    <!    const int c_formatNumberStyleCurrency   = 1;
     777    <!    const int c_formatNumberStylePercent    = 2;
    1279    <!    native int      DialogControlCreateInPanelFromTemplate (int panel, int type, string inTemplate);
    1996    <!    native void         HelpPanelDestroyAllTips ();
    2125    <!    const int c_effectAmountLifeChanged     = 7;
    2126    <!    const int c_effectAmountShieldsChanged  = 8;
    2779    <!    native void     TextTagFogofWar (int inTag, bool inFog);
    3133    <!    const int c_unitPropKillXP              = 30;
    3134    <!    const int c_unitPropCarriedMinerals     = 31;
    3135    <!    const int c_unitPropCarriedVespene      = 32;
    3136    <!    const int c_unitPropCarriedTerrazine    = 33;
    3837    <!    const int c_syncFrameTypeControlGroupPanel      = 29;
    3838    <!    const int c_syncFrameTypeInfoPanel              = 30;
    3839    <!    const int c_syncFrameTypeConsolePanel           = 31;
    3840    <!    const int c_syncFrameTypeIdleWorkerButton       = 32;
    3864    *     const int c_gameMenuDIalogHotkeysButton               = 12;
    3865    *     const int c_gameMenuDialogLoadButton                  = 13;
    3866    *     const int c_gameMenuDialogSaveButton                  = 14;
    3867    *     const int c_gameMenuDialogPauseButton                 = 15;
    3868    *     const int c_gameMenuDialogRestartButton               = 16;        
    3869    *     const int c_gameMenuDialogReturnToGameplayButton      = 17;    
    3870    <!    const int c_gameMenuDialogRestartDifficultyPulldown   = 18;            
    3932    <!    native void         UISetResourceTradingAllowed (int inResourceType, bool inAllowed);
    3933    <!    native void         UISetResourceTradingMinorStep (int inResourceType, int inAmount);
    3944    <!    native void         UISetDragSelectEnabled (playergroup players, bool enable);
    3975    <!    native int          EventMouseMovedPosXUI ();
    3976    <!    native int          EventMouseMovedPosYUI ();
    3977    <!    native fixed        EventMouseMovedPosXWorld ();
    3978    <!    native fixed        EventMouseMovedPosYWorld ();
    3979    <!    native fixed        EventMouseMovedPosZWorld ();

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    Quote from dimfish: Go

    I want to re-ask the same thing as Robeezy: does the SC1 map have to be on that list of classic maps in the OP? As in a Blizzard classic map? Or can we remake a popular community map?

    We wanted to make a SC1 Blizzard only contest. In the future we might have another contest with WC3 or custom SC1 maps. There are tons of new custom-melee maps that have already been made but no really good quality old school ones.

    Hope this helps. Thanks.

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    @XanoX02: Go

    BGH has already been done several times and is not part of the original maps but was a web map and thus is not included on the list. :P

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    Some great work so far. If you want real snow this might help: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/niflheim-test-icesnow/

    adding textures doesnt change a map from melee so i would highly suggest you use this or make your own snow.

    same could apply to the textures for the trees btw.

    We are not looking for doodads to be the same except for things like bridges and major things like a the temple parts in lost temple.

    As far as mineral/vespene gas balance i would recommned adding another gas like i did in Blood Bath 2010. http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/blood-bath-2010/

    BTW if you download that map you will find a library routine to test if your minerals/vespene are mining correctly. I havent actually released it with notes but it all works and was used to balance the blood bath map.

    Good luck to all, keep posting your map entries!

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    I made this guide for the upcoming contest as well as to show the things i had to think about when making my Blood Bath 2010 Map.

    I also made some killer doodads to promote SC2Mapster.com.

    Hope you find this helpful. This short guide is to show you how to make a SC1 Melee Map come to life in the Galaxy Editor.

    How do you start?

    • If you dont know what the map looks like then going here (SCWikia, TL, or Nibbits) might help. Otherwise open up the old Starcraft Campaign Editor.
    • Either import the legacy map into the galaxy editor using the legacy import feature in the Galaxy Editor and get to work or start from scratch. Legacy imports offer 2 things, good placement of resources and an idea of where your terrain is supposed to be, however be prepared that you will have create cliffs by hand as well as most of the actual terrain look.

    Now what?

    • When making a SC1 Map that is identical in gameplay to the original you have to do many things and have many choices:
    • Resource (Mineral and Vespene Gas) amounts and locations should be the same, however see below for some ideas on changing resource amounts.
    • Cliff locations should be exact and correct and reflect the original map.
    • Critical areas like cliffs overlooking resources are properly positioned so a high templar, siege tank, ghost, or other far range units can still do thier business.
    • If players normally expect to be able to block at an entrance then make sure that the same kind of blocking can occur. Given the new SC2 units and their simplified footprints this can either be easy or harder to do.
    • Accurate buildable/pathing reflection on the original map. ie if you cant place a building on the original make sure you cant do so on the new version. Use pathing/creep blockers where necessary.
    • Accurate bridge doodads and pathing. This will be very hard without new models on some maps. If you cant make a new model then try to change the tint color of the actor to reflect the ground and of course the scale.
    • Certain areas are unbuildable, uncreepable, or unpathable that you will have to artifically make so.

    What makes a map melee vs not melee?

    • To see if you have added in something that isnt melee, go to the menu MAP->MAP STATUS and see if it still shows as melee.
    • At a minimum you need 2 players set in the player properties, and 2 starting locations.
    • Using Game Variants you can really be specific on the player choices so a 4 player map could be either FFA, 2v2 or 1v1.
    • You can import files. This is helpful to replace textures on existing doodads or terrain if you need to do so.
    • You can change things in the data types terrain textures and terrain sets. ie if you need snow terrain you can make your own.
    • While you can change the actor and model data types, and thus change the actual model you want a particular unit or doodad to use, if you want a truely melee SC2 map then do not change these data fields.
    • You cannot change most fields in most of the other data fields or it will not be considered a melee map anymore.

    Maps will be different.

    • Terrain does not work exactly like it did in SC. For one thing SC had a fake camera angle so the famous 45 degree angle will be a stepping stone.
    • Take the existing map make it look like the original THEN add in some fun doodads that make sense for the map is alot easier than doing it all at the same time. It is recommended that you first get the overall look of the terrain down first and THEN add doodads.
    • If the actual SC terrain doesnt really exist, ie SNOW, then either create it or fake it.
    • SC2 doesnt have all the normal SC critters so pick some that are similar. I hope that some future artists will be making these, perhaps a contest. If you want to make a SC melee map critter model then please do so but realize that the actual NAME on the critter cannot be changed for Melee.

    Maps can also have added Starcraft 2 features if you want.

    • High Yield Minerals can be added where appropriate as well as High Yield Resources.
    • SC2 has 2 different RAW GAS models so use the approprate one, ie space platform textures should use the space platform version.
    • Double the RAW GAS Units since most SC1 maps have 1 and since SC2 gathers at 60% of the rate. Gas should be either the same as the original or some consistant percentage higher say 20%. ie if the normal starting location has 1 gas worth 5k you can place another gas and have 2 with a TOTAL gas of 6k, ie each gas would have 3K.
    • Destructable Debris in front of expansions can make the map more SC2ish.
    • Xel' Naga Towers can be added.
    • Line of site blockers may be added where approriate. Remember the purpose of site blockers is to make it easier to hide either a Xel' Naga Tower or for a proxy for the player of some kind.
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    Weird bugs it appears, real life takes over ill be back with more.........

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    yes but the data appeared corruped somehow.... still testing...

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    Hmm well i was able to write 10k data to 2 players but the read while working was suspect that the data wasnt partially corrupt.. so more testing.

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    Now i wrote out 100k of data to one player the loading took like 10 secs but it worked!

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