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    Looks like you got it now.
    Anyways, here a little picture about how that assigning works.

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    @Starscr3am: Go

    You have to set the dialog items into variables.
    Create a new variable of the type 'dialog item' and after you created a button you make an action like 'set YourVariable = last created dialog item'.

    Now you can access that dialog item in other triggers with things like 'used dialog item'.

    But better have a look at zelda´s tutorial.
    Helped me a lot on several issues i ran into while creating my map, you will definitly learn from it.

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    You can choose to use regions or points but points make more sense imo.
    In my example they are points.

    Playergroups are variables.
    Just create a new variable as type 'playergroup' and use the trigger action 'add player to player group'.

    Player Group - Add player YourPlayer to TeamPlayergroup

    In this case it could look like:

            Dialog - Any Dialog Item is used by Player Any Player with event type Clicked
                    (Used dialog item) == Team1_Button
                    (Used dialog item) == Team2_Button
            General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
                    (Used dialog item) == Team1_Button
                    Player Group - Add player (Triggering player) to (Team1_Playergroup)
                    Player Group - Add player (Triggering player) to (Team1_Playergroup)
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    Do you know how to create dialogs and use dialog items?

    I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but i would try it like this:

    Basically you put the players in playergroups based on the choosen team in the dialog.
    and then something like this to execute on gamestart..


    The event should be your event to start the actual game, and the created unit your choosen hero.
    Team1_spawn and Team2_spawn would be the points marking your spawnpoints.

    Rendering buttons unclickable is easy, if someone uses that button just tell it to disable the used dialog item.

            Dialog - Disable (yourDialogItem) for (All players)

    Again, im not sure if that is what your looking for or if there is an way to do it easier, but this is what i did in my herobased map.

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    Quote from IliIilI: Go

    I'll reply you with a quote from yourself:

    @PatchOne: Go

    I use to make lots of map reviews at the EU map nights. But if you come to the forums with this attitude, people won't bother reviewing your maps.

    yeah i remember that post, and i would do it again.
    the discussion was about good and new tug of war maps, and all you did was posting "play corefight, play corefight"

    tell me where i said my map is awesome or anything like that? again anyone here read anything that i posted?

    all i wanted is to know why people ignore noname´s map threads. but hey, please why dont you guys flame me again several time because my herowars sucks so damn hard?

    as the last lines of my last post may indicate, this discussion is over for me. thanks.

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    @Gorandor - what part of "its not about the stupid herowars remake map" dont you get?

    i can say it again - its NOT about herowars, I KNOW THAT MAP SUCKS AND THAT NOBODY WANT TO PLAY IT - THANKS.

    but that tankwars, what this issue is about, is not a copy of anything, it's an idea a mate and i had and we started to work on it - it is not a fancy third person shooter or an super awesome new type of genre, but its not a copy of anything existing, so how the hell do you want to know if its any good?
    thats one thing you guys seem to ignore here, but how often shall i say this? pah..

    and yeah, definitly i aim at making money whit mapping, to become a total famous mapping-star... seriously? god.. can you at least try to understand my issue? im not an fucking idiot even if you guys here now think that, just because you dont get the point of my problem...

    Quote from Karawasa: Go

    @PatchOne: Go

    The community does care about maps, and not only their own maps. The catch, is that people care only about things that interest them. If your maps and threads are boring, how can you possibly expect anyone to comment? You seem to have this sense of entitlement as if you are a mapper that deserves attention. But, what you need to realize is such a thing is earned.

    Judging by the last line of the quote along with all your other responses, I think it's best for everyone (yourself included) if you go find another hobby. Honestly dude, you're acting like a 7 year old and it's sad to see. Your ignorance and arrogance are beyond help from anyone here.

    it may be my bad english that prevents me from making clear what i mean, but you just dont get it. seriously!

    i am NOT saying that i deserve any attention for anything, i NEVER said any of my maps should be compared to the top maps we have here in the community and also i NEVER said that i am a mapper that has to be recognized or "well known".

    the problem about the "monopoly" thing is the following...
    because everyone knows your map is possibly very nice they are posting and commenting in your thread - THAT is NOT the problem, you deserve it and that is good - the issue here is that mappers that have NO name, that haven't done any maps with 10000 hrs of playtime, projects that are based on known and awesome games or whatever get basically no attention at all in any way - no matter how perfect their english is, how awesome their thread describing the map is.

    people care about things that interest them - of course!
    but how does anyone find out if they dont play it? - okay, okay - providing screenshots and videos could take care of that, i know now - but also could just giving it a try!

    i know that a mapper has to do lots of additional work to present his map besides the coding itself - but do you think i dont know that? do you think i would have bought an domain, set up a website and forum for my herowars map and started advertising in other mapping forums aswell if i wouldnt know that?

    now, that i have everyone against here me thinking im a total idiot, while everyone tells me the same shit over and over again but not really getting my point, i definitly feel stupid.

    i most definitly wont stop mapping now nor leave this community or stop posting any threads here (regardless of me now getting probably less answers... but whatever).
    i'll try to work on my english and will take the advice about screenshots and videos while promoting a map and try to ignore the issue i have with the community and their caring about nonames.

    thanks for the people actually helping or posting thing regarding my actual issue and not stupiditly flaming be because ANOTHER project that actually sucks.

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    @Vexal: Go

    because i called him stupid after he quasi called me an retard, i am the bad guy? okay...

    i never said my idea is great or anything - thats why i want feedback for that map, to see if people actually like it.
    but how if noone plays it? so there is a mapping community with a forum called

    "Map Feedback - Made a cool map and want feedback from your players? Post here!"

    and that is still the point and wont change - nobody does post there if they dont know your name. the question still is, why? it is a mapping community, right?
    and i know that the answer is not "because your avatar lets you look stupid, because your english sucks, because noone likes your maps" - sorry.

    about the "idiot because of you projects".. that was replied to this quote


    He's saying that some maps are so mediocre by default that it's not worth giving feedback on them and getting them polished. You can make some lame ass TD map and say you need feedback, but you can only use that as an excuse for the map being crappy up to a specific point. Some maps are just so retardly bad that no amount of feedback is going to improve them.

    the point of this thread was a map eternal never played, what makes this then? he judges that map because he played another one of my maps, and because that one sucked he wont see any reason to try another of my maps. that is how i understood the whole thing, and that is why i am that "enraging".

    @taco i would never be offended if someone does not like my maps or my ideas - but again, this here was like "that guy´s map sucked so he is a bad mapper" to me.

    [quote]Remember, Your OP incited my reply. You came across aggressive and almost insulting towards this "our" community. You stated you were "pissed" off at the community and its players. [quote]
    because the thing still is, someone could think that a mapping community has members that care about maps (and not only their own maps). and that is not the fact - thats why the sc2 mapping community in general starts to annoy me. and that is why i started to insult it. i am sorry if that offended you, but i just dont like it.

    the comparsion was there to state the monopoly a known mapper has.. obviously i would never compare any of my maps to something like eletd.
    it was just his fame generating tons of people replying - and that is another thing that really sucks and helps nobody..

    about the good reason, how would you know if a map has this good reason to play if you wont test it? screenshots or videos cant be the answer here..

    and in the end, i am allowed to call myself a mapper now, yes?

    however i will take back the personal insult of calling you stupid and agree on the fact that i enraged a bit too much, but still i couldnt make anyone understand my point yet.

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    taco, like i said it was not my intention to attack you in any way. if you read my reply to nebuli2´s post you'll see that i in the end took your post and "accepted" your opinion, even if i still think making the avatar a reason for my problem is totally nonsense.

    it may have an impact on how to look at someone, but definitly not in this case!
    but whatever i dont want to discuss this any further..

    about the answer to eternal.. i wanted him to reply and i knew what his post would basically look like. obviously not the details, but that kind of forum user is just predictable and most of his post is totally off-topic and idiotic. not all of it, but most - besides that, a moderator and the "retard" flame.. okay, why not?

    @Vexal actually that avatar restriction has been removed as far as i know. animated avatars, if they are not too annoying are allowed.

    about the other things.. it is not really about the being noticed thing, it is about being a part of an community.

    i mean, even if im now not allowed to call myself a mapper because some pros might redo my maps in 24hrs, this is a mapping community, and there is a feedback thread - for what if these members of this community dont care about anything but themself?

    the thing is that HE was missing the point of this thread.. he talked about my other map - i know that it sucks, i know that it is unfinished, i god damn know that it is just anothet tug of war map and just a frickin remake.

    but this thread was about the "how to" getting feedback for the tankwars project and why noone replies there - but not one word about it.

    all he did was flaming at me because that map project that is not even close to be an beta (thats why i called it ALPHA) isnt finished and sucks additional to my bad english and my so obviosuly stupid avatar. was this the reason or point for this thread? no, it was not.

    how the hell can someone say that a map isnt worth playing if he never actually played it? could you explain that to me?
    because my FIRST "big" project still sucks, in its ALPHA state, because of that im an idiot that does not know anything on mapping, every map that i create will suck and isnt worth giving a try? because my avatar lets me look dumb?

    exactly that is the point - a feedback thread is to make players play your map and get feedback, right? you now want to tell me EVERYONE on this forum thinks, because of my avatar, because of my lack of english skills and because of my not-finished wc3 remake map, that this map is not worth testing at least once?

    i dont know what to say.. seriously.

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    @Nebuli2: Go

    yeah, actually it was taco´s post. i dont give anything about the nazgul.

    if seriously someone with a opinion worth to care about thinks that was the reason why noone replied to my threads.. as stupid as this sounds.. i'll give it a try.

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    @EternalWraith: Go


    You Know What Alpha Means, Right? Did Anyone Say That It Is Finished? I Need Feedback On Features And Things To Add - That Is The Point! Do You Get That?

    I Think The Problem Are Exactly People Like You, Trying To Cover Their Own "Stupidity" With This Kind Of "Coolness Acting" In A Forum, And Then Judging People By Their "Looks" (Lol, Avatar - Seriously? What About Yours?) Or Their Typing. (Sorry Tenthousand Times That Im Not A Native English Speaker, Nor Care As Long As People Are Able To Understand What I Am Trying To Tell Them, Mister Perfect)

    no seriously.
    what you are doing is not giving feedback, it is being a wannabe cool guy flaming something just because you think you are "better"

    these are your reasons for not reading my threads, posts or playing my maps - and i say thank you, because i dont want someone like you talking to me about anything, may it be mapping, the weather or whatever.

    i never said anywhere that my maps are awesome, that they have groundbreaking ideas in it (except stargate that was "a cool idea" and the feedback for that map prove it) - just that i want feedback! you know what feedback means, right?

    it isnt only me that does not get any feedback by posting a public thread here or anywhere else. also i am 100% sure that it isnt my bad english or my avatar that makes people think "oh look, this guy is probably a douchebag, i dont give him and feedback"

    not everyone cant be as perfect as you, releasing tons of awesome 100% perfect polished maps (oh wait..)

    it is still the community that does not gives a fuck about any maps at all. and i just want to know why. (most definitly not the reasons you stated.)

    @TacoManStan: Go

    you are now with mr. nazgul the second guy that has a problem with my english. actually i had a issue with it myself while we were working on Stargate Universe and asked my Teammates about it, and all of them told me that my english is abolutley fine and understandable. not perfect but okay. kinda weird.

    i know that it sucks, but tell me that you dont understand what i am writing. i have seen people around here that type worse - like 10 times worse and they still get any feedback posts. there are people posting walls of text, using literally no punctuation at all - at least i try that and i always make my posts "readable" in the formatting.
    do you really want to tell me my AVATAR is the reason for noone replying to my feedback thread? i mean, seriously? do you know how stupid that actually is? whats wrong about that dude? shall i change it to something really really internet-lolcatz-funny? or some lord of the ring themed thing? will that make me look more "professional"?

    i dont want to attack you, i appreciate your opinion but this is just hilarious.

    this is definitly not the reason for me not getting feedback on my map.

    what i have done for others? do you mean like helped anyone? do we now get medals and honor awards for helping someone and showing them like "oh look, that one helped 100 people, hes a cool dude - i look at his map and see if its playable" ?
    i definitly helped people with problems, while the beta was running i received several pm´s about things in the maps i've done, about my stargate map and how i achieved things in it, and i answered them all.

    about the videos and informations delivered in that thread - okay.
    i will take your advice on that and try to show more detail like ingame scenes or videos. also i will work on the posts describing the map.

    hope you dont feel offended by my reply but i really dont think this has anything to do with the lack of my english skills or my choosen avatar.
    but hey, i will try, i think about changing the avatar and triple check posts in the future and comparing the results afterwards.

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    sure, herowars isnt really unique. it is an obvious wc3 map remake and i never said anything else - but why is that a reason for the players not to send me an email? i really dont know, do you?

    also even if this map is an basic tug of war, it isnt anything like something thats already on sc2.

    but this "being pissed off thread" is about the tankwars and its feedback thread in the first place. the herowars has been played and i got - even if its not much - a little bit feedback and still have to work on it.

    what my point is is what i explained in the firstpost, my thread being there even longer than eletd´s and not getting even one post etc.. and the main reason why noone in the mapping community cares about maps except they are theire own or from a known name.

    Quote from TheAlmaity: Go

    EDIT: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/project-workplace/2004-stargate-idea-possible/?post=31
    My first post on mapster :) 30th may 2010, your thread ;)

    wow, haha! i remember now - well that thread makes me want to play the game right now
    i think im gonna definitly revive it in one or the other way.. probably some of the old members are on it as well (like zarakk would be awesome..)

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    Quote from TheAlmaity: Go

    @PatchOne: Go

    Will give it a try next week if we can ;) 3v3, right?

    Also, one thing I forgot to mention in the previous post, about Stargate Galaxies. If I remember right, I created my sc2mapster account to apply to your team :p I'd gladly help out if you decide to revive the project, at least how much I can

    wow really? what an honor :D

    i definitly thought about reviving it and it might happen in the next weeks or so. i'll let you know.

    about herowars, basically it works from 1v1 up to 5v5 so whatever you like.

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    @TheAlmaity: Go

    Hey TheAlmaity.

    no need to apologize, like i said i know that you wasnt able to play it and im not blaming map night for not getting feedback ;)

    you map night project is awesome, i wish there were more people gathering to play some custom maps.

    about herowars, development is still running and the map has been updated a lot. hope to see you guys play it on a map night soon again to see how you like the actual changes.

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    first map is HeroWars Ultimate!, published months ago, constant of like 50-80 hrs playtime, barely any feedback.

    second one is the latest project Elemental TankWars

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    @Hobrow: Go

    yeah well..


    not that i havent tried. (actually 2 times, both times it has not been played)

    but thats not the map night´s fault, im pretty sure that it will be played sooner or later and im thankful for the map night because that is a chance to get feedback and its a good thing.

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