Nyx - The Former Moebius Spectre


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Nyx is a Hero Spectre unit. She formerly served in Moebius Corps, but later left, when some crazy things started to happen, like following Amon and creating Hybrid. Rumor says that she escaped only few days before Amon started to mind control other Moebius forces through their nerve implants. She of course removed it as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I used the model of Moebius Spectre (v4) made by Hammer107, who used model and textures of Covert Ops Kain

 by Alleyvipersc2 as a basis for the spectre's helmet and model of Tizona for the female spectre. I also used Tizona_portrait to make Nyx's portrait.  I would like to thank them both for their awesome work and credit them properly. If any of them will have problems with this model being uploaded here, I'll have no other choice than to remove it.


In addition both model and portrait use some original textures of models they are made of, to make maps less huge file-size wise in case you decide to use both my and the original models.




- Nyx's model

- Nyx's portrait + static portrait

- Icon & Wireframe





Some additional lore:


After some time she joined project ShadowSword (Successor to project shadowblade-the spectre program) a special branch of Dominion's CovertOps, which continued the spectre project and successfuly managed to make Spectre minds less crazy from the procedures.


She still keeps her old Moebius suit (With many useful upgrades and gadgets of course), because she likes the colors. Her weapon of choice is MAR-14A, Moebius corps semi automatic rifle with rather slow rate of fire, but dealing heavy damage from short-mid range. Another part her of equipment are EMP grenades and terrazine infused khukri knife.


Scientists from project ShadowSword retroactively cleared her mind from the terrazine without lowering her psionic abilities. She is now a fully trusted member of CovertOps' Spectre team Alpha.