Data: Unit Catalog Bug - Cannot issue commands / buttons masked

[Purpose]: This map demonstrates a bug associated with the SC2 Data editor. Buttons become hidden/masked and orders may not be issued.

[Bug]: Unit catalog entries with too many abilities cannot receive commands when 'buttons' on the 'command card' become hidden / masked as additional abilities are added. Seems to occur around 22+ abilities + 1 morph ability.

[Bug Details]: Upon running the map, you will notice that the single marine on the game board cannot receive 'move' commands. This is because the marine's move button has become hidden or masked as a side of effect. The marine 'unit catalog' entry has been modified with a large amount of randomly selected abilities, as well as custom abilities that morph the marine into other units. You can add additional abilities such as the 'infestor' suite of abilities to see additional buttons on the command card become masked. I have also noticed that I can stack up to about 30 abilities on a unit, but then remove any morph abilities and the problem does not occur. There is an unexplained link between having a morph ability, lots of abilities on a unit, and the masking / hidden command card button problem.

[Status]: Resolved, 32 abilities per unit constraint considers entire set (unique) of abilities shared across morphing units. Morphing units share ability set if they morph into each other.


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