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    Apocalypse Arena

    What is Apocalypse Arena?

    Apocalypse Arena is an epic, heavily-customizable battle arena where you can go head to head against up to thirteen other players.

    There are multiple gamemodes and arenas to battle on, allowing for a variety of objectives. Selectable and unlockable weapons and abilities keep the game interesting.

    My plan is to release content updates every Thursday.

    Currently, Apocalypse Arena is in open alpha and can be found on the arcade.


    The game utilizes WASD key movement and mouse targeting for basic gameplay.

    Players can bring up to 3 weapons to the battlefield and also find heavy weapons to pick up and use.

    Additionally, players are allowed to select 3 abilities and an ultimate Apocalypse Ability to use in combat.

    Players will get a chance to vote on the gamemode and arena in the ingame lobby as well as several other options such as revealed map or teams.


    • WASD: Movement
    • Mouse: Aiming and firing
    • Shift: Sprint
    • Space: Jumping. You can jump down cliffs!
    • 1-4: Switch weapons
    • CVBG: Abilities
    • F: Flashlight
    • Numpad 1-6: Taunts

    Current Features:

    • Heavy customization, from class specializations, weapons, and abilities down to helmets and armor color.
    • Appearance based on customization!
    • Several gamemodes, including Deathmatch, Extermination, and Power Core so far. (Check them out ingame to see for yourself!)
    • One arena so far, more to come. The goal is for at least 8, maybe 10 arenas.

    Planned Features:

    • More arenas! (Atlas Station, nearly four times as large as Wulfhaven, is nearing completion)
    • More gamemodes (Juggernaut, Point Control, Infestation, Infiltration, Holdout, and more!)
    • More weapons and abilities!
    • More customization options!
    • More exclamation marks!
    • Powerups and pickups, including shields, health packs, and buffs.
    • Block function activated by right clicking.
    • Fall damage.
    • Unlockables system.
    • Key binding.
    • Sprinting overhaul.
    • Improvements to the team system.


    • Nothing to see here... yet!


    http://i.imgur.com/LCnJKTX.png http://i.imgur.com/cdxBsh7.png

    Warning: The game is pretty much a sandbox arena right now. Many features are missing and the game may seem obective-less at this point, but I have plans for that.

    I'll be updating this post as progress continues!

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    as well as operate in conjunction with the StarCraft ® III 'Campaign Editor' (the "Editor") to allow you to create custom levels or other materials

    StarCraft III. From the license agreement.

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    @JacktheArcher: Go

    If you're referring to the Zeratul model with Selendis' head crudely stitched on, that was by me. I didn't release it 'cause I think it's really ugly. If you're referring to Triceron's model, I don't have that anymore.

    @Triceron: Go

    I removed your models a while ago, I just forgot to message you back. Sorry about that.

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    Gasp! :O

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    Selendis Interceptor, Raynor Marine and Overmind Tendril.

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    Use Castanar or Ulnar cliffs.

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    Did this a while ago, no animations though.

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    @GhostNova91: Go

    It has no animations except for the hovering one that came with the model, sorry. If anyone wants to create animations, feel free to do so.

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    Last one, adjutant from hell. These are pretty nice though, better than anything I could do with lighting.

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    That picture reminds me, killst4r made a model of it for Wc3. I converted it to SC2 a while ago and it's just sitting on my hard drive. I'm not sure how much use it could be, since it's Wc3 quality.

    @AstralCV: Go


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    Quote from SoulFilcher: Go

    @Alex06: Here are the relic textures and Delirium's Tempest textures. The Tempest uses the carrier model and the TextureSelectById method. Use this same method for the warp in model.

    I have a higher resolution version of the tempest texture. My mod uses a downsized one. If you're not concerned about size, you can use this one.

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    The female zealot in the picture and the female zealot on Hive Workshop are vastly different. Since it's on the StarCraft niverse site, I'm guessing someone on the team made it.

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    I decided I'd take a look at the model. The shoulders are supposed to be using another texture, but instead they use a corrupted one so they don't show up. I found the correct texture and modified the model to use that one instead. Textures go in Assets/Textures/

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    It looks epic! Personally, I feel like a black Narud would look more like Duran, although Narud doesn't have the beret. Good job on the texture!

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    It's a button for the Preserver Prison's ability.

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