Tactical Wars (Alpha)

Just a short intro about myself. I am from SEA server, IGN is onslaught Char code 532. This is my first map so, feel free to comment. The project thread for this is here http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/project-workplace/25114-tactical-war-sea-server/#p1 This map is already uploaded to BNET SEA.

Tactical Wars is a 3v3 Tug map focusing more on lane control, technique and teamwork then on powerful unit spawns that wins the game. The main difference between this and other line maps is that, in Tactical Wars you are allowed to build towers, which are extremely expandable and you have a lane switching option. Although you are awarded a certain amount of resources in every interval, the main bulk of your resources will come from picking up mineral and gas from the field, thus making lane control a priority. This map requires fast thinking and coordination with your teammates to secure victory

This map is currently in Alpha. It is planned for 3 tiers of towers and units, but so far, only 1 tier is up to test the gameplay.

Design Philosophy


The objective is simple, destroy all 3 Planetary Fortresses on the opposing side to win the game.


For tier 1 units, they will not be any hard countering of other units. This is to let the player get to the flow of the game.

All units have their own special custom effects which enhances the gameplay and variety

Units also help to gather resources whenever it walks to it on the lane.


Towers are split into 6 different techs( Slow, Magic, Fusion, Aura, Special, Multitude) which 2 levels each, except for aura and special. In order to build a tower, 2 different techs or 1 tech with 2 levels are needed, giving a total of around 17 towers. Towers can never work by themselves. They are there for early map control and to secure lanes while your units attack another lane.

Different towers work together very well. Since the abilities of most towers don't stack with each other. It is best that players get different towers to complement each other.

Towers are expandable. This is not a TD game. When you are winning, towers can be salvaged and be positioned at a better location for more map control. Since this is the case, towers cost no minerals or gas, but only food.

Each towers has 3 levels, which only costs more food per level. It is up to the player whether he/she prefers massing or focusing.


Resources can be gotten in 2 ways. Either every 30 second interval or by picking them up from the ground.

Killing units or towers will not give a player any resources. This is to emphasize the map control element of the game and to prevent a snowball effect.

Eg, player 1 has 1000 kills which gives him 2 gold each. Player 2 has 500 kills which gives him 2 gold each. Since gold is needed to upgrade, its obvious that player 1 has higher upgrades which enables him to kill off player 2's troops more easily and so get more gold then player 2. In the long run, it creates a snowball effect where player 1 will be so far ahead of P2.

Changing lane directions

What separates this from other Tugs is that, units can change lanes at any time. Spawning points can be changed. While your units are moving towards your enemy, you will be able to direct them to other lanes to assist in lane control or to just help out in defending.

3 levels of lane directions to change from.

- Basic, which has 3 controls which changes the spawning lanes

- Advanced, which has 9 controls which changes the entire lane's direction.

- Expert, which has (possibly 12 or more) controls which changes the lane's individual checkpoint direction. (not yet implemented)

  • Pictures*

A show of tower selection

Lane control will let you get resources safely

Able to change directions of unit spawns as and when you like

Units can also help you get resources. Use it in tandem with the lane changing direction features

Use towers defensively with creeps to secure lane control

Towers attacking PF without getting hit. Offensive placement

Salvage towers when they are not needed to replace them quickly

Future Enhancements

- Adding a expert lane direction control which allows players to control their creeps more effectively once the basics are learned

-Adding of heroes (Still thinking)

- Tier 2 and 3 towers will start to improve countering gameplay

- Tier 2 and 3 units will start to have vastly different stats.

- Adding a hunting section where players will be able to hunt for custom minerals to build specific towers/ units

- Adding of leaderboard (Not really sure what to put in there, but it looks cool and all tug maps have them...)

- Hoping that patch 1.4 will resolve the lobby issue *URGH*


- Needs a terrain editor to help with the terrain, its basically done, but its really normal looking.

- Needs testers!

- Needs someone to help me host it in other servers

- Needs Video editor because Fraps lag on my laptop...



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