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    posted a message on Some models showing checkered sphere

    In the cutscene editor, I am unable to view certain models.  Is there any particular reason this would happen? The majority of the models load just fine but quite a few (HyperionAirlock.m3 for example) only show a checkered sphere. Is this a dependancy issue or can they only be used a certain way? Seems kinda odd that the model shows up in the list if I haven't added the correct dependancy....

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    posted a message on [Range Actor] How to change shape of range?

    Im basically trying to change the shape of the range indicator from a circle to a square. I think it would have something to do with Host Site Ops but I'm not quite sure and unable to figure it out myself. Anyone have any idea how to do this?

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    posted a message on How to lock the stand animation of the Immortal?

    I've spent a little time watching an idle stalker. Which animation are you talking about? Is it the one where it looks like it takes a half step back and a full step forward? Or are you talking about the one where it turns to face another direction?

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    posted a message on Rock the Cabinet - Map Overview

    Just added our map "Docking Bay 13" to contest. The blizzard post can be found here.


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    posted a message on Docking Bay 13

    New video posted.

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    posted a message on [Dialog]Glowing UI - Used in HoTs campaign

    I was just replaying through HoTS campaign and noticed that the UI glows and lights up to draw your attention to it. Anyone know how that was done?

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    posted a message on [Dialog]Dialog Item Camera...not working!?!?!

    This is driving me batsh...crazy. Can anyone tell me why this isn't working? The freaking camera wont budge!

            Dialog - Create a Modal dialog of size (5000, 5000) at (0, 0) relative to Center of screen
            Variable - Set Flare Dialog = (Last created dialog)
            Dialog - Show Flare Dialog for (All players)
            Dialog - Hide the background image of (Last created dialog)
            Dialog - Create a Portrait for dialog (Last created dialog)
            Dialog - Move (Last created dialog item) to (0, 0) relative to Center of dialog for (All players)
            Dialog - Set (Last created dialog item) size to (500, 400) for (All players)
            Dialog - Show (Last created dialog item) for (All players)
            Dialog - Set (Last created dialog item) Model  to Murloc Marine for (All players)
            Dialog - Set (Last created dialog item) Camera  to "Star2CameraMid22" for (All players)
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    posted a message on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    I pre-ordered vanilla. Played it for a few months almost non-stop. Realized how much of a bad game it was then started only playing 5-10 minutes each patch to test changes. D3 on consoles is released and I dont touch my PC copy again till Patch 2.0. After Patch 2.0, I'm addicted all over again. That patch made it fun to play again (for me). I will not be getting RoS at release though, Im going to wait a while, hear some feedback and watch some streams of it before I make my decision. The development team really doesn't know what they are doing and I expect them to screw it up initially.

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    posted a message on Make Unit Dance When Idle

    Is there some guru top secret trick to getting a trigger with "Send Actor Message" to work? Cant figure out why this isn't working.

    Dance LoL
            Unit - Any Unit Enters within 1.0 of P1 Enemy Converge
            Unit - Any Unit Enters within 1.0 of P2 Enemy Converge
            Unit - Any Unit Enters within 1.0 of P3 Enemy Converge
            Unit - Any Unit Enters within 1.0 of P4 Enemy Converge
        Local Variables
            (Owner of (Triggering unit)) == 9
            General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
                    (Count of orders on (Triggering unit)) == 0
                    Actor - Send message "AnimPlay Dance Dance" to actor (Actor for (Triggering unit))
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    posted a message on TnT-Productions Looking for More

    TnT-Productions is currently looking to expand our team base. While we are primarily a defense map based team, we are willing (and even have plans) to expand into different map genres. Currently our team consists of 3 people. As it stands, I do all data and trigger work and assist with terrain work and media aspect (websies, promotion, etc). We have a full time terrainer who has been going full throttle pumping out maps. This has created a sort of a bottleneck and I am currently overloaded with data and trigger work.

    Our terrainer is willing to create maps for your projects as well (so long as you join our team and participate in our team events). Everyone on the team is willing to help out with your projects as well. All we ask is that anyone interested in joining our team fill out an app and participate in our events.

    Depending on our current work load we generally have 1-4 "meetings" a week to go over project status's, updates, balance testing and usually end with a map night of sorts. We try to keep business under 1-2 hours and if everyone still has time to stick around we play random maps as well. We use Skype and/or oovoo for coms during our meetings.

    We are a US based team and meetings typically start around 7pm-9pm CST.

    Current Openings

    • Data
    • Triggers
    • Promotion (preview/review videos)
    • Testers

    If you wish to apply, submit an application.
    Check us out on Facebook
    Check out our website.

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    posted a message on Data Editor is messing with me again

    Im not sure exactly what your problem is....

    ID names cannot be duplicated, as in, you can't have two units with the same ID if they are the same or different. I think this is to prevent actor confusions within the editor. More than likely it changed the ID to Marine2 or MarineCopy. Without knowing the exact process you did to make the unit I couldn't say for sure why it's telling you that.

    Either way, changing the ID to something else shouldn't cause any issues so long as you use the ID for all your actor info

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    posted a message on Multiple weapons on one unit

    There should be a flag in the weapon called "Allowed Movement". While I don't know for sure if that will help at all you could play around with that.

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    posted a message on Multiple weapons on one unit

    The way it was explained to me is that it does it automatically if its a normal unit. But, since you've made the unit a hero, it fubars it. In order for you to show both weapons on a hero unit, you're going to have to make a custom ui and/or modify layout files or do a custom override.


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    posted a message on What's going on with everyone?

    Aside from working on a crap ton of various maps (still have no idea how I can publish them all) and setting up a website for my map "clan", I am currently about to finish up on week 2 of P90x3 workout program. Last year I finished Insanity (round 3) and Im happy to say that I have lost over 40lbs! Breaking bad eating/drinking habits are proving to be more difficult than the actual workouts.

    My job requires that I am on call every other week but we've been a man short for about 4 months now, so it's been more like 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Doesn't leave much time for hobbies. But I'm ok with that since I can still manage to squeeze in my workout. In april I am thinking about getting my AAS from local community college but that all depends how much federal aid I qualify for. My job doesn't pay all that well and I have to support 5 other people so money is very tight.

    Basketball season started for the kiddo's as well, so fitting in their games also takes up the majority of my free time. Also, I am hopelessly addicted to the "Walking Dead", trying to catch-up on previous seasons with that as well.

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    posted a message on [Solved]Issue Order Persists on Unit Revive

    @Tudentau: Go

    Indeed it is. Anti-walling is going to be the last thing I tackle, I expect to have a hard time with that. Thanks for the heads up.

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