Willuwontu's Talent System

What is it?

This is modular talent system I created using a mix of User Types in the Data Editor and a library in the trigger editor. It is designed to allow developers as much freedom and creativity when using it as much as possible.

What can I use it for?

This system is intended so that developers can use it in multiple different ways, some examples of map types that could support it, MOBA's, RPG's, strategy games. It does not have to be used solely for single unit talent systems, as developers can input any upgrade they want for the talents.

How do I use it?

It's relatively simple to implement into a map.

  1. You either add the mod as a dependency and then add stuff that way, or you copy the system over into your map
    • Note: If you remove want to remove the talent system from the mod file into a map file, make sure to copy the user type data first, the ui editor scrollbartemplate layout (v1.04+) , and then the library into the map.
  2. You then add Talent Trees and talents, linking up the necessary info.
  3. In the trigger editor, you can create the trees you've made into either dialogs or panels you've made or stick with the default dialog.
  4. You can then modify how big buttons are, the spacing between them, and the spacing between the buttons and the edge of the tree panel.
  5. You can then also create stuff in your own dialogs to commit changes for players, or revert them. You can also use them to show/hide the tree panels.

Info on the Syntax and functions

Check the documentation page.

In progress (to do list)

  1. Make it so that left clicking increases a talent button and right clicking decreases it. (up to what was last saved of course.)
  2. Add in the ability to exclude talents when others are selected.
  3. Add in the ability to set a shared maximum between multiple talents.


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