StarCraft Reawakening

Image of SC1 units official artwork

This project is the new StarCraft 1's remake, this remake is totally loyal to the lore and to the original game, with the 90% of the models loyal to the lore and with menu nearly identical to the original game and with some removed features now reused in this remake and some scenes of the novel.

The game contain too the originals cinematics and some new ones, the units work like the original game with the only difference that the game is totally 3D.

Live the experience of  SC1 released in 1998 like a modern game, and enjoy it.

Blizzard helped and supported this project with some suggestion and explainations about some things about the lore and the story.



-SC1 Campaign-

Rebel Yell (new version 15th April 2017)

Overmind (new version 12th April 2017)

The Fall (new version 21th April 2017)


-BW Campaign-

The Stand (new version 13th April 2017)

The Iron Fist (new version 13th April 2017)

Queen of Blades (new version 5th April 2017)


-Necessary files-

Mods (new version 24th April 2017)

Launcher (new version 5th April 2017)


The game in future will be updated with new features, like DLC, missing models (for now the game use some placeholder, like the Spore Crawler for the Spore Colony).

Until now there is only the italian complete version.

If someone is interested to make this remake in others languages, please contact me.


The mod is based from the one made by Mass Recall.


Enjoy it.


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