Psionics: Chaos Rising

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Gameplay Goals

The game is set in a post apocalyptic war a few eons after LotV (Legacy of the Void). The overarching goal for this ARPG is basically a Diablo 2 clone set in the Starcraft Universe. There are 5 initial classes to choose from, only three have been revealed. You can view the revealed classes by clicking their name at the top. This project will span across an undetermined amount of maps and will feature both a single player campaign (ish) style play as well as multiplayer dungeons and raids. The story is a work in progress and is subject to change as a lot of the information requires expansions that haven't arrived yet (HotS, LotV), therefore I sort of went off on my own tangent. If I like my story better than what Blizzard comes up with, then it will stay.

Skill System

There will no talent system! A lot of debate and thought went into this and it's just better if a talent system is avoided. Talent systems were originally created to give each and every player a way to customize their character. However, an un-expected issue arose that would could force or tunnel all players into picking the same talents whether it be dps talents, defensive talents or support talents. This KILLS the uniqueness of the individual player. Also, a traditional talent system usually increases the bonus's and stats of certain abilities which again, forces players to use only the skills boosted by talents.

Each class in Psionics will have over 20 skills/abilities in which they can buff and level on an individual basis. This prevents unwanted issues such as your level one ability not ever being used after you get your level 5 abilities. It will follow more of a God of War leveling system in which you place points into a skill to increase its effectiveness.

Current Project Status

Completed the first part of the skill switching dialog system. Work is starting on the Reaper class abilities. More work is going into fleshing out the map and when I get a large amount of the mapping done and the skills, I will post screenshots and maybe a video.


The screenshots are just here to showcase my hero selection screen, the UI and a few bits of the terrain.



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