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    So, it's apparently what I and about 83% of the SC fan-base had guessed all along, despite a few insisting on Dehaka and either Valerian/Horner/Tosh/Mira.  That means definitely the next will be Terran and THEN we'll have Dehaka.


    So, Talandar (Well, I call him that since Fenix is virtually dead, no bother insisting) actually shares traits with Nova's Stance Dance, since he'll change between his Talandar/Arbiter/Dragoon forms.  Talandar has all his skills inherited from the LotV campaign, Dragoon Talandar has AoE ground and AoE air abilities and an Alarak ultimate that reduces all cooldowns.  Arbiter Talandar is just a LotV Arbiter that can cloak along.


    One thing I actually liked was the 'champion' system for each unit type he has, though I wished it was actually a trait for Terran Mercenaries.  Maybe it'll be that for the next Terran commander, in which you can upgrade ALL units to a Mercenary variant.  Here are the champions for each Talandar unit.


    /edit  Definitely the Purifier skins for buildings here are better than Blizz's ones.


    - Kuldaris (The Reclamation short scarred Zealot) - Legionnaire Zealot

    - Talis (Adept chick killed in the Zeratul Prologue) - Adept

    - Taldarin (The Dragoon hero from Ressurection IV) - Immortal

    - Warbringer (Reaver hero from Enslavers) - Colossus

    - Mojo (Scout Hero from Enslavers) - Scout

    - Clolarion (Purifier leader from LotV) - Carrier


    Other traits includes free tech access to all buildings and no Vespene cost to them (Just buildings, units still need gas).  The only bad thing is that they didn't include the Energizer (Maybe because it's connected to Karax, already).


    /edit  Definitely the skins for Purifier buildings, here on SC2Mapster, are alot better than Blizz's.

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