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What is RuneCraft?

RuneCraft is our take on the Tug-Of-War Genera. It mixes a few classic, tug staples in with tons of fresh gameplay ideas and enhancements to present the best Tug-Of-War experience in Starcraft 2. Players take control of a powerful mage, capable of creating ancient markings called runes. These ancient runes contain miraculous powers- everything from summoning creatures out of the great void, to unleashing deadly psionic storms upon your foes. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master.

How does the Rune system work?

RuneCraft contains a huge array of runes, all of which provide a variety of different effects. There are 5 main types of runes, all of which can be combined with up to 2 other "sub-runes" to form Runic Circles. The system allows for a huge amount of player choice. Combine a Summoning Rune with a marine rune, and you get a circle that spawns marines. Add in a shield rune, and your marines will be better protected. These are the 5 main types of "base" runes, from which you can attach additional runes to form powerful structures

Primary RunesFunctionExtra Runes
Summoning RuneSummons units from the void to fight for youUnit Runes & Buffs
Tower RuneProvides a static defense for your baseTurrent Runes & Buffs
Trap RuneDetonates when an enemy steps over itSpells
Spell RuneAllows you to cast powerful spells anywhere on the mapSpells & Buffs
Aura RuneProvides buffs and debuffs across the entire laneSpells & Buffs

Tech Demo 1

Keep in mind that we are only just entering beta, so you can expect changes to both aesthetic and gameplay elements. We've already made some fairly significant changes since this video

What kinds of features are in RuneCraft

  • Full "career" stat tracking- Track your stats across all your games
  • Ranking System- The more you play, the higher you will rise in the ranks
  • Surrender System- To keep games from stagnating, we added a surrender vote system. If your team agrees, you can end the game and still record all your stats
  • Custom UI- We added a very nice custom UI for all your button-clicking needs
  • Full Achievements System- We have added fully functional achievements system. Gaining achievements also gives you points towards ranking up.
  • Easy to Learn- Newer players are treated to a quick first-game tutorial, and the rune creation system has been streamlined for ease-of-use
  • Hard to Master- The amount of options provided by the rune system means no game will ever be the same, and no strategy will reign supreme
  • Tech System- Instead of progressing through repetitive tech trees like many other tug maps, RuneCraft offers a wide array of research, spells, units, and upgrades to choose from. With all the available options, no game will ever be the same.
  • Secure Banks/Ban System- Too keep the game fun and fair for everyone, systems are in place to destroy any hacked banks, and permanently ban players that cheat or hack.
  • Beautiful Terrain(In progress)- Unlike many Tug maps, we have a nice terrain, created by the amazing Mozared. It's about halfway done currently, but it will be finished for the release.

More details:

Spell Runes

  • Flamestrike: After a 1 second delay, deals 40 damage in an area and sets units on fire for 20 damage over 5 seconds
  • Fungal Growth: Immobilizes and cause 30 (40 vs Armored) damage over 4 seconds. Decloaks units
  • Psi Storm: Deal 80 damage over 4 seconds in the targeted area. Can be added to aura runes, dealing 160 damage to the entire lane after a charge up period.
  • EMP: Removes 100 shields and energy from all units in an AoE, and uncloaks them.
  • Nuke: Do I even need to explain this? Nuke drops after a dealy.
  • Slimeball: Slows units by 75%
  • Feedback: Deals damage equal to the energy of the target, and removes 50 energy (If the target isn't shielded). If you have scanner sweep, you can use this to disable enemy spell runes.
  • Rejuvenation: Heals units that stay in target area for 50% of their health and shields over 10 seconds
  • Shield: Shields units for 30 points for 15 seconds in target area.
  • Frenzy: Increases the attack speed of affected units by 50% for 10 seconds
  • Vortex: Creates a vortex that sucks in units for 10 seconds. It's bigger on the inside.
  • Scanner Sweep: Reveals target area, giving vision and detecting cloaked units.
  • Scramble: Removes detection from units in area and stops scanner sweeps and nukes.

Minor Runes

  • Speed Rune: Increases the movement speed of units
  • Shield Rune: Increases the shields of spawned units by 20 and the shields of the rune circle by 200. Shields prevent the energy drain from feedback.
  • Chrono rune: Increases the time scale of the rune by 50%, making it spawn units, attack and regenerate faster.
  • Damage Rune: Increases the damage of the rune circle and units by 20% (Includes spell damage)
  • Regen Rune: Increases the energy, life and shield regen of the spawned units.
  • Bomb Rune: Creates a large explosion after the rune circle dies
  • Range Rune: Increases the range of the rune circle and spawned unit by 2
  • Energy Rune: Increases the starting and max energy of the rune and spawned unit by 25 and increases the energy regeneration
  • Armor Rune: Increases the armor of the rune circle and spawned units by 2
  • Cloak Rune: Cloaks the rune circle and spawned unit.


  1. Initiate: 0
  2. Novice 5,000
  3. Apprentice 10,000
  4. Adept 20,000
  5. Mage 34,000
  6. Sorcerer 54,000
  7. Wizard 80,000
  8. Warlock 100,000
  9. High Mage 125,000
  10. Grand Mage 150,000
  11. Archmage 200,000

These numbers are subject to change as we start beta testing and can estimate the point gains per game better.


  • Welcome Initiate: Finish the tutorial
    • 1 Achievement per rank afterwards.
  • Builder: Build 30 runes in one game
  • Mass Murderer: Kill 500 units in one game
  • Kudos Achievements: at 1, 5 and 10 kudos
  • Winning Achievements:
    • WOOT!: 1 win
    • I'm good at this!: 5 wins
    • Expert: 10 wins
  • Kill Achievements:
    • Terrible Person: 1,000 overall kills
    • Murderer: 2,500 overall kills
    • Serial Killer: 5,000 overall kills
    • Grim Reaper: 10,000 overall kills
  • Mind your own business: Use the scramble spell
  • Something smells cheesy: Build a photon cannon as close to your enemy base as possible
  • Eavesdropper: Scanner sweep the enemy
  • Close Call: Destroy a storm aura before it charges up

Not all achievements are implemented yet, expect a lot more.

When will RuneCraft be available?

RuneCraft Beta is available on the US and EU servers.


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