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    posted a message on I created a map and i only got this t-shirt...

    Eternalwraith, the problem is BNet 2.0 is beyond counter-intuitive in the way it works. Its next to impossible to be in one place long enough or even to see some person again to actually make friends with someone.

    I've made two friends so far over BNet 2.0...

    Am I anti-social? Perhaps but thats in IRL. When I don't have more friends on a game than in real life, its not my fault, its the crappy system.

    Everyother game I play(ed) (AoE2,AoE3,Runescape,Halo for PC, MW2) I'v gathered WAY more friends in half the time I'v gotten in Sc2.

    PshychoMc is right, its pretty much impossible to jump in , without have friends joining Sc2 WITH you, be able to test a map.

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    posted a message on Creating a short-time speed boost.

    How would I go about creating an ability which when bought, increases speed of all units or increases hp of all units for a short amount of time? I tried to look at other abilties of sorts but I was unable to figure out how.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    posted a message on Numbers on unit death

    Hmm, I checked out Marine Arena and its Resournces Gained on Death of unit

    It works well for what im going to use it for though

    Thanks for the help Skoite!

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    posted a message on Numbers on unit death

    In infested Arena as well as many other maps, when you kill a unit you see a number float out where the unit died...

    I would very much like to know how to get this done =D

    All help is greatly appreciated ;)

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    posted a message on [Data]Unit Deaths Number Float

    I would really like to know how to have a number that floats out of a unit when say I kill a zergling and it goes +1 (like in Infested Arena).

    I have't got a clue of where to put this on, is it in the actor or the unit? Or something to do with modding unit death?

    Any help would be very much appreciated =D

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    posted a message on [Data] Area Effect

    Never seems to be working now

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    posted a message on [Data] Area Effect

    I added area damage to a unit, but he tends to kills his own  comrades, is there a way to exclude them from the damage? Under exlude I exluded the caster but.... I don't see option for exluding his teamates. =S

    So, this very special unit wants to stop killing his comrades but he needs YOUR help! He would greatly appreciate it and so would I.

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    posted a message on Blood of War - In the depths of death and survival

    Ah just to add this on

    I'v got a game called "Basic Blood beta 1.0" which simulates the basis for a blood type game from AoE2.
    It's rather rough,(no data editting/terrainingw/skill) but playable to have fun with.

    (FYI: Spawn means "Create Unit")

    A blood has three basic attributes to it:

    1. Spawn Island
        -- A spawn island has units from which you move to an area that will spawn units in main battle area.
    2. Base Protection
        -- A building which you protect at all cost in your base where your units spawn at.
    3. Kill Rewards
        -- A reward for getting X amount of kills, such as a new more powerful unit to spawn

    Because of my AoE2 backround in RTS, I encourage people to try my map, and edit it to what-ever they want with it.
    It has many possiblities in how it could go and what one could do with it as it is the most basic blood possible.

    Other Unique game types from AoE2:
    PTO- Protect the One
    UDP- U da Prey
    WD- Warrior Defense
    AoW(?)- Art of War
    CB- CB Auto, CB Fair, Rambit CB, Mini CB

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    posted a message on Blood of War - In the depths of death and survival


    To get a large than 16 brush into terrain editor, you must use a memory editor to find and change the value of brush size.

    To link upgrades costs (As one goes up the others go up) when your on upgrade effect menu, change the upgrade cost of all abilities for all.

    To set a max mineral limit, put a looping triggers (I.E. periodic time event) to check if minerals are above desired amount, and in actions, set to desired amount

    To spawn units based on mineral amount, make an array of them and check if minerals are within the amount desired
    create unit at unit point,
    delete unit of varaible
    change last created unit to variable


    As I solve my other problems I will post my fixes ;)

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    posted a message on Supplies Used by Player

    This is under player properties, and I would like to know if this refers to the amountof units*supply each one uses?

    Like if a player had one thor, who supply usage is 6, would supply used by player be 6? or if thor unit dies would it go down to 0?

    Any help is much appreciated =D

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    posted a message on Specific unit pathing and/or region

    Just taking a stab,

    what about unit enters region, and force task it back out?

    or maybe fill blocked path with creep and make is speed multiplier practily 0

    could move him to center every time he tries to leave

    or make him immovable

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    posted a message on Fortress Blood New Map!

    I call Age of Empires cross over!

    although this shouldnt be call a bood but AoW ;)

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    posted a message on Armor types

    EDIT: karawasa had it better than me

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    posted a message on Blood of War - In the depths of death and survival

    I come from AoE2 map making comminity, though I own and played some AoE3 custom maps (Originally AoE3 didnt support Custom Scenarios, so AoE2 has a bigger population than AoE3).

    I'm was never a premier map maker, granted only ever made one half decent map on AoE2, but this one I'm giving it all out.

    Fort Wars by pftq(permission aquired) is the best custom scenario I have ever played. I am sticking to the original as closely as I can but, Sc2 and AoE3 are comletely different games.

    Basicly, you have 5 units to choose from, each with there weaknesses and strengths. Choose two units to spawn, and kill the enemies main building.
    (its more complex than that)

    I'll just log what I do, the troubles I have and the fixes I get for my troubles.

    So far, below is what I forsee of what will give me trouble
    (includes plain up tediuosness, trigger logic, data pains, and terraining skill)
    --Making a 80 radius cliff circle*
    --Removing two attacks from a unit down to one*
    --Create 46 units*
    --Prevent area damage from killing friendly*
    --Morph a unit into another unit, with option to morph back~º
    --Link upgrade costs*
    --unique full map specials
    --unit spawning*
    --spawn units based on mineral amount*
    --xp per unit gained to mineral*
    --set max mineral limit*
    --map layout based on number of players~
    --unit aesthetics
    --terrain aesthetics~(after map done)

    * Have done/fixed (if you want to know how I did so, ask and I'll put up)
    ~ Need input as to how to do this any help greatly appreciated
    ^ Haven't gotten to this yet, but don't know how to do it, input appreciated
    º This is what I am currently working on


    Well, I hardly get time to work on this (Due to taking 7 AP classes in senior year trying to help my miserable GPA, 2.2431) but when I do, I learn alot about the editor, how making games go and overall enjoy making a game. (overall meaning 20 units from scratch, BLEH)

    Eventually this map will get done, and I hope you all will enjoy it!

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    posted a message on Curious about the simplification of tedious mapmaking processes.

    You know, a very simple feature that would make the unit editor a ton easier, is giving us the option to only show attributes we want to change...
    I'm customizing 30+ units for a map I'm making, and due to the layout of almost randomly placed attributes, its hard to keep track of what I have changed in a unit, what still needs to be changed and whatnot...

    Riley, we all know things arent gonna be as simple as think/edit tools for awhile, but a couple of decent rearranged OR view functions updated into the editor would make it FAR easier to use rather than what it is right now.

    Note, I said rearranged, NOT changed or editted, Rearranged....

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