SC Evo for Creators

SC: Evo Complete is a growing mod that adds the BroodWar Units, Buildings, Spells and Art without replacing StarCraft 2 races, this makes it compatible with any existing Mod.

If you want to add SC: Evo to your project here are some recommendations and usage instructions.

How to Install:
Simply download the SC: Evo Package for Creators and place it in your StarCraft 2 Installation Folder > Mods > SC Evolution Complete

Once done you can now select SCEvo_Core.SC2Mod or SCEvo_Multi.SC2Mod as a Dependency for your usage.


The Core mod contains the base SC1 Data without any modifications while Multi will add any balance updates made for our Extension Mod

It is recommended you do not rename or change SC: Evo as any updates to the Mod will delete your progress.
Instead make any changes in an external Mod using SC: Evo as a Dependency, this will ensure compatibility with newer versions without losing your progress or modifying other projects utilizing SC: Evo. Additionally the SC: Evo Mod is available in the arcade, saving you the trouble and space of uploading the Assets and Mod to Battlenet.

You may find the mods as SCEvo_Core or SCEvo_Multi