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    This you can adapt it to third person or first person. Works fine if you set up all the bounding boxes for units.

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    @robinjfor: Go

    rrowland did most of the work.

    It's an intuitive algorithm. Is there a reason Tan and stepping along the horizontal is better than Sine and stepping along the hypotenus? Using Sine would prevent errors at 90/270 degree angles.

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    The reason this isn't working for a lot of people, especially those that aren't getting targets, is because of a particular line that makes it so "Closest Unit" can only target Player 15 units.

    If you change the "15" to c_playerAny or your preferred hostile player, then it should start working for those that aren't getting targets.

    lv_closestUnit = libNtve_gf_ClosestUnitToPoint(lv_tracePoint, UnitGroup(null, 15, lv_traceRegion, UnitFilter(0, 0, (1 << c_targetFilterMissile), (1 << (c_targetFilterDead - 32)) | (1 << (c_targetFilterHidden - 32))), 0));

    Good tutorial, should add a note in for that particular detail.

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    Here's where the map updates will be: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/smash/ Added a preview of the testing terrain.

    I'd like people's input on how they think an SC2 version of Smash TV should be like. I've already got unit spawns and the terrain/arena practically done. I'm working on character/enemy design and may even change everything i've done thus far, if necessary.

    Smash TV pros and fans come help brainstorm!

    Some things i've been thinking about...

    1. Upgradeable units... or only transformation advancement?
    2. Original method of spawning/upgrading units or a custom on-screen-display?
    3. I'll release an alpha asap, people seem not interested in something they haven't seen. :[
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    This might help improve your guide:

    Host + = Subject: ::scope.Tentacle; Scope: Implicit; Actor: Implicit; Effect: (None)

    The part where it says "::scope.Tentacle", it'll probably be less confusing if you wrote

    Host + = Subject: ::scope.Tentacle (Reference); Scope: Implicit; Actor: Implicit; Effect: (None)

    so people know they can find it in the drop-down after clicking the Reference radio button, and not attempt to type it in under Custom, which would probably work anyways i guess.

    Here's my small contribution to your cause and a wiki advertisement all rolled-up in one. ;]


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    No spoiler tags in this forum? Well, that touhou clone map has a way to always win pretty easily.

    - SPOILER - (i think?) All you have to do to always win is stand right in front of the boss, and hold Z, and spam X to keep using your special. The amount of damage you do at point blank is immense, and it'll die faster than you can lose all your lives. Kinda exploits the fact that all the bullets hitting = terrible terrible damage. They should probably lower the amount of lives you start with, or reduce the number of bullets the player shoots.

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    Are you using "Enable/Disable Ability For Unit"? Your explanation doesn't match your question. If you wanted to disable both abilities at level 1, then how come you wrote "disable ability x" at level 1?

    Make sure your Enable/Disable parameters are set the way you want it, the default value is always Disable.

    I'm just gonna assume you just want ability x and y to appear when your unit is level 2, but not before. You should disable or hide both abilities at the beginning, then trigger abilities to enable/unhide when you reach level 2.

    Hope that's what you're asking.

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    I believe what he means is that if you ally to the neutral player (0?) it'll break the action where it shares control with other players when you walk up to a "shop". What should happen is the building comes under your control automatically so you'll be spending your resources, and not the neutral player's.

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