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    posted a message on Lip sync with cutscene editor/art tools?

    Anyone know if it will be possible to do proper lip syncing with the new cutscene editor or art tools?

    Wondering about this for both for cutscenes and portraits... Wish someone would've asked this during a Q/A :)

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    posted a message on How to create a shield+hp > 500 validator?


    Just use the validator 'Compare Unit Vitality' instead of 'Compare Unit Vital' (which is only for a single vital).

    It compares the total life and shield of the unit. Hope this helps. :)

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    posted a message on Hive Keeper - Dungeon Keeper Mod

    Can't wait to play this. Loved Dungeon Keeper. Keep up the good work! :)

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    posted a message on MAD (Official Thread)

    @ZealNaga: Go

    Hey, thanks for the kind words. :)

    Shooting while rocket-jumping is something I've thought about a lot, and I've decided to leave it out as you can't be hit when jumping, and being able to shoot while jumping would cause certain imbalance issues. It might be included in the game some point in the future depending on how the map develops.

    I assume in this case by fullscreen you mean removing the default UI? That's planned, but put on hold for now due to the limitations with a custom minimap. Once Blizz improves the UI customization you can expect the screen to be cleared except for the custom UI and minimap. (The text next to the leaderboard and the leaderboard itself are custom made dialogs, so they don't disappear no. :) )

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    posted a message on MAD (Official Thread)

    @Fullachain: Go

    The plan is to make it a pickup like any other powerup, except once you pick it up you keep it until you die, and reload it like the rocket launcher. Right now it functions so that you aim, then there's a small charge time (1.25 sec atm), and then it fires. It's all subject to balance of course. :)

    I plan to add other weapons too, some of which you will already have when spawning (like the rocket launcher).

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    posted a message on MAD (Official Thread)

    New weapon preview: Railgun

    It will require skillz. ;)

    BOOM headshot!

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    posted a message on MAD (Official Thread)

    Here's a screenshot showing further development of the selection UI:

    MAD UI

    Perks is a new feature allowing the players to choose one advantage in each category:

    • Ability - An activated ability costing energy.
    • Core - A passive boost which changes the marine in several ways.
    • Power - Increases the effectiveness of a certain powerup (Example: Haste Conduit - Speed Rune effect also halves reload time).
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    posted a message on Voliar's Revenge

    Skoite, just wanted to say that this is one of the maps I'm looking forward to the most right now. I'm a sucker for good stories (which is important for games like this), and I can't wait to experience it. :)

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    posted a message on [Release] Catalyst

    Like the menu background you got going on, looks like a pretty hefty battleground. :)

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    posted a message on Fluid Simulation (So Many Banelings)

    Haha, that's pretty amazing actually. And yea, SC2's pathing system is probably the best one seen in any game at this point.

    First time ever I've felt like taking a swim in banelings. :)

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    posted a message on MAD (Official Thread)


    v1.1 - FX has just been released!

    I'll be updating this thread every now and then on progress on the map for those interested. You can also check out the older developer videos at the project page if you haven't seen them already.

    Feel free to leave feedback and let me know if you find any bugs. :)

    v1.1 - FX


    • FFA Mode now available!
    • New UI Selection of Mode and Arena. And no, the background won't stay blank forever!
    • New UI Reload Bar which appears when reloading.
    • Lowered the score needed to win (due to increased survivability).
    • Increased the size of marine minimap indicators.
    • The zerglings have moved!


    • Rocket direct damage reduced from 75 to 65.
    • Marine max shield increased to 80.
    • Rocket Jump self damage no longer consumes shield.
    • Rocket Jump self damage reduced from 15 to 10.
    • New Rocket and Rocket Jump explosions.


    • All powerups now have a tooltip ingame.
    • Supply Crate renamed to Health and has a new look. It no longer restores rockets or cancels reload.
    • Health now restores 40 life down from 50, and will no longer be picked up if the player has full life.
    • Speed Rune speed increase reduced from 30% to 25%.
    • Speed Rune has a new visual effect.
    • Shield Orb renamed to Super Shield and has a new look.
    • Shield Spike renamed to Shield and has a new look.
    • Shield and Super Shield will no longer be picked up if the player has full shield.
    • Invisibility has a new look.
    • Invisibility now works even while rocket jumping, except for a slight disturbance to the cloaking field during the take-off blast.
    • Quad Damage has a new look and visual effect.
    • Quad Damage sound effect removed from rocket explosions, remains for rocket firing.
    • Quad Damage duration increased from 20 to 25 seconds.

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where the game didn't end when all players on a team had left.
    • Fixed a bug where players would take direct damage from their own rockets if standing too close to the explosion.
    • Fixed a bug where marines dropped a non-existent combat shield upon death. It was never there... nope, it was just your imagination.
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    posted a message on SC2 Custom Map Contest? What a fail!

    @Bibendus: Go

    You're right about the WC3 contests, but we don't know if it's the same people that did the SC2 contest. Also, it's the first time they've had to pick contest winners which would be set up on pc's to be played at Blizzcon. All in all, I agree that it's sad we didn't know more about what they were looking for. :\

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    posted a message on SC2 Custom Map Contest? What a fail!

    @Anonymoose: Go

    At least you're honest, I'll give you that. I for one haven't looked a lot into the contest submissions, so I can't say if there are better maps or not, nor would I since anything I'd say could be called out as biased. I simply make statements based on the facts given to me. I wasn't referring to you directly when I said people have been bashing the contest winners unnecessarily harsh (and without any comparison to other entries). Constructive criticism is one thing, but some of what we've seen here is far from it. Non-constructive criticism, no matter how you spin it, is never good for an online community with creativity in the center of it.

    Many members of this community, SC2 players I know, and friends suggested I submit my map because they felt I had a chance of winning after trying it in beta, and still I get feedback and support from the same (and new) people that the map deserved to win. Personally I don't know, but to say I definitely won due to a glitch? We have no information what so ever on how Blizzard filtered out 'released' maps or what they counted as released.

    @Karawasa: Go

    I think they do care though. Otherwise they wouldn't be updating the editor with every patch or answering questions in the forums.

    I wouldn't focus on blaming Blizzard, as I said it's the first time they're doing this sort of thing. In the end we're all human, even the guys working at Blizzard (which many, including myself, forget sometimes). Still, we want them to do everything perfect and we want it done now, preferably in a way that suits us.

    When something goes wrong, the focus shouldn't be on finding out who is to blame. It should be to figure out how we can improve so it won't happen again. Hopefully that is what Blizzard is doing, and we'll see in the future.

    So I hope you're not giving up on your project, I loved Element TD for WC3. I believe I've seen videos of a port to SC2 which looked awesome, dunno if they are yours.

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    posted a message on SC2 Custom Map Contest? What a fail!
    Quote from Anonymoose: Go

    @Acemore: Go

    That's almost like starting your map 4 months before the contest even starts. Oh wait...

    Oh, direct attack! I'm sure there were others as well which submitted a map they had been working on since beta. ;)

    I just want to clarify: MAD wasn't out in retail. We don't know how Blizzard filtered out released maps, and for all we know they don't count maps which were out in SC2 beta as released. I mean Blizzard's own game wasn't even released.

    Quote from Koronis: Go

    [email protected] the 2 biased guys defending the contest your opinions would almost be valid if you weren't the winners next time they host that contest they should have rules like: -playable by a 4yrs old and/or retard -boring so the people dont feel like they have to come back to the playing area -etc man you guys should simply port any 2002 flash games or iphone apps next time casual gaming fuk ye

    I'm not defending the contest, in fact I've stated several things Blizzard could've improved, such as being more clear on the rules and what 'released' exactly means. What I said is I think Photon Command and Zergling Round-up were good choices for Blizzard's purpose for their Drive-By playing. Yet some here continue to bash these winners and how bad they think these maps are.

    This is the FIRST TIME ever I've seen people bashing other maps like this on these forums. Not only is it demoralizing towards the map makers, but it puts a negative spin on the community ("Don't try to come out with your map here if it's bad, we won't help you improve it, we'll just tell you it sucks!")

    What you are doing is actually making map makers go elsewhere for feedback on their maps.

    If you still got a beef with how Blizzard judged this contest, that's fine. Contact them, send them an email or host your own contest if it makes you feel better, no one here is going to stop you. But stop tainting these forums with constant negative and bashing posts. I can tell you for sure that a lot of people don't want to make maps in that kind of community.

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    posted a message on SC2 Custom Map Contest? What a fail!
    Quote from Forge_User_20974461: Go

    Hey guys, why don't we start a SC2Mapster community vote on blizzard map contest submissions? It would what maps should have been the real winners... Progammer do you want to start a thread about this?

    If I wasn't on the other side of the fence, I'd say someone's having a hard time letting go!

    In all seriousness though, it's been quite a few weeks since the contest submission deadline. Some might have done lots of improvements to their maps, while some haven't done anything, so it wouldn't be the same contest.

    It probably would be better to simply host a new contest with clear rules and a deadline that doesn't stress people out.

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