Welcome to the new SC2Mapster!

Hello there guys and gals!


As I'm sure you've noticed, the migrations and updates we mentioned last week have been completed! Now, I know that this is quite a large change, and that there are items missing (I will address that in a moment) but on the plus side, things should be a little quicker, a little more organized and a lot easier to navigate from a project stand point. Take some time to navigate around and familiarize yourself. We have some general documentation on Project Creation here: https://www.curseforge.com/knowledge-base


Our primary goal with this migration, aside from getting the essentials completed before the holidays, was to get SC2Mapster on the latest codebase so that as the new year begins we can start properly addressing concerns, bugs, issues, etc from all of our communities without having to dredge through old code, out of date standards and a monumental amount of overhead.


That being said, some things didn't make it in the upgrade process. We're still evaluating some of the missing features and quite honestly, that's where you guys come into play. I've set up a Forum Thread over here.


Bottom line is, we want to be active and we want good solid communication. Try and keep it constructive - the good and the bad - but be honest and clear. We can handle it, and we want you guys to know we're listening.


If you have something that just can't wait, or a bug/site issue - please reach out to us on Twitter @CurseForge or ping me personally @MrFlamegoat. If you find something that's not mission critical, and you would just like us to know, we're always available at cfmoderation[at]curse.com - which reaches all of the core Community Team.


Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or head on over to the forums for a more in depth discussion. We'll be watching them all, and I'll do my best to respond to any critical concerns as will the other team members as we can.


Aside from that, I hope everyone has a great holiday if that's your thing, and if not - try and have a great week anyways.


Your Friendly Community Helper,




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