Elite Operations

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

As you guys may have guessed, not going to update this map any more. Seems that making a random defense map with no terraining whatsoever has allowed it to shoot up to page 1 in something like 3 days. -_-


This map is a 4 vs 4 Aeon of Strife style battle arena.

Each player has control of one hero, and the primary objective is to help your computer ally destroy all 3 Planetary Fortresses on the opposing team's computer.

Spells: All players have the ability to choose 5 out of 15 spells at the beginning of the game. The first two spells will be available for immediate use and the third, fourth and fifth will be available as your heroes level up.

Equipment: Your hero must be near an Armory and must not have the "In Combat" debuff in order to swap equipment. Some items have requirements that must be met before they can be equipped.

Talents: There are three talent trees. Combat, which makes the hero generally tougher and capable of putting sustainable hurt on the enemy. Tech, which grants the ability to use certain vehicles as well as increases the effectiveness of all vehicles. Stealth, which increases the ability for a hero to assassinate a target and escape quickly.

Vehicles: All mechanical units, as well as bunker/turrets, can be entered like any transport. While in them, you have full control of the vehicle. Most vehicles have some sort of special ability (i.e. SCVs can repair, Stalkers can blink).

Gateways: Located in the uninhabited corners of the map are two Protoss Gateways which can be taken over by destroying the accompanying Photon Cannons. Control of these gateways will periodically produce protoss ground units for your computer ally. In addition, Gateways grant bonus experience every second while under a team's control.

Stargate: Located in the raised center of the map. Calls in Void Rays. Void Rays grant no experience when killed and can cause a lot of damage to the enemy army.

Experience: is gained by being near dying enemies (or landing the killing blow), by your computer ally's SCVs mining, and controlling the Gateways.


Latest update (8/4/2010):
1.1 Changes

- An 8 second cooldown has been added to prevent jumping from vehicle to vehicle.
- Added a Stargate in the center of the map that can be taken over like the Gateways. The Stargate produces a single Void Ray with powerful area of effect attacks and a high amount of life and shields. Only one Void Ray can be active at a time for either team.

- Shock Cannon damage lowered by 25% but now can hit up to 4 targets.
- Flamethrower removed, replaced with the Needler gun. The Needler gun is an area of effect weapon that puts a Needled buff on attack targets, stacking up to 25 times. After 5 seconds of not being attacked by Needler hits, the targets will explode for area of effect damage based on how many stacks of Needled are on them at the time.

- Some icons have been changed, but the talents are more or less still the same.

- Snipe damage lowered to a base of 40 + 10 vs. biological.
- Energy cost of the first two spells have been lowered from 30 and 35 to 20 and 30, respectively.


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