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    posted a message on [SOLVED] The issue with Waypoints

    My issue is, the CPU's units reach a waypoint, but get waiting in there for a while before heading to the next one, when they should IMMEDIATELY be getting there, non-stop. How do I fix that?

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    posted a message on Your Favorite Campaign And Why

    Well, I'm much divided between gameplay, story and potential, so I'll talk about the best of both three, IMO.

    GAMEPLAY: I'm pretty much split between both Annihilation and LifeForce. Annihilation because it's taking big steps to keep stuff fresh and entertaining, even after 15 missions, where you'd normally get bored and just want to finish it, and LifeForce because of, what else, we finally figured out what banks are for and how Blizzard managed to keep their campaign progress in the official WoL/HotS/LotV/NCO campaigns. Both the confrontations make sense within the story, both are varied in many ways other than just installation or B&D missions and both are fun in their unique way.

    But if I were to consider the 'invested' factor, I'd say LifeForce comes out on top, because it does everything it can with the material it has to keep a player invested and distracted, despite the apparent initial flaws. So, a point for you Bilxor, but don't feel ashamed, Dudki.

    STORY: The Perfect Soldiers trilogy. Yeah, yeah, I still have criticisms concerning the endings, a bit of the logic employed in some situations or the lack of them in others, and how some people get a little bit TOO much attention than others. But the thing is, this is the first SCII campaign I've played and I'm still impressed on how much time and effort were spent on some of the characters, most notably Amber Sun. While the story is your basic 'little guy versus the big establishment' thing, just with guns in the middle, there are some people you get to root for, because you get to quickly understand and relate to with their struggles, and you know what? You'd fight for the same reasons they're fighting as well. So that's that.

    POTENTIAL: If I had to describe a campaign that held a great promise, was bold with it's choices and felt different and unique, than Narudek/CybrosX work is my definite choice. This is the kind of work that pledges and does go a bit beyond of what we expected - It offers new characters, it offers new sides to play with, it offers a bit of fun and even offers some interesting storylines as well. So why, and this is a criticism I wanted to make in a long time, why doesn't Cybros exploit this potential to it's fullest!?

    Yeah, it's a pretty big claim, but he DOES seem to have the skill, the will and even the boldness to go even further and even possibly make a campaign that could literally become a pillar, along with EivindL's work, of what makes a great custom StarCraft II campaign. All he'd need is a longer storyline and even learn a bit of what Bilxor did, concerning upgrade points and stuff, and he'd soar really high. Your campaigns are great are unique and they have potential, but the biggest weakness is that they're too short and when it's finished, you feel wanting for more, much more. So, just an incentive, you've already scored A+ on the campaign-making babysteps, Cybros, and it's time to get 200 meter dashing in your work. Give us more, and especially, give us even lenghtier!

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    @deltronLive: Go

    Ok, let's sum up from what I saw on the video:

    - Alarak will be a playable hero, like Za'gaga/Kerrigan.

    - Photon Cannons can be overcharged.

    - Can summon a mothership and some Destroyer VRs that'll go Gordon Ramsey in the first seconds.

    - Apparently ranged-only, as Zealots were replaced with a ranged, ball-throwing unit. Pity it ain't the old Vindicators from SC: Ghost. :(

    - Retains Destroyer Void Ray, Wrathwalker Colossus, Vanguards, Ascendants, Havocs and Mothership. Stalkers must be re-skinned only.

    - Alarak seems to have a 'shield' ability, now, recycled from the Rak'Shir graphics.

    All in all, it looks okay. Will keep an eye.

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    posted a message on My Thoughts on Nova Pack 2

    I'll keep this to a minimum, so I have a lot to talk about when MP3 is released.

    - The assets are gorgeous as always. In special, props for the guys whom made the cliff doodad buildings for the first mission, reminded a lot of SCBW wasteland buildings. Also, infested banshee and siege tank portraits. :D

    - The story was... ok. The culprit could be seen in a planet afar, sure, but I wanna see how it ends. Also, against SoulFincher, very unlikely they'd run the same gag twice. Very good and unexpected cameo, BTW.

    - Only unbalanced 'tech' so far was giving railguns to Marines, AND still having bunker stim pack when there's no stim pack for marines. Liked making the Raven a medic-spawner.

    - Biggest complaint is the mastery achievements, especially the first mission. The timer for mothership charge could use a bit of a slow-down and an interval before starting to recharge.

    - Good gameplay twists, like choosing what enemy unit types to neutralize and mixing Welcome to the Jungle with Outbreak. The first mission needed more time and work though... :p

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    posted a message on Nova Mission Pack 2 is coming!

    New images from the 2nd mission pack.

    Source: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/20210422/nova-covert-ops-mission-pack-2-7-28-2016


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    posted a message on LotC much closer to completion than you think...

    UPDATE - 07/26

    Edited to include full name. Also a new update:

    50 likes to go, people. With that, we get the gameplay, hosted by your one and only Jayborino.

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    posted a message on LotC much closer to completion than you think...

    @Baelethal: Go

    Well, what you're waiting for, X-mas? GO LIKE IT!

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    posted a message on LotC much closer to completion than you think...

    LotC much closer to completion than you think...

    If you probably played Brood War, you must've played Oracle's AU custom campaign Legacy of the Confederation, and if you played, you probably LOVED it.

    Though not as polished as the latest StarCraft campaigns, the ideas, scenarios and even some gameplay presented were pretty much good fun. It spawned good sequels, a spin-off, it even had a cutscene of it's own, nearly matching Blizzard quality. Don't believe me? Watch the playthrough of the original BW missions in Jayborino's channel.

    But apart from that, despite being so well known and popular, we never got to see it end, the literal Episode III was never finished. There were, sure, plans to remake it on StarCraft II, but until Jayborino made the playthrough, even Oracle had given up when he saw the trouble it was making something like that again, now with all the issues the SCII editor had at the time. We really should thank Jayborino for that one, he resurrected our hopes for a new, more potentially greater LotC custom campaign, the first of it's time in ages.

    But what if I told you that this is much more closer to completion than you actually believe? And that WE can give it a push to release?

    Exactly, while we didn't get to follow it here, on SC2Mapster, LotC did move quite ahead, and I believe we're nearly close to seeing it, and playing it. That's because Oracle had been more focused on updating the Facebook page rather than in other sites, and I must admit he set some absurd view goals in order to see some demonstration videos.

    Here's some proof of LotC's progress:


    Oracle's even promised a gameplay video, as long as the Facebook page reached 3.500 likes, and he'd go on when he reached that mark.

    The only problem is, it's currently stuck at 3.350. That means only 150 likes are left before we can see a bit of the real action. And WE can and should make it happen. And that's why I say this.

    LET'S HIT THAT GOAL AND GET LOTC OUT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! Let's bring the old BW glory days straight to 2016/17!

    That's all I'm asking. Simply head to the NexusCore Facebook Page and like it. A few mere mouse clicks, and we'll get what we want, and what I feel we really need.

    It's up to us now. Me and you, getting something really good and promising into the light.

    Let's get to it.

    NexusCore Face Page: https://www.facebook.com/NexusCore/?fref=ts

    NOTE: This wasn't a sponsored post, much less a requested one.

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    posted a message on What the FUCK of this "Legend of Titan"

    @DuckyTheDuck: Go

    Well, if you're just looking for something new which you can play for a couple of hours and nothing else, then I can recommend 8-bit Armies and Act of Aggression. They're not bad, it's just you don't get that much invested like the old games did.

    Else, if you're looking something more different, just not needing base-building, then either Total War: Warhammer (Though I bashed it only because of the DLCs decisions, it's still worth taking a look) and Battlefleet Gothic Armada (Which GREATLY recalls the Treasure Planet game and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)

    @Delphinium1987: Go

    Well, one thing is ripping off Blizzard models and assets to learn how they work. Putting them in another game and calling it your own is something completely different.

    P.S: KKND was really awesome.

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    posted a message on What the FUCK of this "Legend of Titan"

    That's literally nothing, dudes. REAL embarassment came from my homeland in the form of OutLive, remember? Even Atrox, Armageddon: For the Crimson Glory, Impact of Power: Destroyers and Submarine Titans had a bit of an effort put to them. OutLive literally had NOTHING backing it.

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    posted a message on New Co-op map

    @ksnumedia: Go

    You mean the Tosh-ish lava mission? Nothing new. If there'd be something real fresh it'd be a chaotic mix between Outbreak and the Kaldir mission with flash freezes freezing the undead instead of killing them. The final mission would be to kill all infested structures, but that'd mean getting past normal enemy troops. Bonus objective could be killing radar spires.

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    posted a message on [Campaign] Evolution of the Swarm

    @SamsaraNoMas: Go

    That won't be needed. The assets are already downloaded, the purchase is just to unlock them in official Blizz co-op maps.

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    posted a message on Favorite Movie of All Time?

    5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Call it crazy, but it's literally the first superhero movie where everything's pushed to the limit from it's predecessor, which was, for the lack of a better word, lukewarm. The pacing, the intriguing plot development, the gritty feeling, the character development, the drama, the fight against all odds, it's everything you'd demand from Marvel. And for those who'll ask, I haven't seen Civil War, yet, but from what I've been seeing the reception and even the trailers, I can definitely confirm CA really beats Batman in the issue 'best hero movie trilogy'.

    4. Meet the Robinsons

    This was before the supposed 'Disney 3d Renaissance' with Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia, but I'm surprised there's not many people to call it a criminally underrated gem, like I do. Unfortunately, it was because it came out the same year as the worst animated movie also by Disney, Chicken Little... Ugh. Other than that, this movie has all elements you'd expect from the upcoming ones, just undiscovered - A simple but solid plot, character development, a strong message and some cheesy humor you'd expect from a kids' movie. Maybe a very smart kids' movie. The ending, though, it can make you drop a tear, so well built it was.

    3. Killer Elite

    This movie is the bizzarre case of how Jason Statham could prove to be a solid actor, but most of it, I admit, is backed by other talents like De Niro, Clive Owen and Mr. Echo. The plot is nothing special, the supposed 'romantic' lead doesn't get much space and side characters aren't that interesting, but the ending virtually redeems it all, in how strongly planned and executed it was. In particular the very unknown lesson we get, the soundtrack and the dialogue, you'd swear EivindL wrote the script. Sort of.

    2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    I REALLY must be a minority on this, but I'm one amongst the few that thinks The Hobbit, the first at least, was better than LotR. While LotR has the advantage of being big, a masterpiece and such, you can't deny the flaws that kneecap it. This one, however, does remedy some of them, I guess - The protagonist is likable and you can relate to him, the journey is believable, the cameos are some fun, but the action scenes scenes are what take the cake as well as the soundtrack and the humor, most of it made by the interaction between the Bilbo and the Dwarfs. On the other hand, the second is at best OK, but they really screwed it up on the third one. It's only the first one I'll stand on it's side, no one else.

    1. Inside Out

    The reason why should hardly need explaining - This is the first kids' movie I've seen in a VERY long time to touch a very adult matter: Moving on and growing up. How you shouldn't deny sadness because of reasons, how you can get angry and apathetic as you can't seem to fit in, how you wished to return to the happy place, but you can't, EVERYTHING is dealt with in a cohesive, easy and mature way. The soundtrack, especially the 'climax' of the movie, is what brings me to tears every time, in how beautiful it was. If I ever have children, this is the one I'd definitely recommend to them, speaking to them honestly "This one is for you. You'll understand it, someday."

    P.S: Talking about movies, anyone seen the recent Overwatch shorts, recently? I think they were just fantastic. And you?

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    posted a message on [Campaign] Unification of Purifiers

    @OutsiderXE: Go

    No more slower than me. I didn't even finish my first campaign, yet! :p

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

    A strong suggestion would be to change Micro-Filtering for Automated Refinery, making it 'Orbital Depots vs Automated Refinery'. That'd create a conflicting choice between choosing either easy supplies or easy vespene.

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