Tactical Squads

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


  • A strategy game where you exercise map control and unit takedowns
  • This map features turn-based gameplay
  • You will battle your opponent(s) on 1 of 4 different types of battlefields
  • This map supports 2 players min. and 4 players max, so teams or FFA can be organised as desired



You have access to a wide variety of troops which are land or air based. Every unit has roles and specialties in which you can exploit. For example, only infantry can capture cities, and Fighters are very effective anti-air units.

The types of troops include:

  • Marines; Equipped with a rifle, and can use a wide variety of abilities including grenades, medkits, and a motion sensor
  • Psyker; Equipped with a rifle, and has many psionic abilites that can cripple, destroy, or support biological units
  • Heavy Tank; A simple, yet very tough and very powerful unit. Can only attack ground units
  • Stealth Fighter; A very rounded, but expensive, air unit that can cloak


All upgrades can be chosen from your Central Command. Similar with troops, there's a wide variety and upgrades can either benefit specific unit types or multiple unit types. Some upgrades enable abilities for particular units. Other upgrades can make your units tougher or more powerful.

The types of upgrades include:

  • Laser Sniper Rifle; Enables that attack ability for Snipers only
  • Upgraded Tank Composition; Increases the HP and Armor of the Tank, Artillery, and Heavy Tank
  • Upgraded Proxy Mine; Increase the range of detection of proxy mines


Income is given every 2 turns. It is very advantageous to capture cities quickly and hold them for as long as possible. You are free to spend your credits how you want. These include quick army replenishing, purchasing stronger troops, or gaining more upgrades.


Command your troops with tactics, limited only by your creativity. Some tactics available include:

  • Using units with longer range weapons than ur opponent
  • Controlling high ground, which covers units from being seen or targeted
  • Hard countering your opponents army composition, so a prolonged fight will have you losing less credits
  • Effective scouting, to know where your opponents army is, and how large it is

Introduction Video


Is there anything about the map you are unsure of or would like to know? You can access the in-game help menu which should answer all your questions regarding gameplay.


A set of commentary videos on 1 game. These videos show several strategies players can use in this map. They also give an idea of how games flow.

Final Notes

  • Inspired by X-COM: Enemy Unknown, X-COM: Apocalypse, and Advance Wars
  • As with all my projects, you are free to edit and publish all associated map files. If you use this map as a base, please credit me as the original author (either in the map description or loading screen). Thanks.
  • A very special thanks goes to caparosmith. He has contributed immensely to the project. His contributions are exhaustive balance testing with me, terrain polishing, brainstorming ideas for many aspects of the map, and plenty of discussion ensuring the map is as fun and interesting as possible.


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