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    There's a trigger in the campaign story map called End of Time:


    • Timer - Elapsed time is 32767.0 Real Time seconds


    • Story - Prepare for Victory to story mode (Difficulty (Difficulty level for player 1))
    • Game - End game in Victory for player 1 (Hide dialogs, Hide score screen)

    So if you were to idle in storymode for 9.1 hours, you'd beat the campaign.

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    A while ago I was looking through the files and came across a set of textures. As far as I could tell, it was some kind of zerg structure. The textures were

    • celebratetissue_col
    • celebratetissue_em
    • celebratetissue_nrm
    • celebratetissue_spec

    I'd guess it has something to do with cerebrates. Maybe this can inspire someone to make a model to fit those textures. I uploaded the textures to save the trouble of looking for them, but they could be found in Liberty.SC2Campaign\base.SC2Assets\Textures.*

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