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    Hello mapster!

    I've went to multiple threads in order to search for the best way to protect a bank. Some members are saying that any good hackers could decrypt an encoded bank. But I wonder, can hackers hack our map?

    The map we play are downloaded on battle.net but I don't see them on my computer like warcraft 3 maps were. Only banks appear on our computer on the sc2 directory.

    If hackers can't get to our triggers, could we use the RSA encrypting method in order to encrypt our bank?

    Thank you Mike

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    posted a message on Modeling Monday [SC2Streamster]

    Yay a christmas tree that glows!

    I'm gonna see it for sure :D

    Thank you Corbo :D

    I would like to know how to make insects wings. (wings that we can see trough but are still visible.. well you know how flies wings look likes)

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    posted a message on Newbie Wednesday- Ask Questions!



    Thank_you :D

    PS: Dunno_what's_going _on_but_all_my_text_appears_without_spaces_so_I_made_these_.

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    That's right what I need ! Thank you !

    Will the video stays on youtube or will it be a live stream that can't be viewed when it's finished? And where is it located ? :O

    I can propose you some nice subjects :D

    1. 1 How to make a ball of energy, that spins and glows! (Like Naruto's Rasengan)
    2. 2 How to make a manga character, that have basic animations such as punch and walk.
    3. 3 How to make a ton of animation on a unique character. (I know that in starcraft 2 editor their is a ton of animations 'varaiables'' and ''layers''. I mean, I can make the marines animate Stand A, Stand B and Stand C. How to make all these possible? And how to make a marine use them 3 in data?)
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    posted a message on Before you flame Blizzard. . . again. . .

    TL:DR ...

    why did I posted anyways?

    Whatever, I red the title and... why are you puting so much effort on being ?&*%?$&holes... can't you just enjoy the game like 99% of the people?

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    posted a message on @Mephs angry post in the custom map forum

    That whole thread is shit actually.. but I love seeing all the debates inside of it :D

    In my opinion, the only reason why we should be mapping is because we love to.

    I've spent a hundred hours on a cinematic in wacraft 3 in which I had put my voice onto 11 characters, epic battles and 15 minutes long. I showed it to 30 people only as a highschool project and that was all. I'm still proud I did it, don't mind if it's 100 hours that you would call ''lost''. I had fun doing the cinematic and what is life but having fun?

    I wish to be a doctor, I'm studying for that. In my spare time I work on my SC2 RPG map. It may never comes out, I may put 200 hours on it (already put a hundred), I don't mind. If I can play it with my couple friends and my brother, that will make it all nice.

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    posted a message on ModernWarfare 'like' game need help

    @ibebusiness: Go

    He? She looks like a girl to me :O

    Whatever, quite an interesting mod you mod! I wonder how beautifull the sc2 map scene will be in a couple years... :D

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    posted a message on CraftCraft — EU/NA Beta

    @Ranakastrasz: Go

    He is in the EU?

    Snif :,( Whatever, just got access to DIABLO III Beta TODAY!!!!!! Still installing :D

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    posted a message on Newbie Wednesday- Ask Questions!

    @zeldarules28: Go

    Poor sowwy, he has tried weally hard to find it!

    Is that cute cat the cat of sixen? or any moderator? :D

    Ohh, and where is the show gonna be? posted in the news?


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    posted a message on The Dominion Strikes Back - 3v3 - Assualt || Defend Map

    Nice bro Continue the good work :D

    @TwoDie: Go

    campaign related content only. Textures set will probably be used on some new cool melee maps.

    I hope it's snowing on snow maps :D

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    posted a message on Hive Keeper - Dungeon Keeper Mod

    I've never played any DK but seeing your amazing mod, I wonder if I missed something :D

    whatever, good luck with it. I looking forward to play this!

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    posted a message on What kind of things would you imbalance in SC2?

    Creep becomes Chloridric acid and burns everything on it's path but zerg, then overlords becomes the siege unit of zerg as they spit acids on the map. :D


    Let the zergling Fly when the wings upgrade is purchased. and let it split into two other zerglings on death?

    1 zergling and for the win!

    EDIT: just realized my two ideas where kind of said earlier... :(

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    posted a message on To everyone expecting Diablo 3


    I don't like the UI of the Eternal. AND, I am a LORE guy, which mean I want Diablo Lore.

    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    LOL, They dont really recycle their games,


    << my only worry for now is that the gameplay in Lineage might be really bad, as in lots of video games coming from Asia (weird control schemes, bad camera placements, and game being too repetitive mostly). >>

    that is the shitest thing I've ever heard... LOL sorry.. to meant to hurt.

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    posted a message on I like to know three things about custom maps.
    Quote from zaopatrzeniowiec: Go

    1. Where to put them to comfortble launch them from game level. Without draging them at SC2 icon and alt+f4 after edn of scenario. 2. How to be able to succesfuly save/load that scenarios like normal game? 3. Where can i get WORKING remade campaigns from oryginal StarCraft?

    Quite hard to understand what you meant. Will do my best to asnwer.

    1. What? Must games aren't downloaded but played via Battle.net Go to starcraft 2 battle.net, go to ''join custom game'', write your search in the serach box, press enter, select the map you are looking for, play your map. If you meant to play YOUR unpublished map, open them in the editor, go to file,click on test map.

    2. Hum, didn't know we couldn't save them normaly. Can't answer you on that one.

    3. Same as number one, go to starcraft 2 battle.net and search for it in the custom games.

    Hope I was of any little help. Mike

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    posted a message on MPQ Editor,

    The only MPq editor I know is free open source. If you mean a model editor like 3ds max, well nice job pirating it but know that there is a LEGAL and FREE student version on their site...

    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    I dont blame people who pirate HIgh cost programs like that... IF their not Selling what they make with it, Then I dont really see a problem. Just think about how many people, who simply pay the 2000$, then the program sits on the computer because they cant use it.

    People who sell shit made with pirated programs disgust me, You should Pay for something you are going to sell. If you do make something with a pirated program and sell it, Please Pay for the damn program.... if nothing else after you sold your shit.

    Hell I use Photoshop... FC portables version, It works great, but If I was ever going to sell something I wouldnt use it, Or I would buy it, Its one of the few programs I think are Completely Worth buying in my eyes. I delete the ones that are crap.

    I agree with you.

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