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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    A duplicate zergling model using different texture file paths may not have the freezing issues. I think the problem is only when you try to replace existing game files.

    I'll look into it, but lately i've been swamped with real-life work.

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    posted a message on A Rotation-Map-Creation, would it work?

    sounds fun... as long as people don't take it overly serious. I mean people that do the data/trigger exercises already share their maps here for all to look at.

    The main idea is the effort is minor, and nothing compared to a "pet project".

    A troll stealing the map and publishing it, wont get very far in that venture. They're just gonna waste their battle.net space and get maybe 10 seconds of "haha" and then back to being a failure at life. The whole community knows where the maps comes from originally, so there's no point...

    Just make sure everyone goes into working on this map knowing that the source code is open to public. The risk of being stolen comes 2nd to the usefulness it could be as an educational tool.

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    @Segento: Go

    Yes, the static portrait is an image by itself. Assuming the "Mercenary Firebats portrait diffuse" that you changed is the right file (the diffuse map for the animated portrait model), it'll only change the animated portrait's appearance.

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    posted a message on 1a2a3a Trainer

    No fancy video with epic music, sorry... Instant fail! D: if i manage to make this map appeal to more people than just gosu league players, i'll consider making an epic gameplay video... xD

    Map Name:

    1a2a3a Trainer

    Category: Gosu Training / Mode: 1a2a3a


    Someone on the forums requested a 1a2a3a map, so... I made one. Supply and demand!


    • US: Released
    • EU: Soon to be released
    • Other: Undecided

    Release Phase:


    • Needs polishing and debugging

    Testers needed:

    To people that needed a 1a2a3a trainer:

    • Would you guys help test it and provide me with feedback?

    To others:

    • Feel free to help test and provide feedback as well. May be a bit difficult for people not familiar with 1a2a3a. I recommend not trying "Nightmare" difficulty right away.

    Feedback in the form of:

    Bugs, gameplay concerns, balance, difficulty, feature requests, or just noteworthy comments.

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)
    @UltiDrgn: That's a lot of files... lol. Not sure if i have time to work on that. Maybe you can invest on a program that generates it for you.. xD Mite be able to just make quick and dirty maps, just so you can start putting your models ingame, if that's what you're looking for.
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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    @UltiDrgn: Go Can't you use megaupload, and just leave it uploading while you're away?

    @Karawasa: Go What kind of coloring are you hoping for? Tinting? or actual painting of the icon into a full colored picture?

    @Xeridanus: Go I posted about this problem, but the only responders were people that also had the problem... But i clearly see custom graphics being used ingame perfectly fine, hopefully someone who has gotten it working can comment on how it works for them.

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    posted a message on 3ds Max Help

    you could've just took the diffuse map from the Assets/Textures folder and edited and reimport it back into the same folder with same name.

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    posted a message on Math fail.

    @Sneakervek: Go

    He used the Excel solver function, i think. If you really wanted to do it, you can use "system of equations".

    You can take a look at the points and deduce that a quadratic curve should fit the data, so you use

    Y = AX^2 + BX + C

    and then each data point would generate an equation, totaling 3 equations and 3 unknowns (A,B, and C). Solve for A,B,C and you have your coefficients for your equation.

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    posted a message on Galaxy Editor Modification - Lagless Galaxy Script Patch

    I wish blizzard would just address this issue... syntax highlighting isn't exactly processing satellite data...

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    posted a message on Problem with replacing textures after patch 1.2

    @SexLethal: Go

    But that'll reduce texture quality, as there is no need to regenerate mip maps, but i will try it as a workaround. Nobody else that works with custom textures for units has this problem?

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    @Keyeszx: Go

    yea i spoke on the issue previously... it freezes up my editor too. And i have impressive specs.

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    @Redknox1994: Go Sorry red, i'll keep trying. Don't know why it freezes like that.

    Finally caught up on all the posted graphics... D:! Maintenance Completed!

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    posted a message on How do I make trees harvestable?

    @Reaper872: Go make a new unit that uses the tree model.

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    posted a message on I don't understand how team-based development works.

    @Vexal: Go

    Sure a single person can think of a very creative design and then build. Build time would be proportional to how big the project is. But a team does this all either faster or higher quality and at a larger scale.

    In terms of brainstorming of ideas and creative design

    Now imagine a group of people that have similar interests and each have their own ideas about how it would be like. Then everyone brainstorms and puts together all the best ideas that work well together. Now you have an even larger idea, that takes ideas from multiple creative individuals. Because maybe someone thought of something that you really liked and works well with yours, but you had not initially considered. Now your map isn't only restricted to your own creativeness, which is ultimately limited by your own experiences and personality.

    Facts on division of workload and work efficiency

    • You believe you can do practically everything on your own. I will take your word for it.
    • But there's always others out there that are better than you at either terraining, data editing, triggering, galaxy scripting, layout designing, custom texture drawing, or story writing.
    • By dividing work efficiently, your map could reach a level of quality that you could not have achieved on your own in a realistic time frame.
    • Developing solo can be fast, but is more wasteful of time, because of transition times between working on different aspects individually.
    • Time and attention is a limitation because a single person cannot truly devote his/her whole time to map development without severe repercussions.
    • More hands greatly raises the amount of development hours put into your map without sacrifices in lifestyle.
    • I can literally keep listing more reasons and examples. But the main idea is the whole world operates most efficiently from cooperation, and this is probably because we are not omniscient nor omnipotent beings and make up for our limitations by banding together.
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    posted a message on Yet another thread about girls

    @Bronxsy: Go That's hit-or-miss guys... and judging from the op having to seek advice on this forum, the odds are not in his favor.

    @ OP


    Is your mutual friend a girl or a guy? And how far would this person go to help you out?

    And if you are indeed wraith's son, have you considered talking to your dad? The game hasn't changed THAT much over time.

    General guidelines:

    • Don't be too serious about it (meeting her, or any initial interaction)
    • Be friendly and approachable, not crazy (slightly eccentric is okay)
      • Unless she is crazy, then do whatever you want. (gotta love those girls, omfg)
    • Play to your strengths (humor, charisma, playfulness, badassness)
      • When in doubt, use them all!
    • Use as many credible resources as possible (mutual friends, family)
      • Facebook is not a credible source
    • Keep your options open at all times (no need to be too serious at this point in your life)
    • The more you want a specific girl, the more patience you must have
    • And the process is easier if you don't put too much thought into it.

    General Tip for Dating

    • Make friends with a lot of potential girlfriends and keep them at arms length
      • they'll all eventually see how awesome you are and then you can choose between them later.
    • Having good game and not looking like trash is a requirement to get out of "friend" zone
      • or even getting girls in general.
    • With enough game, you can walk freely between friends and potential partner. So work on that part.

    On Confidence

    • All this talk about showing confidence isn't giving him much to work on.
    • The best game comes naturally from within, so you can't expect someone to just show confidence just because you said so.
      • sometimes it just isn't an inherent characteristic.
    • The better request would be to find a reason to be confident, or do something that makes you feel more confident about yourself.

    First Priority

    • Find your inner zen master, and understand the things that make you stand out as a person, and as a guy that a girl can potentially like.
    • Find out what you're strengths are exactly, so you can "play to your strengths".
      • You may need to improve yourself a little, if you're currently a loser and have nothing worthwhile going on.

    Random Comments

    Gotta love bullet points. And do i sense the advent of a new subforum? D:

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