Shyla "Honey" Clancy - The Spectre Medic


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    Jan 3, 2019
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"Once a regular medic of the Terran Dominion, who discovered that she has Psionic Potential. She wanted to join the Ghost program, but Valerian offered her a chance to join Project ShadowSword and become one of the Dominion's new Spectres. She agreed. Her medical training is still a vital part of her role in the team as she is probably the only medic in Koprulu Sector able to get behind enemy lines undetected and heal her fellow Spectres when the mission gets rough. Shyla is equipped with special Plasma pistol / nano injector. Aside from being a medic, this lady is also an excelent infiltrator."


Another one of the renowed Spectres along with DaveSpectre and Nyx. This time I've experimanted a lot, so please note that this model is somewhat not fully completed. I've used Heroes Of The Storm models for the first time as well as edited the .m3a animation file. Main problem is, that the weapon attachment point is turned in a wrong way and I was unable to turn it into right direction (Even after several hours of trying, if anyone can fix this, I'd be glad). Because of this, I do not recommend using any attack or spell launch models, beams and projectiles should work fine I guess. Second problem is, that from a distant view the model becomes a pixelized mess ... Third, not a problem at all, is the fact that her custom attack animation is slow, all you need is just make it faster through the actor.




- Unit model

- Unit portrait

- Static portrait

- Required anims for unit model

- Icon and Wireframe

- Required Textures (Some of them are unchanged HOTS textures so if I'll make any more models in future they can be shared)



Recommended portrait lighting: Portrait - Medic